WHAT I EAT IN A DAY For Optimal GUT HEALTH (full day of eating)

hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel today it is currently Monday and I'm gonna be filming a what I eat in a day video with you guys because I like to eat whatever I want on the weekend so Monday is usually like a super healthy day for me cuz I'm like I want to get back on track get like the week started on a good start one of the most interesting things for me to do is research like food and the effects that it has on our bodies but also our minds and I got into the realm of like the internet talking about the gut and gut health and I just thought it was so interesting they actually call the gut your second brain because it is linked to your brain and it affects like your immune system and your metabolism but there's also studies showing that it affects your mood and can help with like anxiety and depression if your gut isn't healthy your mind isn't healthy so I don't know if they're linked is what I'm saying another thing is if your gut is really healthy you can produce like the happy chemicals in your brain which is like serotonin and dopamine I just thought let's do a video of what ain't a day but let's just do gut healthy foods I did a ton of research for this video and I just want to like give my gut the most optimal day of eating ever and I just thought it'd be fun the three main things for your gut are going to be fiber fermentation and nutrient-dense foods so fiber is really good for digestion so it helps digest all the stuff in your guts fermented foods have a probiotic which is the good bacteria in your gut there's like bad bacteria and there's also good bacteria and we want like good bacteria in our gut which is gonna be the probiotics I'm gonna get these from fermented foods this can also help with digestion as well and then nutrient-dense food obviously are gonna be really high in vitamins and minerals which again feed your gut the good healthy bacteria that it needs it is currently 9 a.m. in the morning I'm starving I did not have a coffee which I really wanted one a most day but I'm like that's not fair if I have a coffee and don't show you guys so know I'm not having coffee today it's not good for that for the gut so let's go ahead and get into the kitchen I'll show you guys what I'm having for breakfast if you guys have ever done this you know how hard it is to do but one of the things that is so healthy for your gut is apple cider vinegar because it creates a CH l which is hydrochloric acid and that's good belli acid that helps to adjust your fats carbohydrates and your protein so I'm gonna do a shot of this I used to do this all the time when I was in college and I don't know I just slowly stopped I guess because it's awful but it's so healthy so there's a mixture of different ways that you can do this I personally like to take a shot of it because it is so bad I can't like get myself to drink a whole glass of it some people dilute it so much so they can just like drink a full glass so diluting is key if you just drink this straight it's actually acidic to your body and you can do more harm than good so what you're supposed to do is like you're like wine it to two tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar and then dilute it with as much water as you want again I like to just take shots of it because it's just one and done but if you guys aren't a shot drinker obviously you can just like add a ton of water or juice or make some sort of cocktail out of it I don't know we have the apple cider vinegar and add some water I really hate this but it's so healthy do it for the guy let's do it for the guy Cheers let's do it okay I need a chaser so the next thing that I do is I usually take supplements so I actually have like a variety of different supplements that I take every morning but one of them is a probiotic here is the probiotic that I take I don't know if that means anything to you guys um but again we don't get a lot of probiotics through our diets so when you take one of these it's just really good to give your gut a nice dose of probiotics so this is the one that I take here's the nutritional information no but you guys can do it God I don't know what any of this means all I know is that it's healthy probiotics here is the probiotic mmm pretty simple that one's not hard to do way better than the apple cider vinegar in my opinion here is breakfast we're gonna be doing a yogurt parfait first things first Greek yogurt has tons of probiotics and it is a fermented food which is again healthy for your guts the research that I did showed that it has to be grass-fed full fat Greek yogurt so this one is all of that and above I got this from Whole Foods see it says whole milk my fermented food is in this meal I got all my probiotics I also I'm gonna be throwing in some blueberries berries are high in fiber high in vitamins and minerals and they are great antioxidants which actually protects cell damage and has anti-aging effects so anything with antioxidants is just yes to me and then I'm gonna throw in some walnuts and almonds I obviously love walnuts and you don't new bag