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oh good morning guys welcome back to a new video it is 8:30 a.m. and today I'm going to film another what I eat in a day video but it's gonna be a little bit different because I have a special guest coming today you might know her Anna notion she's Dutch as well that she's and she is in New York City today or this week and she's gonna come by today and we're gonna cook something together which is actually really funny and you know I feel like that's why I love cooking the most because it brings people together it connects people so yeah I'm just going to make a quick little breakfast for myself and then I'm going to do some preparation so like everything is ready and it's super easy to put everything together when when Anna comes by and yeah we're gonna have like a fun little cooking experience for breakfast today I'm going to make an evil with homemade granola the first thing I put in my little Ninja Blender is banana then I'm adding some frozen blueberries blueberries have the highest antioxidants all through them vegetables then I'm adding 1 pack of acai this one is unsweetened and you should definitely check that out before you buy it because it can contain a lot of sugar then I'm adding some extra frozen raspberries it is ready to be mixed I prefer to use a little food processor over blender when making us Ebel's because you can still create a thick texture then I pour it into a bowl I'm adding my homemade granola and you can find the recipe in one of my food videos which I will also link down below for the extra topping I'm adding some fresh mango to make it a bit more tropical because summer is almost here I have to say the mangos in the US are not the best but nothing can beat the Filipino ones I had last year and then my breakfast is ready I make a cup of coffee and I get some work done while having breakfast so it is almost lunchtime and Ana is gonna come here very soon I already prepped a lot of food so when she's here I just like put everything together actually the salad is inspired on a recipe from pick up limes I really love for like blog and like recipe so it's the first time making it so I hope it's gonna be delicious yeah so I'm gonna prep everything and Anna's gonna come over for some nice lunch today for the salad dressing I'm going to use 1/4 cup of tahini 1/4 cup of water 2 tbsp of soy sauce 2 TSP of apple cider vinegar one teaspoon of onion powder and 1 teaspoon of sambal for extra spice one teaspoon of miso paste mix it all together and put it in a glass jar so you can easily store it in the fridge then we're gonna make the marinade dressing for the sea bass I use three tablespoons of sacking three tablespoons of mirin half a cup of miso and a couple of teaspoons of sugar mix this all together and pour it over the sea bass you can actually use any kind of white fish you like but I like sea bass because it tastes a bit buttery I let this sit for a couple of hours in the fridge so look who arrived here hello everyone I'm super shirt when I was like she's bending her I'm like a little diagonal here but we're gonna make it work um an hour like your cooking skills super bad it's really bad really really bad you're gonna cooked maybe twice or three times ever what I do think I always say to people I do think I'm a really good chef because my mom is such a good show that if I would ever put effort into something I would be able to do it but I just am horrible at prepping food or doing anything that resembles cooking where's almost okay okay yeah I'm always in awe when I look at the stuff that you make it's like how does one find to do this skill oh that's that's the question let's say like a lot of preparations so so much prep but that's the thing that annoys me when you cook you have to prep so much yeah it's just hard that is hard have you been to catch restrooms here young man I was there two days ago oh okay yes it's like one of my favorite restaurants also in New York City and they have this like really tasty like it's a lettuce taco kind of with like caught in it and the cod is kind of this have you been to Nobu yes yeah so they also have the miso Cod at Nobu and I was like oh honey glazed miso yes yeah and I'm just like obsessed with it so actually I've never tried to make it myself before this is going to be the first time okay but um yeah I think um we'll try to make something very delicious I hope I'm not messing anything up yes did guide me through everything are we gonna do the cod as well yeah we're gonna but I already like prep the call a little bit so we're just gonna big guys we're gonna prep the quinoa okay so this is lunch for you so this is lunch and it's kind of funny because normally during lunch I would make like a big salad or anything but I recent noticed that I need like a big meal during lunch yes I'm like busy during the day and then they've had a big meal during lunch and evening I will make like a big lentil soup or so healthy but you're having the worst meals in my life like so bad burger is an occasional pete zone and just a lot of carbs but just and all sort of thing is like that's what i feel i've been thinking about this i think you actually have a job where it requires for you to be very healthy and you have to