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  1. COCONUT YOGURT FREE RECIPE – https://coconutandwhat.com/2017/11/26/triple-immune-boosting-recipes-raw-vegan/

  2. looks delicious like you

  3. Tried 3 food delivery services and Hello Fresh was the best as far as food quality, recipes, and packing/delivery.

  4. Ala' this looked "hello" good!

  5. Can you make a video on your favorite smoothies to make at home? 🙂

  6. Hey Aja, I was wondering what brand of protein powder you used in this video. I'm on the edge with a lot of protein powders because they just seem fake if that makes sense lol. By the way you are such a beautiful human. You teach self love and acceptance in an amazing way and you make me want to strive to be better to myself in many aspects. Anyways thanks for the inspiring videos!

  7. @ajadang what's the book called that I saw in your snap chat about eating clean

  8. what kind of blender do you use? I'd love to try that smoothie!

  9. The smoothie looks delicious! what brand of protein powder do you use?

  10. Who has all the time to do this?

  11. I love you so much!

  12. My favourite dairy free yogurt is Yoso unsweetened coconut. SO creamy reminds me of whip cream 😝😝

  13. thank you for sharing this with us! I've been trying to stick to a healthier meal plan but sometimes it gets boring and seeing how yummy these were makes me want to try making them! also love your workout videos, I've been doing them and can tell it's been helping the booty ❤ love you Aja!

  14. So delicious coconut milk dairy free yogurt 🙂

  15. not sure if this brand is available outside of canada but the yoso brand coconut yogurt is AMAZING

  16. Everything looked soooo good, now I'm hungry. Love these videos, Aja!

  17. So Delicious coconut yogurt is bomb! ✨

  18. "Did not feel like cooking…" yep. So relatable on so many levels. 🙌🏽

  19. Nudie coconut yogurt is amazing!

  20. I like so delicious yogurt and a LOT of people love the Nudie's brand if you can get it

  21. AJA! I love that you're a regular girl. like you don't have super fancy equipment/standards for making food, so anyone can make them! sometimes when bloggers have like lots of equipment for baking/cooking/working out it's not realistic to follow their recipes/workouts/lifestyles bc they're just a teenie bit bougie. but your videos are for the regular girl! so thank you for staying relevant to most of us out here. (i know there are people who ARE looking for elevated lifestyles and all which is gr8 too)

  22. Flatbread pizza sounds delicious, easy, and super affordable. perfect for the broke college student aka me (:

  23. SO organic coconut yogurt is good

  24. this is a totally irrelevant question but I just saw your ig story and I wanted to ask what planner you use? >_< I want a planner that is hourly 🙂 thanks so much! ❤

  25. Did you ever consider going vegan?

  26. Non-dairy yogurt recs: I like the Unsweetened Vanilla So Delicious Coconut Yogurt, Unsweetened Cashewgurt from Forager, and Plain Unsweetened Almond Yogurt from Kite Hill

  27. I've tried few coconut yogurts and I didn't like them…. However, even though it's almond milk Kite yogurt is quite good! Target even carries it too👌😊❤️

  28. ooh.. i love your wat i ate today vids so much!

  29. That breakfast smoothie looks delicious! I'll have to try that one of these days. 😁

  30. I love these videos. I am on this new health kick and I am in need of some inspiration. Thanks for sharing. 🙃

  31. agadashi tofu is my face too

  32. So doable thanks gurl !

  33. I recommend: So Delicious coconut yogurt in unsweetened vanilla

  34. The trader joe's coconut yogurt is amazing!

  35. I can't wait to try out that multi-layer smoothie! Thank you for these recommendations

  36. I'll have to try that pizza! It looks so good !

  37. You're my inspiration to get fit

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