What Do Food Cravings Mean? | Healthy Food

The truth about your food cravings is that
there could be all kinds of reasons for them. The first is actual biochemical and the next
one is emotional. When I say biochemical reasons for your food
cravings, I mean that your body may actually be craving something that it's missing. You might be low in energy and craving some
sugar or caffeine. Your body may be telling you that you're tired,
that you actually need to take a break, that you need to take a 15-minute nap or that you
didn't get enough sleep last night. Your body may be craving chocolate when actually
it needs magnesium or iron. You could actually get that magnesium or iron
from healthier foods like nuts and seeds or from more iron rich foods like greens. The emotional reasons behind your cravings
are sometimes harder to understand and take a little longer to unwire. The emotional reasons behind your cravings
could be loneliness, depression, sadness, anger, frustration, anxiety, overwork. You really need to take a look at what's been
happening before your food cravings hit you to see if something has set you off balance
to see if your body is reaching for a food craving to help you feel calm in the next
few minutes. Your body is very smart. It knows what foods are going to help you
feel better immediately. So, don't beat yourself up over your food
cravings because your body is actually telling you, 'I know sugar is going to make me feel
better in the next two minutes, so I want that cookie.' Actually, your body is telling you that something
is off balance. So, really take a look at what's been happening
in your life to understand where your food cravings are coming from. If you're a pregnant woman or if you know
a pregnant woman, you know that food cravings are a very hot topic with that population. That's because our food cravings just get
exacerbated. They grow and they become more meaningful
when you're pregnant. You may be craving more food or more of a
certain type of food because your body actually needs more of certain minerals or of certain
macro-nutrients like protein or carbohydrates or fats because your body is helping to develop
your child. Your emotional cravings may be stronger during
pregnancy as well because your hormones are fluctuating on a much higher level. You may feel the added pressure and stress
of growing your family or of changing your work schedule, so really take a look at whether
your cravings are because your body feels you need more food or if you're nervous about
becoming a parent.


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  4. I just talked to my body and it said its craving sexual intercourse with the woman in this video.

  5. Fruits are mainly sugar but also fiber.

  6. I know, that's what I take mine as. What do you mean could be the sugar??

  7. Could be the sugar but you should only have a multivitamin as a supplement to a healthy diet.

  8. I wont listen to anything she got to say as long she stays that BEAUTYFUL!

  9. Or you just want your chocolate.

  10. What about fruit cravings? I always crave fruit/juice etc :L but I take a multivitamin so I don't know why..

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