What I Eat in a Day | Easy and Healthy Meal Ideas for a Healthy Gut

ah good morning health nuts welcome back to the channel I just woke up a little while ago I woke up I did my morning meditation you guys know I like to do that first thing in the morning so I did that and now I thought I would start the wedding in a day video with you guys and yeah it's just kind of feeling like I want to share with you some things I've been really enjoying I'm just gonna grab my agua over here so I always have a set like a glass of water on the windowsill here and I just kind of chug it in the morning drinking water first thing in the morning is so important your body's dehydrated because you haven't drank water in the last eight or so hours depending on how long you sleep so I just like to really get some h2o into my body as soon as I wake up Cheers see super easy to stay hydrated okay it's gonna make this bed do it and then actually feel booked and live your best I'm your host Tom we apology now let's get this party started all right so this is my celery juice it tastes as delicious as it sounds I know so basically this is something I've started to try to get into if you saw one of my recent grocery haul videos you would've known about a ton of celery and this is actually only my third day doing it not in a row so I can't tell you the full benefits yet but basically the theory behind celery juice on an empty empty stomach first thing in the morning is that it's super healing for the gut and it's just there's so many benefits to it I actually first stumbled upon it through aunt Anthony Williams book the medical medium there's a little bit eccentric or because very spiritual so if you're into that stuff you'll love the book but even if you're not that book has so much valuable nutrition information highly recommend reading it if you don't know who he is so celery juice is something he swears by and talks a lot about in the book and also on his Instagram and a lot of people have kind of shared their like testimonials and how they've really noticed a difference when they drink it so I mean juice in the morning is good anyway so I feel like I would drink this regardless if it was healing my gut and I tend to not have any gut issues I have a pretty good digestion but I still think this is good practices to have to prevent any upset stomach or bloating so of course you can juice it in a regular juicer I just actually don't have one in the health of my kitchen right now I I do want to get one but a really great hack is the blender method like I shared you just blend it with a little bit of water you use a nut milk bag I will link the products down below if you guys want to check it out so I'm gonna drink this go through on some workout clothes I'm gonna go work out and I'll see you guys in a bit for breakfast all right finished my workout it was such a good like stretchy yin yoga I will link the exact when I did down below I think it's like boho beautiful yoga I forget her name but I will link her down below she is like beautiful yoga videos she was on the beach it's really lovely and I love her videos as well as Sarabeth yoga there's a few different youtubers that I really enjoy doing yoga from so I will link the one I did down today down below but now I'm definitely hungry so I'm gonna make myself a very nourishing green smoothie cuz you guys know I love my green smoothies and this one will the one I've been making recently I think we're going along with that healthy gut kind of theme in today's video that should just be the theme we're talking about probiotics healthy gut good bacteria all that jazz so lately I've been adding probiotics to my smoothies lots of flax that's really good for hormones tumeric a lot of anti inflammatory and fiber foods along with the probiotic and I just find it's a really good combination it digests well for me and I feel great afterwards so I'm gonna share with you guys my morning smoothie that I've really been enjoying let me know if you want me to do a updated video on my channel of just like my current favorite smoothie recipes with all the measurements and stuff because I kind of just throw things together but I'd be happy to film a new one for you guys I just give this video a thumbs up and leave a comment down below say yes to smoothies if you want to see that so yeah let's get make a smoothie because I am hungry okay alright here's my smoothie I love just putting my smoothie in my large health nut water bottle we actually sell these on the shop you guys always ask but yeah it holds a lot it holds 27 ounces that's a lot so hydrating so nourishing I'll just kind of keep this around the house with me he while I'm doing some work I have to do a little bit of cleaning today some emails review a video that's going out in a couple weeks so just all that fun businessí stuff today and the cleaning i am back it is lunch time it's actually 1:30 I'm pretty hungry I got kind of caught up in emails and work and before I knew it I was like oh my god I gotta eat so I know like I don't know what you guys know sometimes when I just get like super focused it might work I forget to eat and then my stomach is like growling and the stomach reminds me that I need to eat so I'm gonna make something really quick and simple because I am hungry basically so lately I've just been kind of throwing together these like macro bowls or Buddha bowls whatever you want to call it I have some leftover of these like kale and quinoa bites I got from Costco I made some last night and I'm gonna reheat the rest for lunch today and I'm just gonna like fry up an egg sautee some greens and add in like a little salad and some stuff and just see what I have in the fridge I like to just add in like random stuff like I'll live kimchi and have a variety of foods because I'm an indecisive person as you guys know and I love eating lots of different flavors