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hey everyone and welcome back to my channel and welcome to a new video today I'm going to be sharing with you a what I eat in the day to show you guys some really easy healthy meal ideas and to show you that healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated so I'm super excited plus this video is sponsored by it for sig Matic which you guys know I love I've been using them for years and years if you go back to my videos like three years ago my what I eat in a days you'll see them there because I just love this brand so much so I'm so thankful to get to partner with them on this and show you guys how I kind of integrate them into my day so let's go ahead and get started with some lemon water so I love starting my date with some lemon water lemon is really great for helping your body's detoxification process and it kind of just wakes up your whole digestion I also add in a little bit of ginger as well as some apple cider vinegar and this basically makes my morning tonic with some hot water and I like to sip this first thing before anything else so now that I am done my lemon of water with my ginger and my apple cider vinegar I'm ready to have my coffee and most of the time I like to have a bulletproof style coffee that I make I find it kind of ties me over for a couple of hours in the morning but gives me some great fuel plus it kind of helps to blunt the spike of the caffeine so I'm gonna go ahead and make that so now on to probably my favorite part of the day and that is making my coffee in the morning so I alternate between the mushroom coffee with cordyceps and the one with lion's mane cordyceps is really good for energy and then the lion's mane one is really good for productivity and focus and creativity plus they all have about 15 milligrams of caffeine so it's not too much I put that with some hot water and then I add in just some coconut oil and then I'm going to just blend it up with my hand frother so it's super easy to do and the packets are really convenient I'm always tossing them in my handbag for travel and when I'm going to clinic so I go ahead and I set this this keeps me for about a couple hours so is a little while later and it's time for breakfast I really tried to eat intuitively so I don't have like I wake up I have breakfast lunch and then dinner whether I'm at clinics seeing patients or filming at home I kind of just eat when I'm hungry and kind of what I'm craving and a lot of the time for breakfast I like something savory let me know down below if you're like a sweet or savory breakfast person because I'm definitely a savory and one of my classics is avocado and egg and either on a paleo bread or a gluten-free bagel with a side of greens so let's go ahead and make some so for my first official meal of the day I'm starting off by one of my classic combos I'm toasting a gluten-free bagel thin and then I'm going to be cooking an egg for sunny-side up and I'm gonna put that on the side I'm having some watercress which is a great micro green that has a lot of nutrients in it I always like loading at least half of my plate with greens because I do try to get seven servings of greens a day I'm mashing up half of an avocado for some great healthy fats on top of my toasted bagel thin and I love these ones because they're kind of thinner so it's a good ratio of your bagel thin avvocato and then once my egg is done I go ahead and I put that on top and season it with a little bit of the everything bagel spice and I love that this is such a quick easy meal eggs cook super quick you toast it and then you load it with greens so you're loading yourself up with so many nutrients first thing in the morning for the day in the afternoon I like to have a mushroom matcha because it has some l-theanine which supports focus but it also doesn't have as much caffeine you literally I like about teaspoon and then I add some hot water and I whisk that together you can also do this in a blender or with your hand frother but this one also has lion's mane which I said gives you focus and in the afternoon I like a little bit about it focus I add in some walnut milk or whatever kind of nut milk I have and kind of make a latte out of it and then I have it with some cookie dough bites so this is loaded with almond flour and healthy fats next up is dinner so I'm making some coconut cauliflower rice which is my current way to cauliflower rice I add in some garlic and a full can of full fat coconut milk so what this does is it makes the cauliflower really nice and creamy and rich it adds some great healthy fats and while that's cooking I'm gonna go ahead and make some tahini drizzle so I'm using half the juice of a lemon a heaping tablespoon of tahini and a little bit of garlic and then I just stir that together sometimes I add a little bit of water if I wanted a bit thinner or I keep it nice a nice thick sauce but this is definitely one of my staple sauces that I make so once all the liquid is absorbed into the cauliflower rice I'm scooping half of it into my bowl and then I like to load up on veggies that I've prepped for the week so this is one of my strategies I grab some protein that I've prepped tonight a twist chicken and then I grab some green veggies so I have broccoli I have green beans but this is definitely something that I do to make easy meals throughout the week is just prep a bunch of veggies I'm also adding some beets in for color I really like diversifying my veggies because that way you're getting all the different nutrients from all the different veggies and all the different colors the more colors you have the better I'm also tossing in some roasted cashews that I actually added some Chagas spice too so if I added the chaga from Borsig matic to these Nets I'm gonna leave that video down below because they turned out amazing and then I'm putting a little bit of tahini drizzle so while this looks at fancy it's super easy to do the key really is having all those veggies prepped beforehand and the coconut rice with the cauliflower is so creamy and it builds you up so much it's one of my current favorite delicious dinners before going to bed I do like to have a little bit of a sweet something so I reach for the mushroom hot cacao mix I love it because it doesn't have any added sugar in it but it's got reishi in it which actually helps you sleep and helps with stress I put a little bit of nut milk in it and then I'm having that with a skillet cookie that you guys saw me making my videos so if you guys had to forsake medic you can get 15% off your order this is their site it's super easy to use it's navigated by coffees elixirs it blends but what's also really cool is you can filter it too so if you want just the Marches just the lattes just the coffee is and they also have a caffeine free button too so if you don't want any caffeine you can just easily find all of them there so I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to check out Borsig matic because they're having their huge sale on which you don't want to miss because you get an extra 15% off which means up to 65% off so make sure you check out their link below I hope you guys are having a great day and I'll see you in my next video bye guys


  1. Enjoy this what I eat in a day full fo easy meal ideas! Of course, don't forget to check out Four Sigmatic as they are having their big sale right now! As always thank you for the support that allows me to collab with great brands I have loved for years <3

  2. I ordered the mushroom matcha and I was surprised by the color at first. Usually matcha is bright green, but because it has the lions mane and ginger I’m sure that changes the color slightly. Anyway, I tried it and I LOVE it! I feel a little more clear headed today too! Maybe it’s in my head but I had to say thanks for the recommendation!

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  15. I am in my third week of a low carb lifestyle and IF so I have BP coffee only in the morning and eat between noon and 6 pm. I went keto at first and was so hyper and restless that I was two weeks with only a couple hours of sleep a night…I could NOT ride that out so I adding a bit more carbs that brought me out of ketosis but I slept better last night! I am learning to listen to my body just like you were saying! I have arthritic fibromyalgia and I have to lose some weight. I lost eight pounds in two weeks but the lack of sleep wasn’t worth it to me. I loved this video and it gave me such good ideas…especially the cauliflower one because we love cauliflower!

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