actually nuts are really high in fiber which again is one of the three must-haves for gut health and then I'm gonna top it with some raw manuka honey manuka honey is actually a prebiotic which acts as like a fertilizer for the good bacteria in your gut so essentially it's like food for your probiotic the difference between manuka honey and like regular honey is that first of all it's raw I think for all honey though is like a thing too but um manuka honey is antibacterial antiviral anti-inflammatory and it's an antioxidant so it's basically like a superfood honey no I actually got this from me overseas I have no idea where he got it but I'm sure you can find it online but yeah that's going to be my breakfast my gut healthy fermented probiotic prebiotic fiber filled breakfast don't be a stranger in the night take a chance for some romance don't copy oh sorry guys it's 12 o'clock I'm getting kind of hungry so I'm gonna make my lunch we have some barley here this is actually a grain barley is super high in fiber and promotes good bacteria for your guts oh that's awesome we have some bone broth here which is really good for digestion but it also heals your gut and it's actually been known to heal leaky gut syndrome which I don't even know what that was but after researching I found out it was like the lining of your small intestine is damaged and it like leaks toxic waste and undigested food and into like your bloodstream and it causes like bloating digestive problems skin issues all that stuff so that's why I think a lot of people are like obsessing over bone broth right now but yeah really really good for the lining of your gut heals it actually which is really cool and then ask for veggies we have broccoli which is super high in fiber and has been known to promote a healthy stomach lining and then we also have an onion here which is also a prebiotic so basically feeds the probiotics that I took this morning and ate this morning so yeah that is my gut healthy one she'll go ahead and make some soup I am sitting at this bar trying to evoke a all the laundries even though now I wonder in my dreams a PQ I just wanna make it right I know all the bug to troubles only drown in tears and feel your boo by you sweet child it is around 2:30 and I'm getting a little bit hungry so I picked up some kombucha this is like the only cambogia I drink I don't know it just tastes really good it's the ginger aid flavor kombucha is a fermented tea so again we're getting the probiotics also rich in antioxidants uh promotes the healthy bacteria and your gut really really really gut friendly this is like such a good drink too and then I also got in organic green apples so when I was doing my research for this video apparently green apples are like the ones that boost the good gut bacteria and apples are really good for you because they're really high in fiber I got organic because apparently what I read was that American apples are banned in other parts of the world because of how many pesticides we put on there so let me know if that's true or not but um yeah make sure that you're buying organic apples if you're in America because chemicals so that's my snack now I have to be completely honest I am a Fuji apple girl I think green apples are a little bit sour so let's see if I like this oh I'm gonna eat it though I'm going to eat it cuz it's good guy – for the gut the apple cider vinegar that was way worse so I'm fine I can do this comment down below your favorite apple encourage my new Fuji pressure this wasn't originally on my list of gut healthy foods but I'm kind of starving so I am gonna snack on these I was gonna snack on some chips but I was like no health-conscious food because my gut is being cleansed right now so I'm thinking cashews are the same as like eating the walnuts and almonds in the morning it's like rich in fiber and it's also nutritionally dense they're organic so there's not like any chemicals or anything like that so yeah I'm gonna snack on some of these while I finish up some of my videos and emails and such so update I resist you cannot have kettle cooked barbeque chips in your pantry and not eat them fYI this is not good for your gut this is not good healthy just pretend like this didn't even happen okay here Sparky's what I eat in a day quick little dinner montage enjoy this is Sparky's dinner he's having a lamb dinner with garden vegetables he would just like you guys to know that as for my dinner I'm gonna be doing some wild caught salmon so this is really rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory and heals the inflamed gut got healthy we're back on track and then some asparagus and this is actually a prebiotic as well as some garlic which again is a prebiotic and I might throw in some onion and broccoli again just to get some more vegetables because these gut friendly foods are kind of low in calories and it's making me starving you guys I just found baby ducks I just thought this would be a great part of the video it's um a cute animal goodness in it even though it has nothing to do with the food that I ate they're so cute you're gonna go for a little swim with their mama