What CAN you eat?! Starch and sugar free diet explained! [CC]

This is Walters head But i can’t make it move Hi, lovely people Here is something you maybe don’t know about me unless of course we have shared food in the last like 10 years in which case you will definitely know this I can’t eat starch Basically my body just doesn’t process it which means No wheat, no oats that’s one really sign for oats I quite like it though. No rice, no corn, no maize (Which is, like, the same thing?) No, dairy, you know alcohol. No beans no sugar no bananas It’s very specific, yeah That’s absolutely no kind of grains at all No root vegetables. I know it’s weird. It’s really weird I know what you’re thinking because it’s the same thing that everyone asks me when I tell them Generally also with this face “What do you eat?” Confused when thinking about not being able to eat pizza I understand. I look at people who don’t eat vegetables the same way: Because of course, vegetables are quite a large part of my diet, along with proteins like fish (A lot of fish, I love fish) Oh my God. If it swims, I will eat it. Not like small children or anything but… So, this all started ten years ago because Like I told you in my Chronic Fatigue video *ping* Which you can watch. I got ill, I was in hospital They ran various tests I had a lumbar puncture which went wrong and all of my spinal fluid just drained away So I couldn’t even stay conscious Never mind eating. At the hospital they pumped me full of various drugs in a non-junkie way And I don’t remember anything from that time period. Like I just… it’s gone. But, fast forward and a year and a half And I’m still throwing up every day at least once and that comes back down to being sick after Everything that I ate And then it was being sick after like drinking water. Water. And I ate perfectly fine When I was a child there was nothing that I didn’t eat So yes, I know what pizza tastes like. I know what cake tastes like, I know what ice cream tastes like. Also croissant. Mmmmm. So I’m being sick and I’m back in the hospital. The hospital dietician puts me on an all-white diet: Just. White. Foods. Apparently, they are the easiest to digest And it makes me so much worse, so we go to the opposite end. Cut out all white foods basically we stop all sugars all starches Nothing allowed except protein, non-root vegetables, Soy, dairy replacements, and healthy fats, and I start to get better! Except that’s only’ better’ from where I was. It’s not ‘better’ like everyone else and That was eight years ago Something could be done? To make it better? I never tested this. I don’t want to put foods in that I know made me sick before Because the little bit of health that I have now seems so much better than where I was. And, every time that I accidentally eat something that I shouldn’t my stomach’s just like: “Pah, No thanks!” That was a baseball (basketball) move. Not excellent As you can imagine my diet doesn’t exactly give me boundless of energy In fact there are a lot of boundaries on my energy. is managing his great wall of China Here’s my energy, here’s the Great Wall of China You get the idea Because yes, I’m totally bubbly and energetic right now But here’s all my energy for the day It’s not like I can then continue but this is my personality being kind of chirpy And I would very much like to be able to do that all day long But I feel most of the time like I’m just moving through quicksand. Over all the years, my doctors haven’t really gotten anywhere with the kind of looking into my stomach, With their nasty, nasty, horrible probes, So Claudia suggested that we go and visit a holistic nutritionist I have a very medical background, not a lot of holistic, alternative therapies going on there. I take a lot of pills every day, I don’t really question that. At all. Because all the broken bits inside Because I’ve been so much worse that I’m quite happy, I’m quite thankful just to be here. I went to the holistic lady and it was amazing Mind-blowing even. She listened to everything, looked at every little issue regarded my body as a whole and then Took all of these things into consideration to work out the one thing that’s wrong with my stomach One thing. Apparently all those drugs that I was given in hospital all those years ago killed the good bacteria What is the sign for bacteria? So apparently all those drugs that I was given in hospital all those years ago killed all of the good bacteria Yeah, it’s a good sign isn’t it And it let the bad bacteria kind of roam free in my gut. Basically it’s a kind of yeasty form of fungus. That breaks down the lining of your stomach so you can’t digest properly the lining- sorry. So it breaks down the lining of your stomach and your intestines, and doesn’t let you digest things properly It can also cause: Chronic fatigue, Digestive issues, autoimmune diseases, brain fog, severe allergies, poor memory, And joint pain All things I have. Excellent. Wha-? Just like…? Could they not have tested for this before? Eight years ago? No? No-one? But it’s actually excellent news! Because it is something that it gets better. It’s something that you can work on and improve and If I have this like absolutely crazy diet for three months.. Just maybe I can eat a croissant. Or if that’s stretching it a bit- okay, so it’s a bit of a weird diet it’s kind of there are fewer foods that I can eat right now, but Hopefully in future! Yay amazing! So I’m gonna make a video about the actual diet itself Obviously only follow that when I’ve posted that video Otherwise nothing there. So I know it’s really tempting to go after that kind of silver bullet quick fix and everything will be better Yeah, I’ve had those in the past yes, I will admit that maybe I’m sometimes like: “Oh yeah amazing maybe that will work! Maybe I’ll be better!” And then it doesn’t But also, maybe this one will? I realise that this won’t cure my actual disabilities But it will hopefully help with a lot of the symptoms that I thought I would have to just Live with forever. Maybe this could be amazing Subscribe and join me on this possibly crazy adventure Into diet and food, and Hopefully getting a bit better because there is a lot of up to go from having no energy and being sick all the time We’ll just have to wait and see.


