Moves up guys. So I go back from LA I went back in It was actually not that bad kind of sunny London had an amazing time to all of you who came to the Meetup Thank you so much. I’m so grateful. I had the best evening. I really cried like twice Sadly, I’m a very emotional person Well your name I spent two weeks in LA So I thought I’d take two weeks off and use that as I kept basis for me being a little guinea pig, basically But if you looked away and start I have posted some workout videos I literally went for like 10 minutes film the workout and the guy’s like wait what I was like, yeah It’s just this weird thing. Don’t worry about it I did want to look any physiological Changes in my body that happened as a result of not training if you’d like this video Give me a big thumbs up hit the subscribe button. And if you do I want to give you a big hug ish Thank you. All right. Let me just So we’re gonna talk about three things in this video muscle size and strength fat gain and third is gonna be just your general life and morale as a Result of not training know what I talked about not training. I’m talking about you. Just not doing your exercise workout You’re still going about day to day as you would life just gets in the way and it’s not bed rest because if it is Better if it results a drastically different not like when I broke my arm and then two weeks later when I took it out of this thing, it was like What so things will be different depending on who you are. So your genetics gender age Activity levels, but we’re going to talk about the science generally and you can have a thing about how that might apply to you So in terms of muscle atrophy, which is muscle wastage So your muscles getting smaller and there’s not a huge amount of research that is super conclusive. It’s quite hard to study It’s quite hard to get people that can live intuitively and adhere to the protocol but there are two things that we do know in people who resistance train so when you’re in this distance train, You cause stress to your body and it can cause swelling in Information in your tendons joints and muscles and also when you’re exercising you actually have a really big storage of glycogen Which is just what your muscles used for energy and that glycogen holds on to about 3 to 4 molecules of water So when you’re walking around in your training you’re living an active life when you see yourself in the mirror What you’re seeing is your muscle and the added information And there’s some added glycogen storage and water retention in there, too So you build up this idea of what’s normal for your muscles and you think that is my muscle size But what happens when you stop training is that actually the informations gonna go down and also because you don’t need that Glycogen in your muscles your glycogen levels are going to go down So the water attention is going to go down and actually you’re perceived muscle size Look smaller but the actual amount of protein in your muscles is still the same and then when you dehydrate Them into raisins like they shrivel up It’s kind of the same thing to your mouth the vibram carbohydrates and starch or whatever is in the raisin. It’s still the same It’s just that you’ve squeezed ton of water out of it So it looks a lot smaller and that’s what happens to your muscle glycogen and it’s associated water Contributes to around 15 to 20 percent of the cross sectional area of your muscle cross sectional areas basically let’s just say you rip the bicep muscle a well cut it down perpendicularly, and then you’ve got like a Circle and it’s that area that they’re measuring 15 times that that’s a lot. Plus you’ve got extra fluid build up from the inflammation so it’s actually having a really decent chunk of perceived muscle size that you feel like you’re losing even though the actual muscle is Still well intact So when I was reading and researching and looking at papers city what the rate of muscle atrophy? Was there were quite a lot of studies that showed that in over two to three weeks There was a significant loss in muscle mass For what they failed to control was water when other scientists came and reviewed their papers None of the water had been controlled for and then when you look at the data that looks at water It kind of matches. What were they thought was lost as muscle? So these are what I found a couple of studies that suggested that every single day You would lose about 0.1 to 0.2% of muscle size but bear in mind that glycogen and water does account for about 15 to 20 percent of your muscle size and It fluctuates like really really quickly in response to training and D training and I feel like those studies didn’t we? Control for that enough and also information takes a couple of days to change and go away again Very hard to control for in terms of what I’ve seen I don’t feel like there’s enough conclusive evidence to suggest that there is much of a difference at all And my interpretation is within two to three weeks there really isn’t much muscle loss what you physically see as anything That’s a loss is just a loss of water retention and lower glycogen storage and less information I don’t pass you feel like much has happened to me obviously now I’m going to show you footage of just before I left on my holiday but that’s what I look like back then so I’m just giving you a little bit of This is what I look like now when I came back so maybe like a little bit flatter But really not that much difference, this is something that I typically see because if I’m being honest with you guys I do this quite often where I will have to not train for one to two weeks And so I see these not-so changes and look quite frequently Even if I did lose a little bit of muscle I’ll explain the science about why that’s not so much of an issue in a set So we’ve talked about hypertrophy and muscle size. Now. We’re going to talk about strength for beginners What studies have shown is that within two to three weeks? They’re one to three wet mats can decrease by 10 to 20 percent? But that strength can actually be regained really really quickly coaches will use that to their advantage Because athletes will peak then they’ll take a couple of week rest or lights and then go back into training peak again and actually over The course of several months. They’re still hitting the same one to three wet maxes as someone who would train continuously So your long-term trajectory is the same you’re just looking after your body a little bit better and give a little bit more rest and Also, achieving some other things in life generally still the trajectory I saw go so much silat the trash looked just as good even though it’s kind of going in waves and they were still progressing Really well and then in advanced strength athlete so athletes that have been resistance training for four five years Plus there were lots and lots of studies that suggested that actually if they stopped training even up to three weeks They were able to maintain their strength then after that stroke started to decrease that was good news I felt like I’m kind of in that bucket So I’m going to test that theory to see whether I can still lift as much As I could lift two weeks ago back story I was doing strength work about six months ago But I haven’t really given it that much attention for the last six months. My PB was 115 kilos I just translate that to power So as you know, oh and trial I see I haven’t done stroke part for a while I’ve retested it two weeks ago and and I got to a hundred kilo So I have lost like a little bit of strength over those six months But we’re gonna test to see how much if I lost now over these last two weeks specifically All right, so I’d love to see the footage because I was like I want to see