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good morning everybody so here's another what I eat in a day video but first let's just have a look at my cute little melody my god I got this from Osaka and look at it this is like my current favorite I'm sorry foxy move aside I'm khillski guys are still cute together but anyways I'm gonna show you guys my car I'm busy because definitely gained some weight in Japan I ate way too much I think it wasn't so bad when I was in Japan because I was walking a lot it's it's the Arthur because if you Adrian got so much snags like so many chocolates and cookies and he's having it in front of me so like can I have some cheese can I have some cheese and yeah I just went kind of went all out again but oh well it's been a couple of days since I started eating healthy my bloating has gotten a lot worse recently ever since I got back from Japan I think it's just because of all the junk food and now that I'm eating cleaned as too much vegetables and I'm bloating too much because I ate too much vegetables so it's just like oh my god it's just a ongoing torture way my stomach like it's just annoying at this point anyway so let's just go into my bedroom and I'm gonna show you how my little belly looks like right now so this is how my body looks like right now I've been thinking some weight from Japan and also doesn't help that I get bloated very easily although I haven't eaten anything today like I still feel both too like oh my god I just feel like this rockin site here I'm really struggling guys I'm so over it but anyway this is how I look like on day one a little bit for the last couple of days but I haven't actually started my summer shredding challenge so I'm gonna start that today so this is kind of hi look like on day one a little bit of a push anyways it's time for breakfast and I'm having some smoothie I got myself a new Vitamix so that's very exciting I'm gonna use it today my old blender was acting up there was buzz coming up from more like espenak monster that was happening so I'm like it's time to change it I'm not gonna kill myself okay it's not safe so I took that out and put myself a Vitamix which is super expensive but I guess it is a good investment so I'm gonna make my smoothie today this is my beautiful Vitamix I got it in all black that's my foot processor so I'm gonna add some almond milk I know my just eyeball it some pineapples and then I'm gonna add this ocean blend powder which is good also a little bit of this daily fruit and vegetable blend it's really really good there's some spirulina in there some spinach some kale and just lots of healthy ingredients now I'm gonna add some frozen banana this I think about 2 frozen bananas in here it's a little bland so I'm gonna add some frozen mango it's quite a tropical smoothie which is really nice in the winter having more blueberries cause more pasty it's lunch time so I'm not sure what you guys can tell but my eyebrows you're looking extremely dark cuz I just got them microplate oh sorry not very natural right now hope it's okay okay it's gonna take a couple days weeks 10 days months to look great so yeah I'm gonna make my lunch now I am making onigiri bowls because I'm so inspired by the food I have in Japan and I make this a couple times already like since I got back so freaking good it's just onigiri bowls with some salmon inside and lots of like homemade seasoning yeah oh very healthy so now I'm just going to show you guys how I make it so first I'm going to pop these salmon in the oven first just to roast it these are can salmon and this is the usual salmon that I normally like to use the organic salmon cuts they're a lot more affordable and I've also cooked some rice yes do a little bit warm and the right sound music is Japanese rice and there are a lot more sticky so they're gonna stick together into a bowl so anyway I've cooked about one and a half cup of rice normally I cook yeah about this much amount of rice so I'm seasoning it with some homemade three cupcakes oh it's just some seaweed sesame seeds and bonito flakes in here yes so good they're so easy to make I just Chuck all these ingredients on the pan and just toast it and so I'm mixing in my rice with the ingredients I'm gonna chuck in some of the seaweed this roll you see how easy it is to make the rice let me have a bite oh my god used to hate rice so much as kala I just hate the price I I will eat all the meat the vegetables just not to rice because it's tasteless like it's just plain if I need that like for a cupcake or like seasoning to my rice back in the days I'll eat all my rice and maybe I'll be six foot tall right now but yeah six foot tall that's not so to make the onigiri bowl you have to show your hand is a really wet if not these are gonna stick on hand sorry just take like a little bit of rice now you can make it big or small so I just chuck in some salmon but it's a lot easy you just put a meal because it's just okay that's done I'm gonna pop this in the oven there you go oh my god it looks so good look at the onigiri bowls they're really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside and my salmon squash and vegetables okay so that it's like crispy like the one that would happen mm-hmm tasty up in it salmon in a naval famine oh they gotta have this even though I like how many it like it was this slump see way in there I chopped it up very small it'll go solo slushy mm-hmm so she means not feeling right me some rice you know me mm-hmm still thinking there really no fate that one takeaway snack right so we make it a night put in the fridge in the morning just put in the toaster or microwave and they go the breakfast how do you think mmm all right we'll of in chat but we have not watched the final episode of Game of Thrones so oh my god guys it has been three hours since I had my lunch I'm so full I was pretty much stuff like I had so much rice so I pretty much cop crush up by eight like also tie it anyways I'm gonna head to the gym now haven't changed it I'm gonna get changed but yeah I'm gonna head to the gym do the first day of my summer shredding challenge I'm really excited because I have a workout in a while and yeah I mean I did work out but it's mostly like weightlifting and just not really into it lately um I was just taking easy because I just needed some time off like my body for my mind I'll talk about it in a future I just really needed some time off like to just take a break in a way um yeah I love you guys asked me what time should you work out what time do I normally work out so I normally work out like it changes sometimes I would work out in the morning but you're normally like non intense workouts like just ab workouts or just I go for a walk or run like I'm think sounds not very intense for my high intensity workout I normally do it in the afternoon right after my breakfast or after my lunch and also it really depends on your goals like what type of workouts and when issue I thought as well like if you're really looking to bulk normally like when I used to Bach I normally would have something like quite hop heavy people I go to the gym today I'm pretty much having like a bulking meal that is not my intention I'm not looking to bulk up anymore not for now anyway um I wanna I do want to get a little bit leaner for LA cuz I'm going to LA in about a month and I'll be there for a couple of months so it would be so exciting so for those of you guys love Mel hey let me know where to stay where are the best places to go where we are like the safe places as well like I don't know like cuz I've never been to the States this will be my first time going to United States so LA is my first destination I'm not sure where else I'm gonna go so I'm super super excited and although you guys know more about it soon and I'd love to meet some of you guys as well so let me know down the comments if you're from you're like yeah that's very exciting that's happening soon but yeah what am I going on about again hi you know like this is what happened when I don't have a topic to talk about like I just gonna ramble but I'm going to the Jane go to G no no Jim ya gonna do my first day of my summer shredding challenge and by day 35 I'll be ready to go the L yeah I definitely burned those calories off my belly that I got from Japan because I definitely had way too much sweet treats like that was a little bit too much that I had way too much and yeah like I didn't feel guilty about it I just really wanted to enjoy myself so yeah I'm gonna start eating clean again and can't wait to be a little bit leaner lose that fat belly and I'll see you guys in the gym I just got back from the gym and I'm glad some snacks us before I make my dinner and I'm having some of my favorite snacks right now it is this Korean kimchi fermentis slaw I'm not supposed to have these because there's garlic in there and there's also couches I'm so kind of bloat but then tastes so freakin good so I'm just gonna have it today just just for today and also this organic featured hummus oh my god guys it's so tasty because it is quite garlic as well so the last time I had it I bloated like but a whole night it was not pretty I'm just gonna have it with this brown rice crackers yeah really good as well so yeah mmm this actually no garlic in here I think it's just a cheap piece as bloody me but mmm alright guys so I'm making my dinner now I'm having some chicken patty tonight it's not something I made before until I came back from Japan because I'm so inspired by Jessica Nick if I make my healthier version so there is some it put in there some carrots and some chicken breasts and lots of spices like ginger not garlic and onion you can add garlic and onion if you want cheese like seriously there's no problem with that it's just that my stomachs will go crazy after I have them some salt some turmeric some pepper and some soy sauce and it's gonna turn out really really nice chicken and 2/8 so I've added some shredded zucchini in here or some texture so now just pop it into the oven for about 20 minutes so here's my dinner so I got six meatballs some capsicum some eggplant and zucchini so the eight points this season with some miso and also some seaweed and sesame seeds let's try the meatball the eggplant helps to make it more juicy mm-hmm I'm gonna enjoy this with Adrian over TV shirt and I'll see you guys in a sec