  1. Probiotics

  2. LOL good thing that you don't eat small children 😀

  3. I have the same problem, only I get really off-balance from my body trying to process the 'bad' foods through. I've been bed bound for years because of it and recently found that taking pancreatic enzymes has made a huge difference for me. The enzymes eat through the cell wall of the candida. I've been in school for the last year going for my doctorate in nutrition because of all of this health craziness. This started for me because of drugs pumped into me in the hospital as well. I'm still fighting with the malnutrition I suffered from my body not being able to process necessary nutrients, but I'm doing better every day now.

  4. Have you ever been tested for thyroid issues? Some of symptoms you mentioned are the same, i.e. joint and muscle pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, digestion issues etc. Regardless of cause, I hope you see some improvement with your holistic practioner!! Chronic health issues are annoying, exhausting, maddening a bummer. I'd love to see a holistic doctor but they tend to be quite a bit more expensive than traditional doctors in the United States. Anyway, love your personality and your videos! Take care 🙂

  5. I did the diet for candida which was further limited by my allergies. After 3 months of kale and Brussels Sprouts (which I fortunately love), my candida is actually worse. I wish you all the best in your journey and thank you for the much needed inspiration.

  6. Is there an update video on the diet progress? 🙂

  7. "Wota" lol i love the British accent

  8. Candida overgrowth also known as 'leaky gut' is not scientifically recognized. You should trust your first instinct. I was 'diagnosed' with it too but actually I have IBS.
    If you Google 'candida overgrowth leaky gut science' a lot of debunking articles will come up. If the diet helps you then that's great, I'm happy for you, but I have my doubts about the actual cause.

  9. The list goes on Huh?
    Deafness, blind eye, wheelchair, can't eat starch….

    you still look fabulous though

  10. Croissant :3

  11. ffs wut have doctors done to her

  12. She would suck at being vegan… 🤣

  13. Omg
    I am in love with you🤩
    I love your energy and how you are so happy and open and talk about your problems
    I also like how you use you facial expressions a lot.
    I send you lots of love from Libya

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  15. I eat an almost identical diet, but for the dairy, and that's in pretty small amounts. In my case it's gastric surgery.

  16. I honestly love the way you talk. Does she have a tutorial? Lol

  17. Poor thing, progressive hearing loss and then her diet becomes extremely limited. You really got screwed. 😢

  18. I don't see a diet video link. Did this actually help you? I'd love to find out!

  19. Your use of SSE is really helping me with my BSL! Picking up lots of signs watching you! I know that’s not why you do it but thanks anyway!

  20. Perfect face.

  21. Your such a lovely person.😊

  22. Your so beautiful and this video is so helpful xx

  23. Oh my gosh the same thing happened to me his summer with the lumbar puncture and I’m still sick now! I’ll bring this up with my gastroenterologist next week and see what they say! I have CFS, MCTD, a functional neurological disorder and a lot of allergies so I relate to you so much! It’s amazing to hear someone say exactly what I’m thinking about my illnesses and disabilities! I’m so glad I found your videos because you are so similar to me!

  24. Omg I had low CSF fluid due to a lumbar puncture too! That’s crazy it rarely happens and it took me about a month after blood patches to heal. I’m so sorry the pain is Incomparable in the world

  25. I feel bad for you,you can't eat RICE ITS AMAZING

  26. Hello! I’m new to your channel but I am so glad I found it. I have IBS and severe food allergies so currently I am dairy, soy, and corn free plus allergic to peanuts and nuts. It’s so hard to find food that I can eat and i spend way too much time in the bathroom. It’s impossible to find just that right balance of food and I don’t think I’ve ever really felt 100% well on any given day. It’s a lot of trial and error and it’s exhausting (and I have mental health disorders as well, and some other things) and I very much relate to just kind of…being glad I’m doing okay, even if it’s not amazing. Anyway, I just wanted to say it’s nice to have found someone on YouTube who (whom?) I can relate to about something that isn’t one of my mental illnesses. I do hope you’re feeling better since you’ve posted this video!

