What I Eat In a Day – Healthy Eating During Pregnancy (1st Trimester)

hey what's up it's Brittany welcome back to my channel I'm really excited about today's video because I'm sharing a what I eat in a day style video and I haven't done one of these in so so long and it's also kind of fun because I just announced I'm pregnant I'm 12 weeks and three days today so I thought it'd be really fun to just kind of share what I've been eating for during pregnancy and it's interesting because during my first trimester I didn't create any of the foods that I normally crave all I wanted was bready Carvey things just to kind of help with the nausea which I didn't experience too much but those sorts of foods just called to me just to make my stomach feel at ease but now I'm getting back into my regular eating style of eating like protein and veggies and salads things that I used to really love before I got pregnant so let's hop right in I'm gonna just go throughout my day today and show you what I eat so here's what I'm cooking up for breakfast I've got a Hillary's eat well veggie sausage a piece of Ezekiel to us with avocado and everything but the bagel seasoning I'm having a little cold brew coffee over here with some almond milk creamer and then I'm cooking up an egg and I'm making sure that it is cooked through because while you're pregnant you are not supposed to eat a lot of like raw and runny eggs for the chances so Manila so I've got my egg cooking from the other toast and sausage all right so I didn't mention this at the start of the video but it's a recipe testing day so Maria's here we're testing recipes kitchen is a mess and I am getting ready to plate my lunch real quick because I'm hungry so I have a leftover chopped salad just like a tiny little bit left over it's the Samoa Caesar from chopped and it has like a spicy chicken and then I always get the Mexican goddess dressing so I'm gonna put a little bit of that on it and I'm gonna put that in my bowl and then I'm also gonna have some of this pasta salad that we made today so it's an orzo pasta salad it's really really tasty and the recipes on my site so I'll link to that and then I'll show you another dish that we're making today another pasta salad that you could maybe try too and so I'll link to both of these in the description down below so here's the other pasta salad we made that is just a simple classic pasta salad no mayo and I'll show the recipe for this one as well and then here's my bowl so I've got the chopped salad over here on the Left I've got the orzo salad and the most pasta salad so this will kind of what happens a recipe testing day usually sample a bunch of stuff and then turn it in to lunch since the recipe testing today we are testing needs of strawberry protein muffins and I'm having one of them as a snack here's my last little bite so here it is just got home from a walk with a friend and now I'm going to a prep dinner so I'm going to show you what I'm making we're gonna do leftover turkey burgers that I just have in the fridge that I made I think on the Monday night and then I'm going to go ahead and make some sweet eight o fries and then we're going to have some of that leftover pasta salad that I had for lunch so I'll take you along the state potato fry recipe is one that similar to what I already have on my site but I'm gonna add some arrowroot powder or arrowroot flour to it to try to make this sweet potato fries a little bit crispier and maybe a little bit of lime zest and garlic powder so I'll show you that process and then I'll show you what we end up putting on our bowls and turkey burgers for dinner tonight I'm gonna add some of this arrowroot powder and you can see that to the chopped-up see taters I had just have them cut and on a big baking sheet and then I'm gonna add some olive oil I want these to be nice and crispy so I'm adding about three tablespoons for two chopped up sweet potatoes then I'm gonna add actually I'm gonna wait to add the salt until after they've cooked so I'm gonna do garlic onion powder and then I'm gonna use my microplane and zest the line on top they're probably about zest from half the line I'm not gonna do the whole line just gonna talk this real nicely all together I might need to use my hands just want to make sure this is all nice and coated and that all the powders have sort of dissolved in with the olive oil so I've been craving sweet potatoes for highs so much so I've been having fun making variations at home and one thing I always recommend when you are doing sweet potato fries or any sort of baked or roasted veggie I always like line up the veggies on the tray and I'll show you this kind of an overhead once I get them all lined up but you really want to do this and you want to make sure they all have space so that there's room for the veggies to roast instead of steamed because if they steam they won't get that nice crunch that you're after and that just happens when your pan is overcrowded so you want to be sure you're using a large pan this is like a actual really big pan for getting the exact size but I'll link to what size it is but it's bigger than your standard cookie sheet and even this is like I'm having I need a little bit more space and these fries do feel pretty oily so I probably could have cut back to maybe two tablespoons of oil or maybe two and a half but I think this will make them nice and crispy which I've been really liking lately so okay these are pretty spaced out so I won't do a little overhead and show you what this looks like and then we're gonna pop these in the oven have the oven at 375 and I'm using the convection setting on my oven I like using that when I'm doing roasted sweet potato fries it just works really well but if you don't have convection setting no worries just use 400 instead of 375 and here we're gonna go ahead and pop these in and then I'm gonna salt them after they cook but it's helpful to make sure that doesn't release a bunch of liquid as well so I'm gonna wash my hands then I'll get started by putting this in the oven so just to show you how I lined up the sweet potato fries I give them lots of space you can see kind of how big my sheet pan is this is to sweet potatoes chopped up into the fryer you also want to make sure that all your fries are kind of even I have some small ones here so those might cook faster so you just keep that in mind that if you have any smaller size shapes those aren't gonna cook at the same temperature as the larger ones so go ahead and pop this in the oven and I'll show you what they look like I'll probably end up flipping them probably around like 15 minutes but just took these out of the oven and I'm flipping them over they're already feeling nice and crispy and also pretty cooked so just gonna flip them put them back in the oven for first like maybe 10 more minutes or so and then they'll be done if they feel so good I don't even know if they're gonna need 10 minutes they might only need five I'm gonna heat up my turkey burgers why all these cooks I'll probably just add them into the oven as well to heat them up because they're already cooked and I already have the pasta salad out ready to go as well so dinner is almost ready so we've just finished a little packet of blueberries ate the whole thing six ounces of blueberries and then I also had one of the strawberry chocolate chip muffins this is the second batch that we tested today and had one these it's my little after-dinner dessert and now I'm off to bed so that ends and I went to eat in a day so I hope you enjoyed this video please hit like hit subscribe and come out for new video every Tuesday so can't wait to see ya next week


  1. new subbie here, please make more of these♡ btw I'm 14 weeks pregnant

  2. So excited for you and Isaac! Can’t wait to follow along on your pregnancy journey 💕

  3. Looks good! A little to much oil for me!

  4. Yum looks delicious perfect for me so i can eat a day for home and office tell olive i love her sooooooooooooo much and i say hi to her love dogs drooling over my samsung galaxy j4 love your recipes making me hungry Thanks Ramya

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