it's like you're like a sportsman you have to have that it's nice to be able to keep up and for me it's different because i'm not supposed to be on a shoot every day so i think that's kind of what keeps me from being very very very healthy yeah but i mean i feel it's like all about balance and you still like want to go out for dinner or not have fun with my friends and i think that's only you should completely do but for today what i really know this also if i want to cook healthy or with friends it brings kind of people together so yeah i'm just like you know it's fun to make something delicious and it really is hopefully you leave today you're like I had a super healthy and dishes meal okay let's get them let's get started it's time to make the salad grab a bowl and add cups of cooked quinoa at the red bell pepper with chives edamame beans for extra protein two cups of cooked lentils mix this all together and after that you need dressing to this all this looks so good so there's miso in here and there's also miso in the in the fish so that's why I think this would be very nice like sight and as a society so good oh yeah we can also put a little spinach but I don't know if we should we okay just now maybe a little bit put it in there while everything is cooking we're gonna bake some mushrooms in olive oil to add to the lettuce wraps later on I'll never gay oh okay so here we have like the miso cut we're gonna chop this off a little bit so we can put this in the wrap grab a lettuce leaf add some fish in here add the mushrooms sprinkle some sweet potato chips on there for some extra crunch of course this is not necessary but the crunch texture is very nice and it is pretty to serve okay so lunch is served look super good I hope it's gonna taste good normally I kind of like taste a little bit in between when we're making it have you ever had that it didn't taste yeah what a my secret to dot is just @kt like Ciroc Ciroc shower okay see I like to eat with my hands so I'm just gonna be on a taco you kind of have to drink it but let's give that a try first all right thank you for making me cook Florence here's shirt mm-hmm really really good thanks for coming by and thank you so much cooking with me um if you guys wanna full up on on Instagram and pop it up right here she was a little cooking video and yeah yeah I think it's gonna be in Dutch but maybe I will translate it for everyone who wants to know all of her other eating secrets well what nobody what I see so guys it is 6:00 p.m. and after my lunch wit and that I went to the hairdresser and I got my roots done again it grows so fast and for some reason I think it looks a little bit gingery Max's is blown no because you think is blonde I don't know maybe I don't know maybe it's just I need to get used to it looks a bit like strawberry but I like it anyway yeah so today was quite busy because I made quite like a dish this afternoon I don't always do such a big lunch because it was a lot of work but it is very very tasty so if you're ever gonna cook something special I would definitely recommend making that but for now I'm just gonna make something super simple and what I normally do then is I just take all the leftovers out of the fridge I've just put some veggies all together some protein and done so yeah let's get cooking so for dinner I am basically getting all the leftover veggies out of my fridge I'm using just one pan because it's going to be less cleaning I add some olive oil and I add some garlic and onion to this then I'm adding some fresh kale and let this cook for a couple of minutes then I'm adding some cauliflower rice to give it some extra flavor I'm adding some salt and pepper and turmeric on the cauliflower rice this spice is great for an anti-inflammatory I cook this for a couple of minutes until the veggies are soft and tender then I'm adding an egg and scrambled is a little bit through the kill in my fridge I found some leftover chicken from the night before and some beets my plate is ready to be made I add all the veggies into the bowl the beets I add half an avocado for healthy fats and a big scoop of red bell pepper hummus because hummus makes just every dish more yummy and it's done okay guys this is my dinner so this is kind of like my to go dinner if I don't want to cook a lot I have a little stuff already like pre-prepped and I just like through everything together that's actually also a really good tip to use just one pan for your meal because you have less stuff to clean up it is 9:00 p.m. right now and I am just comfy on the couch and I'm just like watching some things and I'm kind of getting this like little bit of cravings and normally I have like chocolate but for some reason today we were like super hot so yeah I'm gonna grab another little snack Gertrude the fridge this has been something of my favorites it is vegan and it is a coconut ice cream and very like pure ingredients so yeah gonna eat that this was my what I eat in a day as you can see it is all about balance and yeah I really hope you guys enjoy watching this video give it a big thumbs up if you liked it and if you're not subscribed yet hit the subscribe button and then I will see you guys next time have a good night you


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