so let's get cooking this is gonna take like 10 minutes to whip up I'm so hungry let's let's get started alright here we are my macro Bowl whatever you want to call it so pretty I just have the kale quinoa bites like I said I have a fried egg I made a little quick like beet and cucumber salad I've been making this Lots and it's something you can just store in your fridge for a few days I just like garlic and Dijon on it and then I have some avocado greens and compete for good digestion like I said and this is just like a nice hearty Bowl lots of different flavors lots of nutrients not the colors cuz I like to eat the rainbow there's like little kale quinoa bites are really delicious you're kind of like falafels but without the extra spices mmm really good oh you know what I totally forgot to add my new obsession where is it Oh any Hungarians out there that watch my channel you know paprika sauce my friend Andrea I got this for me wow it's so good she got it from a little Hungarian store in Guelph I think and it's delicious on your eggs on your kale quinoa bites it's so good so apparently there's two flavors this is the just the regular one and then there's a spicy one that she got me delicious that's on saying and I love beeps hmm okay I'm gonna go eat this I'll see you in a little bit all right so it is about 4 o clock o clock right and he'll set that weird and I'm feeling a little peckish I am going to my friend Yvonne's tonight for dinner so I'm gonna probably just take the vlog camera with me so that you guys can see what I'm having for dinner I think she said she's making this like rosemary I'm not loaf with a homemade soup I'm so excited she's a great cook so I'm gonna make a quick little snack beforehand though because I'm not going to her place until around 6:00 and it's for right now and I want to do a little bit more a couple more things here before I leave so I figured I'll have a snack now so I'm not like hangry when I get to her house cuz that always happens but and then it makes some tea have a little sweet treat I think cause I'm kind of my sweet tooth it's kind of creeping in so I'm gonna make something simple and maybe it's like apples nut butter oh and where are they oh okay so I'm also gonna have some of these these are such a good like a little after noon or midnight snack these are carob covered roasted almonds they're so good at Chloe and I have been obsessed with them I found them recently at a local health food store and they're delicious let's make our snack because I gotta go [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] oh it's hot so to go with the healthy digestion a theme that we're that's happening here this is just a mint tea this is by the company puka it sir mint refresh tea and it's just very refreshing as the name says very hot – and then for snackies i have apple cinnamon nut butter crunchy peanut butter and these little carob chocolate they're so good I only had half of the Apple because it was a huge Apple so I'm gonna have this mmm Apple peanut butter and chocolate and go wrong by the way a lot of you guys ask me if I eat standing up no I don't filming I guess a lot of questions about that like oh it's bad for digestion to eat standing up and like guys you're on a tripod it's how it has to happen here when this when the cameras stopped rolling actually down to me I promise now before I forget I want to quickly share with you guys two new supplements that I've been trying out they are actually built by Garden of Life which is a supplement company that uses all whole foods for their nutrition in their products and this is a whole food multivitamin women's once daily so you only have to take one a day which is pretty awesome and then this is a vitamin C spray and that's pretty cool so it's just super easy you do a couple sprays and you got your vitamin C kick for the day and yeah so far I've been really liking it today is the first day of taking it so I can't say much but I like the the taste of this is really good I like that this is one a day so it's all whole food like you feel you can't go wrong and this brand is a really reputable one I've heard great things so I will let you know after maybe third I usually find it takes about like three months of consistently trying a brand or supplement to notice if it's doing anything so I will report back how I'm doing with these guys all right I'm just on Yvonne's having some wine she's cooking me dinner what are you making oh wait we have two drinks after we Cheers making rockin nice assume sir you're making the low pressure it's already made okay I thought you weren't it's actually just amazed eyes and then then walk in then you're there I brought Yvonne a ton of foods on top of the soup so it's parsley and cilantro lemon and spices garlic Oh guac and this is the loaf okay and this is the soup looks delicious let's love to do today delicious all right health nuts there you have it another wedding in a day video I figured I'll end this video before I head out so this is like in the past for the future if you know what I mean because it's gonna be late when I get back and I'll probably forget to end it so thank you so much I hope you guys enjoyed this healthy gut digestion wedding a day hopefully you got some healthy tips from it and they will help hopefully they helped inspire you in your own kitchen and cooking if you guys want to see more recipes and healthy living tips and blogs for me be sure to hit that red subscribe button down below I post three times a week on my channel so you'll see a lot of me I'm sorry in advance thank you so much guys for watching leave me a comment down below telling me what you ate today one thing that you ate today I would love to know because I'm also nosy on what other people eat so thank you so much and I'll see you in my next video bye guys what


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