WHAT I ATE TODAY!| Easy Gym Session & CHEAP Healthy Meals!

hey guys so I've been doing a lot of cardio lately my goal is personally to lose a little bit of weight first and then start like weightlifting again I do waitlist just a little bit but not too much so here I am on the bike I typically will do the bike and I was you're on the treadmill because like I said I like to do cardio this is just kind of an overview of what my gym looks like out of another one it's empty because I can do stuff like this I like to make sure I stay hydrated throughout my workout and before I like start doing like abs and stretching I like to turn on the sauna just so that when I'm done I can go ahead and relax in there I am thinking of possibly doing a workout routine probably later down the line I just because I think it's really cool seeing what other people do but today I'm going to be showing you guys a cheap healthy ish kind of breakfast I just made some eggs I'm going to make a little bowl of oatmeal and add some fruit and it was really really easy and honestly probably the cheapest know you could ever ever make and I also do have my detox tea which I featured in my last healthy video but later on I ended up making one of my favorite smoothies it's honestly so easy and also cheap like I said I just add a few bananas I'm going to go ahead and add some oats I just like the texture that it makes my smoothie it kind of makes it more like a milkshake and it's really really good so I go ahead add a few Oath and then I'm going to also add some peanut butter I do add cinnamon which I didn't show and then I typically use almond milk so that is all that I'm going to show you guys today I want this video to be short so that I can upload them more often if you liked it give it a thumbs up and I will link my last what I eat in a day slash healthy video right here bye guys


  1. Keep a strong mindset to reach your goal.

  2. CHEAP… major key

  3. how long does your bananas stay refrigerated

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