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We all like different types of
food varieties and beverages. But what our bodies? Do out bodies also like the same? Let’s find out today… The kind of food we must
eat and we must avoid, As per our unique Prakritis (Body type). Let’s begin… So first let’s begin by talking about
the best diet practises, For the VATA body type. VATA is Irregular, Moving,
Light, Rough and Dry. So it is pacified, with practises
which are opposite of this. So Stable, Oily, Smooth, Heavy. When your VATA is dominant or aggravated, We’re not going to eat foods which
are higher in PITTA and KHAPHA. So what I want you to remember is… That we’re now going to eat more
warm and well cooked meal. As opposed to cold meals and cold beverages. So warm beverages really do the
trick for the VATA prakriti people. I have also seen a lot of my clients Love lot of warm beverages, Like tea, coffee, herbal teas
and hot water in general. That’s when you know your VATA is aggravated. Secondly, avoid everything that’s raw, And eat more steamed and lightly
grilled or sautéed vegetables. Thirdly I want you to avoid Caffeine completely. For sometime at least, till
you balance out your VATA. And lastly remember to choose and salty foods, As opposed to more hot and spicy ones. Now let’s discuss about the PITTA body type. PITTA is Hot, Liquid, Sharp
Penetrating and Slightly Oily. So it is pacified, Practises which are opposite to
the characteristics that it possesses. Which means Dry, Soothing and Cooling. When it comes to PITTA body type, I’m going to give you my top 4 dietary Do’s and Dont’s. No.1- Make sure you’ve eaten 4 meals Or even more but at short intervals of time. No.2- Drink more fluids. So it can be your Coconut Water
and even buttermilk (Chaas). No.3- Avoid Pungent or sour foods. I want you to opt for more
raw and cold meals instead. And lastly, Eat lots of whole grains,
fresh fruits and vegetables. For your body type. Now that we’re done discussing PITTA, We’re finally going to go to
the KAPHA body type. KAPHA is Cold, Oily, Stable and soft. So it is pacified by practises, Which are opposite of it’s own. Which means Moving, Dry, Rough. So when it comes to a diet
for a KAPHA prakriti, The first thing I suggest
for all of you’ll to do. Is to make sure that
you firstly avoid over eating, And then avoid eating very
heavy and oily meals. Also make sure you’re not having
too many sweets foods. Avoid the consumption of Alcohol. Fourthly… Make sure you’re eating Heating, Bitter, Pungent, Astringent and also
lots of hot and spicy meal. And lastly fasting is a very beneficial
practise, for your body type. But make sure you do it
in a very phased manner. And under the guidance of somebody
who can help guide you, So you don’ become week and
harm yourself in the long run. So there you have it… These were my top diet Do’s and Dont’s
as per your unique body type. I really hope you find this
video useful and helpful. So do remember to share it with somebody
who finds some worth and value out of this. So until next time, stay healthy,
stay happy and stay tuned… To your very own the
Health Space!

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