What Fitness Pros Eat For Breakfast | PhamFlexx’s High Protein Breakfast

yo what’s up muscle and strength Phamflexx here with team allmax we’re in Columbia South Carolina and today you’re
in luck because I am making you breakfast we’re gonna start with a protein pancake
one of my personal favorites we’re going to start with allway classic I’m using
the chocolate flavor today we got 1/3 cup of quick oats I’m gonna put this all in
the blender we’ve got 1/3 cup of water we’ve got our egg whites here 2/3 cups
of this third of a banana want to use a ripe one got a teaspoon of cinnamon right there
teaspoon of baking soda it’s gonna make those pancakes nice and fluffy alright cool
now we’re gonna blend all that up make sure all the oats are blended looks good
alright so we’re gonna turn our stove to medium and spray the pan with some Pam
zero-calorie spray it real good so it doesn’t stick
alright while that’s heating up I’m gonna cook some eggs gonna do them I
like them over easy so alright that looks good alright we’re gonna make one huge
pancake now you want to look at this and make
sure it’s like cooked about like halfway through before you flip it now when I’m
making my eggs I don’t like them too overcooked I just hit it on one side
just a little bit you ready for this almost almost we always got it oh there
we go just hit the side for maybe like two
minutes should be good now when that’s cooking we’re gonna throw some sausage
links on this looks good now for the toppings now you gotta have the whipped cream so
this is a fun little meal that you can have it doesn’t always have to be boring
you know I mean it doesn’t always have to be like chicken and like brown rice
have fun with it added some whipped cream now we got some
sugar-free syrup all right I’m Pham flex with team all
max that’s my breakfast thanks for watching


  1. * Pham only made and consumed half of the protein pancake recipe. Below are the macro calculations for the eggs, sausages, 1 protein pancake, and fruit.
    Adjusted Macros: 680 Calories, 32.2g of Fat, 38.3g of Carbs, 53.6g of Protein.

  2. No Faoud nor Johnny…..👎🏻

  3. Looks more like a crepe then a pancake.

  4. Never heard of a “fitness pro” before lol

  5. Cool thank for the advice.

  6. Do a full day of eating with Arnold.

  7. Have not watched let me guess eggs, oatmeal, and protein

  8. Guy isn't even that jacked and he is a pro?

  9. That's pre breakfast. After that what??? I'd be hungry after that little pancake.

  10. Cool dude, has personality unlike most of the others.

  11. Breakfast…6oz of Haddock, 6 eggs whites, 4o, cottage cheese or
    3 whole eggs, 7 eggwhites, 10 strips turkey bacon, 1 avocado

  12. He's Vietnamese right?

  13. Sausage is like smoking

  14. Haha love the thumbnail and great informative video as always.

  15. You know yourself you wouldn’t have allwhey classic… it’s such garbage protein..

  16. Pretty cool, Pham is not too big. It makes him look like a nice natural body builder.

  17. Full day of eating with gymnast?

  18. Gonna guess eggs and oatmeal before watching

  19. if the water in the pancake batter is replaced with milk, will it still taste good? thanks for this!

  20. How did u get that skull on ur esophaguses how many pounds I have to lift?

  21. Can you interview more women please ?

  22. solid breakfast

  23. Why baking soda?

  24. More like a crêpe

  25. what’s the calories of the pancakes.

  26. One of the few recipes i think i can actually manage and be eatable😂 can we use rice cream instead of oats? Oats and me dont agree that much.

  27. I aspire to be just like him one day🙌🏼 #TeamAllMax

  28. i want more lol

  29. Does this guy even lift

  30. Damn. You tatted up like crazy man. Arm tats are cool but both hands and neck too is a bit too much.

  31. This is the only guy made something different from what i have seen on this channel.

  32. Full day of eating with larry wheels please

  33. sugar free syrup but it tastes sweet . WTF

  34. Thank god its not a typical oats and egg whites breakfast

  35. 75g of carbs?? that cant be right…the 81g of protein is a little high also

  36. Allmax Proteins taste BOMB. GREAT VID Fam!

  37. 1/3 of banana …. 😒

  38. I'm trying to start a bodybuidling journey and get big

  39. Hello im from Viet Nam ! And he's a Vietnamese American.😊😊😊 so proud of him !!!!

  40. I wouldve just drank it and be done with it

  41. You gotta be so foolish to think this fuccboi makes this to eat every morning

  42. Do not eat breakfast.

  43. Tattoos dont make a personality

  44. stick legs. train your weak ass calves

  45. This child ass meal lmao guarantee he was still hungry after eating all that 😂😂

  46. The only reason i kept watching is because i saw baking soda in the ingredients and needed to find out

    I found out.. this guy is an idiot, use baking powder for pancakes next time not soda.. Baking soda makes the pancakes a little more bitter