  1. "I am bloated" still is just as gorgeous ๐Ÿ˜„โค

  2. You are an inspiration! Keep it up girl <3

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    And i mean it this time

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  7. Idk abt u guys but I do this for workout:
    – KPOP thigh burning workout w/music
    – arm and back workout
    – 11 abs workout
    (Her videos btw check em out theyโ€™re rlly helpful. I do them everyday)
    For my diet (as of now):
    – Iโ€™m currently fasting so I donโ€™t eat or drink during the day.
    – when I eat at sundown (iftar) I eat little and ration my food until sunrise (suhoor)
    – when I eat at sunrise (suhoor) I donโ€™t eat sugary foods (as they are digested faster which leaves u hungry the rest of the day)

    This is my current plan but it will change after Ramadan. My goal is to fit into my graduation dress lol and weight AT LEAST 99-110 lbs. (currently Iโ€™m at 125 lbs, 5โ€™5โ€, 14 yrs old)
    Good Luck guys! Try not to skip a day and u will see results! Hwaiting!!

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  15. Unfortunetly I had to stop the challenge for a week. My grandpa was admitted in the hospital and had to help care for him until some relatives from out of town arrive to help. I decided to start from day 1.
    I believe family came first in this situation but also commited myself to be healthy so I can avoid some hereditary diseases out of my future.

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