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hey guys so in this video I'm gonna be taking you with me throughout my getting into shape journey the past couple months I haven't been working out I've been eating really bad and it's May that means this is the time of year where we all start to freak out that we're gonna start to wear like bikinis and like a monk except for England it's kind of gray right now you can see it's just I don't know what the winners do but in the rest of the world it is coming now to summer every single summer I tell myself I'm gonna be toned I'm gonna have a nice toned booty and then as time goes on like I never work out I never stick with it so I need to get it together I'm gonna be showing you what I in the day I'm gonna be giving you guys a grocery haul I'm gonna be showing you my new exercise routine because it's quite different not super different but it is tweaked a little bit I'm gonna just show you the first two days of me trying to get into shape so I can kind of show you everything or else this videos gonna be a million years long but if you want an update if you guys want more of these in the future just please let me know down below and I'll do them for you and let's go on to the video good morning guys it is day one of getting back into shape and it's actually raining outside really bad it's my camera cool enough to pick up the rain I think so so I was supposed to do some cardio today but no that ain't gonna happen but at least this morning I'll be able to show you guys a grocery haul and when I kind of buy every single week because I just got it delivered this morning look at all that food I know like this might be kind of boring to some of y'all but this is where the magic happens okay this is where all your health comes from this is where your abs come from it's from what you eat a voila here is all of the good stuff so I'm gonna just start from this end oh we got some tiger chest bread I don't even know what this is but it is so good like just thinking about it makes my mouth water it's probably full of sugar and stuff like I don't really think that spreads that healthy for you but girl I balanced it out I got me some seed foundations he'd send a CSUN Dacian what can I talk youΒ΄d sensations seven seeds bread then we have some baked beans I like to have this for my breakfast sometimes not all the time but just you know on those lazy Sundays when you want a full English breakfast like this is uh this is it then I have two packs of eggs how many is this 21 eggs yeah so we have 21 eggs because we literally eat so many eggs between us so this is something I also have for breakfast my favorite Greek yogurt it's 5% just some from our last grocery shop then we have some mint sauce well how much has my food shop change like how British is that oh and then there's like tea chilling over here I mean British food is just so good like I just can't help it I also got basmati white rice penne fusilli then I stocked up on this soya milk I love soy vanilla because makes your coffee taste amazing I'm not a vegan as you guys can tell but like it's really it's the Earl Grey tea salmon cuz I mean girl if you know me I love salmon Irish beef rump steak turkey sausages avocado some broccoli honey roast ham Irish beef diced beef away that doesn't make sense iris diced beef I love to have this with stir fries actually so I'll usually cook rice broccoli beef and then I have a stir fry sauce over here which is the oyster and spring onion I mean it's not really the healthiest dinner but like we like to have it once a week because it's just so good got some asparagus some grated cheese which is really just parmesan but you know shredded iceberg lettuce some grapes strawberries British strawberries chicken ham halloumi smoked cheese and never actually tried this before I can't even eat the skin of the cheese or is that gross I don't know we'll find out hi bananas mold organic white mushrooms zucchini which they called for in the freezer good part was gonna move well I got some of these too so these are like Oreo sandwiches Oreo ice cream sandwiches because I always have to have a dessert like either chocolate cake or something I just got that so I think today I'm gonna make myself some spicy scrambled eggs with some turkey sausages and avocado cuz girl I haven't had spicy eggs in so long I got red chili I just got there here comes from dude those chilies call me I think I don't think they're gonna be that spicy two hours later it's been about like an hour and a half almost two hours so I'm gonna have a nice quick snack I'm making myself some toast with peanut butter and bananas I literally look forward to this snack because it's just so good oh he's dying I'm sorry but how good does it look I'm actually just gonna put like the tiniest thing on his arm [Applause] everything you said they already knew more or less so here's something you didn't know the next day 6:30 in the morning right now and I'm gonna force myself to go for a run that's like the last thing I'm gonna I just want to go embed my kind of love I'd be warm but no I think running honestly is probably the hardest thing for me to do like I love to do strength training go running like I just can't do it just show you that because everyone always makes fun of a sneeze there's so many people running right now like this is just not a culture on the part of one two three okay I got this but I'm running staring at me but that's okay one minute 37 seconds later it's been a total of like two minutes three minutes I already have a cramp and my ankle feels like it's gonna fall off okay my goal is I'm going to try to get all the way to the end and try to ride them all the way back here can we do it that's hope I'm dad this is definitely gonna be something I'm gonna have to work about what is this guys show me I'm not gonna stop I'm gonna do five more minutes I'm gonna run all the way to where I started let's go do valley boring minutes later look do you see her he's not good Oh No it's starting to like rain outside now good thing I went early I've just finished making my breakfast I made the same thing as I did yesterday because I just loved it so I made this which is burnt burnt burnt strawberries grapes and avocado no I'm joking well I'm not joking but I have onions and scrambled eggs three pieces of halloumi cheese and then some turkey sausages so that was the end of the video I hope you guys enjoyed getting into shape with me and if you guys are on the same journey I wish you luck girl because I mean it's hard okay it's hard I'm not gonna be giving up this time though this summer we're not playing around gonna go buy some cute swimsuits show everyone up on that beach and be like oh yeah that's right look at that okay look at that so anyways I hope you enjoyed this video don't forget to thumbs up and subscribe while I got your attention don't forget to subscribe no it's not right forget to follow my other social media platforms all that begging Margot except for Facebook which is official mega Margot so you can see what I'm up to when I'm not posting on here cuz I only post here like one or two times a week and everything other than that is just I had some extra time and yeah so thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys really soon


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  6. Megan, I need we need to talk, so basically, I'm a 14 year old who lives with a sibling, and two parents. I want to do an effort with starting to loose weight but, I don't know how to open up to my parents about it. Like what do I say, try an effort with me or I just do it myself. And now that the summer is coming and food get pretty fattie what do I do!!! I really need help!

  7. Your Facebook link doesn't go to your account! It's some other chick named Megan! I screenshot it but I don't know how to send it to you so you can see it!! Maybe Instagram, if that's ok!?! I checked it out bc I know you were having an issue with someone uploading and protending to be you!! I just wanted to make sure I was following the right one!! Love your videos!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ™ƒ

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