what technique it’s like I don’t go as deep as I should probably it’s like the last two weeks. Have a rainy day Stretching either so it did feel a bit tight the way thought. Okay just felt a little bit tight So if I was going to give myself some critiques I’d say maybe go a little bit deeper, but you know I’m happy with that little bit of mobility staff wall. I own that do you like my sign my Acting it out spit like Suraj this morning, isn’t it? Because I feel like maybe my speech isn’t quite as eloquent So I need to use all hand gestures Good I’m just gonna go so for it to show you and just present you with our British weather take a look at this bad boy The reason why Even if you lose some muscle mass You can regain it me quickly is because of my literally night- cells will have one nucleus The nucleus basically is the command center of a cell it contains lots of genetic information And helps with protein synthesis so when you train you can increase the number of nuclei in your cells and that contributes to Muscle memory, it makes it easier even if you lose a little bit of muscle to regain it back really really quickly And the good thing is there are studies that show that increase my nuclei can last in your muscles for up to 15 years If you’ve been putting in some hard work while I just find work and then you need to take a little bit of time off It hasn’t gone to waste I promise you’ll have increased on my nuclei and it would just be easier for you to rebuild that muscle I will say this when you return to your first workout session, it may feel like hell more of a temporary effect And it’s temporary for two reasons. The first is that your fitness does decrease quite quickly Your vo2 max can decrease quite quickly and your cardiac output So studies have shown that your time to exhaustion will be a lot shorter there’ll be a perceived loss of muscle mass an actual loss of Glycogen in your muscles for energy for that workout a slight loss in cardiovascular fitness and all of that can’t combined Can make it feel like you’ve taken a step back in your progress, but all of these as soon as you start eating carbs But within the next 2 to 3 workouts, you’ll be back and bouncing and back to normal What I will say, however is if you under eat you run the risk of your body using muscle for energy So it’s really important to listen to your body and not to cut calories drastically Takes us into the next section Which is fucking I think this is very dependent on how you live your life in that Detraining period and actually your body is really good at adjusting and it likes to act as a buffer It really doesn’t like drastic changes What will cause you to gain fat is the combination of not training and over consuming short-term overfeeding? like one to two days won’t really need too much fat gain and there were studies that show that it’s usually if it’s over a normal period of time like a week to ten days two week if you’re consistently over consuming on food If you do feel like maybe you put on a little bit of fat be aware that bloating does happen Especially when we go away the foods are different So it might just be bloating and also one of the things to remember if you do want to go and enjoy yourself But you’re a little bit nervous about that game. Even if you over consume on at let’s say 100 100 thousand calories Well one a thousand calories It doesn’t mean that a thousand calories has gone into fat storage and that you need to offset that With the next day with like a thousand calorie run what happens is that some of that energy will go into digestion So your thermic effect of food will go up if you’re looking at the total daily energy expenditure equation your non-exercise activity thermogenesis Will go up. So if you’ve had a little bit more food, you might feel a little bit more fidgety You just don’t even notice it our bodies would just subconsciously Expend a little bit more energy and our bodies don’t absorb all the excess energy that’s consumed I still stick to the same foods that I would normally eat, but I’m just not eating that extra Let’s say 300 calories if that’s how much I’ve been in a workout just because my body Doesn’t require that much energy and for me that happens quite intuitively but if you are someone that traps then that just might be something to be aware of and something you can adjust if you had Any concerns about that game even though your body might not require so much energy when you’re not exercising I do think it’s really important not to overdo it I’m gonna consume because then like I said before your body might turn up to muscle for energy and You don’t want that. You want to keep your lean body mass Nice and high so that your metabolism can stay nice and high I mean, even if there is a little bit of fat gain It’s not the end of the world the most important thing for me that I hope and comes across in my videos Is that life is so important? So I tend not to stress too much about those kind of things now on to topic numero topic number three which is your mood and morale I think there is so many benefits to Not training like you just get a mental break sometimes even if you’re not training it and then you’re using it for work You just need to prioritize that work and get something else done exercise puts you under a lot of strain and stress So the harder you train the more you’re going to need time to rest Like people think I train like six seven eight hours a week at tea I only train like three to four hours because when I train I train super hard and then I just need that time off and I also have lots of other things going on and if you care about Total health then think about physical and mental like the mental side is just as important if not more important than I don’t know. I’m kind of like way in the muck, but I think mental is sometimes undervalued so I think taking a rest period can be super helpful just to kind of restore like how you feel and also get some stuff done like when I had exams I Literally I can train it just didn’t work for me but I know in my exam because that was my priority and I think the thing that I took a little while to realize was that there were moments where I couldn’t train and I couldn’t train no matter what so me worrying about whether I could train or not just Added stress that I should have just ignored because if I just had time to de-stress It would have actually made my training Better because then I have gone back to training feeling well rested instead rather than training I was just spending that whole time feeling anxious and nervous and stressed and that wasn’t helping me at all In fact, it probably made it worse So there are a lot of benefits to not training and I think if I’d have just spent some time To actually acknowledge the fact that I was in training I’m just gonna enjoy the time that I have off would have actually made my training better But you know, these are all the things you see in hindsight. So physically it’s not so much of a bad thing You don’t really lose muscle that quickly. We don’t really new strength that quickly fat gain again Unless you’re over consuming the whole time for two weeks straight You’re not really gonna see much difference and third it can have a really positive impact on your mental health if you allow it to That can then improve your training when you get back to it So hopefully this video makes you feel at ease next time you have to take like a two-week break Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed it Please give me a big thumbs up if you liked it and hit the subscribe button if you want to see more I love you, and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye


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