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good morning everyone welcome back to another video and today I wanted to do a what I eat in a day there are some new recipes that I've been making so I wanted to update you guys and give you some ideas for breakfast lunch dinner if you've seen any of my other what I eat in the days you know that I keep things very simple mostly plant-based and just really delicious and easy to make I have an intermittent fasting so right now it's been about 16 hours since I've eaten I usually do like an 8 to 12 fast on weekdays I'm not super strict on this so if I wake up one day and I'm really hungry I will eat but generally I try to follow that kind of timeframe and then on the weekends MO and I usually go for lunch or will make food at home so that's a bit more relaxed but so far I've had my water my morning water with a little bit of lemon juice and then I've also had some green tea and I've been working at home now it's around 12 o'clock so I'm gonna make my first meal of the day alright the first meal of the day is going to be a bowl with some quinoa I always like to have quinoa in my fridge ready to go so this is already been made so it's really quick and easy I'm also going to chop up some tomatoes cucumber we've got a bit of spinach here that I'm just going to sauté in a pan for a little bit and then one egg [Applause] all right so this is my little breakfast bowl done we've got the egg the sauteed spinach the quinoa and the salad with cucumbers and tomato just really simple I also sprinkled some sunflower seeds on top and then of course some pink Himalayan sea salt and some fresh black pepper as well so this has been my go to more like savory type of breakfast I do also like a more sweet breakfast from time to time and that's usually my oatmeal which you guys have seen that lots of times in my vlogs and then my other one at 8:00 today's if you guys want to see exactly how I make my oatmeal I will have another video below and there you will see step by step yeah I like to switch it up and today I felt like savory so I'm gonna enjoy this now and I'll catch up with you guys a little bit later just made myself this nice matcha latte with oats milk I absolutely love my chili taste so I sometimes make them at home as well and I also wanted to show you guys this very beautiful top I got this from H&M I got it last fall so I don't think that it's still available I will check though but I loved it so much to this beautiful dusty rose pink color taking a little break from work to unbox this beautiful package from Charlotte Tilbury this is their new glow gasm collection how gorgeous is this you guys I am a huge fan of this makeup line so this is very exciting I just asked you guys over on instagram if you would want me to do a look using all of these and I think I'm gonna do it because a lot of you guys voted yes I just watched the eyeshadow palette look at how beautiful those colors are and so nice for summer as well so I'm definitely going to be playing around with these products and of course I will be putting some of these into giveaways as well alright guys it is now just after 3 o'clock in the afternoon and I'm ready for some lunch if I've had a pretty savory and filling breakfast I love to do a smoothie for lunch if I'm home I find it just so easy and quick and convenient but it's still super super healthy and it literally takes me like ten minutes to prepare it if even that and just really easy to drink whilst I'm working on my computer so I love a good smoothie yeah so these are the ingredients that I've been putting in my smoothie lately we've got some spinach you guys know I love me some spinach I just find it a very like easy green to eat and it's super good for you we've got one pair one Apple I've also been doing about a quarter of an avocado for some healthy fats it also makes it nice and creamy especially if you're not putting in any banana so I love that a big piece of ginger a few stalks of celery and some mango this is frozen I like adding something cold to my smoothies I think it just makes it taste better but if I don't have any frozen fruit I will also do ice and then some lemon juice as well which I just have pre squeezed in a little bottle something that I noticed when I drink these consistently is my skin it's a lot more clear and glowy and I just know that it's all of the vitamins and minerals and nutrients that are in the smoothie and it's such an easy thing to drink it is very green but it tastes amazing especially because of the pear and apple and the mango and the lemon and ginger you could put that with the most intense greens and you wouldn't taste a thing so I would highly highly recommend it alright guys it is now time for dinner I'm gonna make a nice big kind of like veggie stir-fry I love to make this in a bigger batch and then I just keep it in the fridge for a lunch the next day for dinner so good for you because of all the different veggies it's super rich in fiber and vitamins and it tastes really good as well so in this pen here I've got a little bit of coconut oil I'm also gonna top it with some fresh cilantro I'm gonna chalk that up as well this is zucchini asparagus chick peas these I'm just going to throw on at the end because they're already cooked mushrooms one white onion red bell pepper yellow bell pepper and then we've got some quinoa this is a bit of a leftover quinoa from what I had before so I'm just gonna throw that in the mix as well and it should be really really good I might also have a piece of toast with some hummus on top but I will show you guys once it's already so this is my dinner tonight it looks so good it smells so good and it is around seven o'clock right now just by the way for those who are wondering that's usually when I like to eat and on top of the toast which I put hummus on I also added some avocado and some sunflower seeds and some pink Himalayan sea salt and fresh black pepper as well so I am going to enjoy this now and I'll see you guys in a bit face is washed glasses are on Invisalign is in it is now at the end of the night thank you guys so much for watching I hope that you guys found some good inspiration for some healthy food ideas let me know if you guys enjoyed this video and would like to see more what I eat in the days or if you have any other requests or anything else that you would want to see let me know down below in the comments and yeah I hope you guys are all having a beautiful day and I will see you on Wednesday with a new video


  1. Would love to see more what I eat in a fat videos, they great for healthy ideas 🙌🏻

  2. Thank you for this video. I love it ! It gives me some ideas to prep my meals. I love your positive energy. It's so inspiring. 💜🌹

  3. Your What I Ate In A Day videos are my absolute favorite! Thank you for making them!! Can't wait for more of your wonderful healthy meal inspirations

  4. you're beautiful!!!

  5. Your food videos is always giving me inspiration yum and it's so easy

  6. It boggles my mind that someone as healthy and skinny as you eats as much as you do. When I try to eat that amount of food, I'm bloated and my digestion is irritated. I only feel healthy and lose weight if I don't eat anything at all.. it's really a struggle. I want to be able to eat like this and feel good still. 🙁

  7. I love your what I eat in a day vlogs. It gives me so much inspiration to eat healthily. Please do more videos like these! Love you! ♥️

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  11. and when the camera turns away she takes down a double cheeseburger.

  12. You should toast your seeds before using them. Just throw them in a pan (no oil needed) and just lightly toast them. It really brings out the flavor and adds an even better crunch. Total game changer 🙂 Glad to see we keep very similar diets.

  13. I love your videos, they are very inspiring, and yes to food videos👍🏼,
    Thank you, Xoxo❤️

  14. What's the need to fast when you already eat super healthy 99% of the time?

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  19. Very good inspiration ideas as always, thanks. Loving your videos!

  20. Love all the healthy videos u make!the only thing I believe u should be more close to your viewers and comment more,cause only a like or a view doesnt count for someone to follow a channel😊

  21. Love all the healthy videos u make!the only thing I believe u should be more close to your viewers and comment more,cause only a like or a view doesnt count for someone to follow a channel😊

  22. Obsessed with your food videos!!!😍😍😍

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  24. Hi, what is the mixer you used for your matcha latte. Not familiar with it, but looks greate.

  25. Annie can you talk about portion control? I eat very healthy but none of this would fill me up. Legit i would have the whole pack of quinoa, and two eggs at your morning meal lol

  26. I LOVE these videos because it inspires me to continue eating healthy. Thank you Annie 😀

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  30. Love, love, love these. They are really super simple, easy to make. These ideas are really helpful as don't require much time in the kitchen or our long meal prep sessions during the weekend. Thank you Annie, and I am looking forward for more 'What I ate' videos)

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  40. Eating spinach with tomatoes is not advisable! It causes kidney stones. Removing the seeds of tomatoe can significantly reduce that risk….
    Just an advice, though.

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