What health problems can result from endometriosis?

endometriosis can cause a variety of different health problems which range from mild to have much more severe depending on the patient every woman is unique and some don't have as many problems as others probably the most concerning is dealing with pain associated with endometriosis both before and during a woman's cycle this can happen at variable different times of the month for some patients it's not just related to the menstrual cycle but as pain at other times or sometimes pain related to intercourse both either before or after aside from the pain and discomfort one of the more concerning health problems associated with endometriosis can be infertility and this can come from and Demetrios itself or from scarring which can happen as a result of the endometriosis over time in more rare situations women can get growths on their ovaries called endometrial m'as or they can have problems with endometriosis implanting on their bowel or bladder which can cause problems as far as urination and having bowel movements later in exceptionally rare cases endometriosis can even be found in tissues that are far away from the pelvis like the lungs you

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