so cute so here's the update of all the veggies that I am going to be eating tonight I put some asparagus I did broccoli and then onions all gut healthy friendly foods I did sprinkle a little bit of sea salt on all of them and a little bit of olive oil so that's going in the oven at 4:55 whoa what something is burning in there but I don't really care now I am going to be sauteing at my salmon that I got this is wild Alaskan taming salmon all you guys that it sustainably source because it was hot in the wild so yummy and delicious this looks so I'm just gonna coat the lining of the pan with some coconut oil just so that it doesn't stick just kind of do that I'm going to take this yummy beautiful piece of salmon and just I adhere and sprinkle some garlic here is the final product the nice glazed salmon onions broccoli and asparagus while I'm eating this I kind of want to explain to you guys some of the foods that I found that we're not got friendly which is alive what I eat gluten sugar fried or processed foods dairy soy red meat tap water eggs based on how they're produced so essentially eggs aren't that bad for your gut it's just like if you're getting caged eggs like you're supposed to get past your race eggs farmed fish which like I told you guys this salmon is wild pot so if you get like farmed fish it's really bad for your gut as well as GMOs so basically anything that is like processed or preserved or given some sort of manmade chemical to make it grow faster and bigger is bad for your gut so I just want to make a quick disclaimer here I know this way in a day video I was a little bit different just because I was following like a specific format for this video I want to gut friendly what ate in a day I'm not gonna lie and you guys probably know this if you are one of my subscribers I don't really eat like this all the time I'm actually not that strict with my diet um but I thought it would just be a fun little cleanse to do on a Monday and I just want to make it clear that I don't like this every single day I eat chips says you guys probably saw I already messed it up like the one day I tried to eat healthy and follow a diet it's like didn't work so I think that's totally normal I think eating healthy and eating got friendly foods is like good for your body you're taking care of your body but at the same time don't overdo it and be so strict and start weighing your food and all that stuff because that's just kind of a problem mentally just wanted you guys to keep that in mind but I'm also gonna in the vlog because Noah's on his way home but something I always do every single night is dessert I wanted to keep it gut friendly so I'm having broccoli for different I'm just kidding I'm having chocolate for dessert so apparently like dark chocolate like cocoa the darker the better is actually really good for you it's super high in antioxidants and it also promotes good bacteria for your gut so the dark chocolate I got is 55% I got this from Whole Foods this is like my favorite dark chocolate ever because it has toffee in it so it doesn't taste like just like bark that you're eating like it actually has some sort of flavor it's delicious and I'll probably have a cube of this a cube or two of this that's the gut friendly what I eat in a day video now I kind of like wanna be 100% honest with you guys I have struggled with an eating disorder in the past and I feel like these what I eat in a day videos are almost triggering disorderly thoughts because I'm not used to tracking my foods so I don't really want to do too many of these in the future I know you guys really request them and so I'll make them but I just don't want to do them as much anymore just because of that little fact I'm not like getting like I don't have any disorder or anything like that it's just kind of like weird to like track my food it just reminds me of those days and I just don't really like it so yeah um I do however I would love to do a what I eat in a day video on the weekends because I really healthy Monday through Friday and then weakens I don't care at all why go ham I'll have a doughnut for breakfast I'll like it fast food I'll go out to eat like so if you guys want to see that I'm totally down to do that and that definitely won't trigger my disorderly thoughts because I'll just be eating whatever I want so let me know in the comments if you guys want that I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video I'm talking with my mouth full I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and I'll see you guys all in a future video why did I go like this I like move my hands a lot when I'm talking to you guys what am I supposed to do just talk like this hi guys welcome welcome I don't know I mean hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel anyway thanks for watching and I'll see you guys all in a future video bye guys


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  20. Probiotics are not necessary unless your doctor tells you to I would steer clear. Check out Dr. Gregors info on probiotics. There are potential negative effects.

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