  47. Need to try out that pancake recipe

  48. Can we see what his full day meals look like? 💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏼that would be epic

  49. I dont see the steroids..
    Steroids where aaare youuuu steeeeeerooooiiids wwwwheeereee aaaaree yoooouuuu 😷😦

  50. Looks shit

  51. If i ate this I'd want to kill myself after.

  52. 🤔 whats going to happen to the rest of the Pankake mix ?
    That looks good Im glad im eating and watching this video lol

  53. Muscles & Strength why are you filming this asian fucker. He doesnt look fit. He looks like a drug addict. 👎🏻

  54. sorry. one quest. THIS GUY IT IS A PRO….?hahahha all fucking begginers are pro today

  55. do you guys have only one person replying to comments? very dedicated, almost everything has a reply

  56. I’m at the gym by 5am and then at work for 9 hours after. Ain’t nobody got time for this. Put some Ezekiel bread in the toaster, throw some egg whites on and go. Do your big eats at work.

  57. Don't trust this guy he cooked eggs first. Smh

  58. Who remembers this guy back in the day pressing 150’s for reps

  59. Why did you stop posting on your main yt ch !!!

  60. Macros are fucked up 35 7 percent fat..cmon

  61. that pancake is flat as peice of paper more like a crep what was the baking soda for!

  62. Check out my low calorie mudslide! https://youtu.be/i9R9X6YpeAs

  63. Let’s be real these guys don’t cook like this day in or day out. They have prep made meals or someone cooking it. Looks like he barely even knows what he is doing. He said add baking soda to made his pancakes fluffy. That shit was flat AF.

  64. What about the full day and snacks?

  65. Yolk and chocolate protein! Hmmmm…

  66. That man look like 6ix9ine lol

  67. Where’s my bekfast

  68. Ewwww sugar free syrup and 0 calories ''butter''? The real question is why not use the real things and substitute for other fats to compensate? I'd rather real maple syrup pure tapped from a tree and real butter churned from a cow. NATURAL!!!

  69. He has gotten alot smaller, have these guys just got tired of being enhanced?

  70. Hey it would be good if you guys can throw in a couple pics of your guests in each intro. Instead of just assuming that everyone watching knows who they are and what their physique actually looks like. Just my two cents

  71. im pretty sure someones job at muscle and strength is legit to just pin every comment on these videos

  72. Had a bad reaction to whey protein, made me barf. Started using egg protein powder. Any recommendations?

  73. Sugar free syrup? Stay away from high fructose corn syrup.. what about just 100% maple syrup?

  74. Trick with the oats – put them in first, blend, then add everything else 😉

  75. No, not with pancakes…

  76. them tattoos are BADASS

  77. Do some videos with John Meadows

  78. Hey M&S can you start your videos with a short intro for lesser known athletes like Pham? Didn't know what he did but it would've been cool if he said he was a functional trainer.

  79. I love the backsplash behind the sink…my Mom has the same one!

  80. Real Pham fans know what’s good! Egg and rice gains 💯

  81. Just made this recipe….damn good

  82. No one has time for this like if u agree

  83. 1/3 a banana? Really…1 for 1 gonna put ur macros over the top? That said, pan cakes good….tatts better 💪

  84. Good boy.

  85. Half man, half make up

  86. Can you tell me his height and weight?

  87. He looks like a lesbian

  88. Am I the only one that thinks the macros are a lil off ?!

  89. He put way to much baking soda u're supposed to put 1/4 of a table spoon of baking soda

  90. god damn i can't hipster body builders like this lame ass fruit cakejoke. Holy shit every copied rich piana with the tattoos. Why do all these nerdy good square kids want to look bad soo much? i don't get it

  91. 3:39 "It always doesn't have to be chicken or brown rice" he says this as I eat chicken and brown rice XD

  92. Great series very good

  93. Somebody tell this guy about baking powder

  94. Sugar free and syrup
    Those two things dont go together

  95. He should have whisked the egg whites and added the egg white fluff to the rest of the batter

  96. That actually looked really good. Absolutely doable, not overly complicated, not too much food, nice and simple

  97. Dude looks like the grinch

  98. That pancake is mad liquidy dawgz

  99. Looks Good 👌

  100. Hey M&S great videos as always and great editing. I notice all the little details you always do!

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