hello everyone and welcome to another video today we're gonna do another day of eating because that's what we do here on YouTube you get to see everything that goes into my mouth because we're all very curious as to what other people lead but I thought I'd make this video because sometimes people just don't have time and sometimes I don't have time to make really sophisticated meals not that I ever make sophisticated meals but sometimes you just need a no fuss day of eating and that's what I've done for today so I thought I'd just walk you through what I've had and keep it very short embrace which is very unlike me as well we're going to try before I had breakfast I made myself a cup of coffee I don't have coffee every single day and when I do have coffee I live with myself – one cup because anxiety but when I do have one I really enjoy it and I make it a whole ritual like I always do so yes so I had a cup of coffee and then I had a breakfast and for breakfast I had a smoothie and a peer a fan of smoothies because they're convenient and delicious but you always feel like you get hungry like two hours later this is the recipe for you instead of bananas I used to eat potato and it makes sure that there's always some sort of fat and protein content in there to keep me say she ated and satisfied for at least three to four to five hours this is a really creamy smoothie and it's one of my favorites we get it we get it what if we're living in a fantasy some world that I could only dream new colors bursting out of everything hidden land for you I wanna know all of this I want all of you funny little chicks so I can watch you I'm with you girl you make so lunch the meal but I still don't understand and I never know what to make for lunch I usually just have leftovers from the night before but lately I've just been having toast because I got myself some good quality sourdough bread that was all special because it was about to expire so just put it straight in the freezer and it's been my Savior every day this week and I just piled the toppings high until like the piece of toast almost doesn't fit in my mouth and it's been great of course if you don't work from home you can just ditch the bread and make it into a salad or you can put all the toppings into a wrap yeah there's many options many many options and so yeah toast a great invention cause I mean is all's I need is just a little time last but not least dinner if this is one of my favorite go-to dinners because I just Chuck all the pesto ingredients into a nutribullet was that up cook some pasta in the meantime and then just mix everything together this is one of these meals that works so well for lunch the next day the only thing I would say is to keep the pasta and pesto separate until you're about to eat it because the pasta does kind of soak up all that pesto and it kind of makes it dry rather than nice and dumb I don't want to use that word I'm going to use it moist so yeah that's what I make of course if you have more time you could even saute some zucchini or if you have some broccoli or some sort of vegetable when the pasta is cooking like four minutes before it's done you can just add some broccoli in there and let it cook with the pasta and it's ready to go happens every summer things are moving slow inside su and whined only gives me time to spend alone I can't help but wonder if anyone's in town scrolling through the phone on a Sunday just saying it alone with nothing to do I saw her under moonlight a flower in her hand and didn't think she'd notice but I know she called my stare and I can't help but wonder so that was a full day of quick eating I hope you got some ideas and it just goes to show that a healthy eating can be quick and convenient and delicious and satisfied and I do always as I've always said I keep sauce as always in the fridge and I'd like to always keep like a container of lentils or beans or something like that so that I can always make a quick salad or add to a piece of toast it's all about prepping in the simplest way possible before I go I want to say a quick thank you for today's sponsor which is Skillshare which you know I love and I love collaborating with Skillshare because they are all about providing education and learning at a really accessible price Skillshare is an online community with over 25,000 classes for creators there's everything from design classes on writing classes on productivity classes on watercolours illustrating there's a little bit of everything I as many of you know love writing so I always opt for those I've done many of the writing courses on Skillshare however more recently I've been really into illustrating so I've been doing some of those whether you want to feel your curiosity creativity or even career skill share is the perfect place to keep you learning and thriving join more than 7 million creators learning with skill share the first 500 of my subscribers to use the link in the description will get a 2 month free trial and an annual subscription starts at just $10 a month after the trial I think if we all took a little bit more time to learn new things and to keep our curiosity alive we'd be a lot more content because I think a lot of us are just stuck in the same old routine doing the same things that we know they went through and there's nothing like a little creative challenge to reinvigorate that like spice for life I think so I'm always so happy to collaborate with Skillshare because as I've said before and they provide and at a very accessible price meaning that you don't have to pay thousands and thousands of dollars just to learn a little bit about a new skill that you'd like to acquire or in new hobby you can do so from the comfort of your own home so yeah give them a try I've left them I've always recommended them to all my friends and on that note I think it is bye for now thank you so much for watching I hope you're all well and the you're all eating yummy and delicious food and that you're creating cool things and yeah I'll see you in the next video bye


  1. with each video I fall even deeper in love with you and your content! ❤️ Each shot is so beautiful and you give a new meaning to wholesome eating tbh

    Love from India xoxo

  2. Love the recipes, editing, and the music in this one!!

  3. sold! i'm making pesto tonight <3

  4. Nina, every video you upload inspires me and makes me feel better. After your last video I deleted all of the social media I had on my phone. The time has come to put them back on, but I have every plan to be much more mindful with my usage. Your videos make me feel at peace. Thank you.

  5. Nina please how do you edit your videos ?

  6. what blender do you use? love ur videos

  7. Thank you for such wonderful ideas for quick healthy meals on the go. As a working mom of too athletes ANYTHING QUICK is a must. Thanks again.

  8. Pulses = Beans

  9. How do you eat that lunch toast without everything falling off or spilling everywhere? I prefer open faced sandwiches too, but they're difficult to eat, especially in public.

  10. Your video quality is always so great! You should look into doing more sponsorships bc you so deserve it! (also yes, only crazy people don't add extra nooch)

  11. I love you

  12. What are your thoughts on spinach? I thought if you cooked it you get more nutrients and raw was not better in this case for this vegetable

  13. I thought I was the only one who doesn’t understand lunch hahaha. I usually go for avocado toast with some fruit 🙂 love wraps too!

  14. ‘MOIST’! 😂🤢 Another smashing video, Nina. Thank you always. Maybe a video on your favorite music artists? Your song choices are always perfection!

  15. Nina…toast on point
    My local grocery store has fermented beets and it's so good on top of toast and hummus.
    Have you read Fermented Man? It's crazy.
    Love you!

  16. your videos make me feel so zen I love them and you!!

  17. Very cool video! Thanks

  18. Amo todos tus videos, Nina <3

  19. Do u have Spotify playlist?? ♥

  20. random question but what kind of blender do u use? looking for a new one 🙂

  21. Everything looks great but please don’t eat lots and lots of spinach

  22. Thank you for spreading positivity and knowledge! This is super helpful to me. xx

  23. Dear Nina, thank you for your videoed. They remind me to be more mindful. Could you do more videos about
    •implementing more healthy rituals
    •reconnecting with yourself
    •spending time alone
    •dealing with break ups
    •real Self love Rituals

    That would be wonderful🌞

  24. wow this was wholesome, i’ve been watching your videos for a while and your videos are always so comforting, you’re lovely

  25. Your videos are food to the soul! ❣️

  26. what a glorious way to start my monday morning. thanks nina x

  27. Love your videos. Another amazing one to make me smile xx

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