  27. Soy is beans.

  28. why cant people just do the cooking instead of acting on these videos?

  29. Have you actually ever been tested for Candida though? Because that's a common diagnosis by scammy holistic people, as is blaming a million symptoms on one simple diagnosis. I would be worried that you might be missing some other diagnoses because you assume the symptoms are from Candida overgrowth.

  30. Wow, you've been through a lot. Please would you share contact details of the holistic therapist who finally diagnosed you? My sister is suffering from all sorts of awful symptoms and she's fed up of clueless Drs, we need a good alternative Dr now.

  31. Sometimes the people with the hardest times bring the brightest smiles. Love every bit of these vlogs

  32. Oh my goodness! I have celiac disease and don’t do well with most other gf grains either. The things people say to and expect of me are far more annoying than having to avoid these things. 😂

  33. She is basically on a paleo diet. Humans are not meant to eat grains and sugar in high amounts. Most native peoples around the worl had no access too fruit. For example I am half native American and my family had no almost no access to fruit accept in some areas we would migrate to in the summer. We would eat mostly meat and nuts and very little natural vegetables.

  34. Your smile is so contagious

  35. "If it swims I will eat it" 🐟Gosh, I'm the same way haha 😂

  36. Large children however..

  37. Hey Jessica! I came for the gay and stayed for your lovely personality, your great style, and your medical stories! I'm currently in medical school right now and it kinda appalls me that doctors back then didn't foresee how all the drugs could have made your gut issues worse. In school they drill into our heads all of the issues that come with pumping too many antibiotics or drugs into our bodies. Then again, I'm an American student at an osteopathic medical school, which tries to connect holistic practices with pharmaceutical practices… and what happened kind of started a while ago… but I'm really glad you went to a holistic, homeopathic medical professional! And I there's a lot of doctors being trained right now who have the tools to actually foresee the crappy things over-treating can cause in patients!

  38. Will you also be taking pre-biotics and probiotics to encourage the good bacteria to come back and thrive?

  39. Would you be able to eat seitan/tempeh? It's pure gluten protein, and all the starch has been washed out. Curious since I've studied nutrition, and for some reason I'm very fascinated with "special" diets

  40. you have a beautiful voice

  41. Ohh I feel dumb. This entire time I thought you said you had acupuncture that went wrong, but that didn’t sound right so I turned captions on. Lumbar puncture makes way more sense! Thank you for another amazing video! I’m so glad I found our channel

  42. Have you considered trying a fecal matter transplant? (It is what it sounds like) Apparently it can fix people's gut bacteria ecosystem.

  43. Look up black seed oil love!!! It kills candida improves joint pain digestive issues and detoxes the brain.. it's amazing!

  44. I never knew how truly beautiful sign language is until I started watching Jessica.

  45. I have this too. It takes years to cure. I, unfortunately, had the icky symptom of yeast infections. I can't eat chocolate, bread or and if I eat to much fruit I get all the symptoms again. I struggled for years. The doctors just gave the medicine and didn't look at me as a whole like that doctor did to you. I took itraconazole an antifungal for 3 months. Still have to be careful. Have you read the yeast connection?

  46. I have a close friend who has a similar problem. She was on medication for a long time that killed off the good bacteria in her gut, so she has a very limited diet and can't have a lot of things like nightshades (a plant family that includes tomatoes) dairy from cows, and onions. She had a feacal transplant a few months ago and she seems to be improving.

  47. Y'know, Candida isn't medically sound…It sounds like you just have Celiac.

  48. Do you have a genetic disorder? We learned about something like this in science class a few years ago and saw the bill nye on it I hear the food is expensive

  49. I appreciate that you listened to your wife and went for a holistic opinion! Personally, I find it silly to be all on one side (never considering a holistic approach) or the other (being against traditional doctors). I wish you well <3

  50. I went to a more holistic doctor too and I’ve got pretty similar gut issues (although much less intense) I just got done killing the yeast and now I’m working on adding the good bacteria back in. We can do this girl!

  51. aww no fruit either?~ :'(

  52. is it the ketogenic diet?

  53. Holy smokes! I have a lumbar puncture next month….. 😐

  54. You are soooooo cute. I LOVE YOUR ACCENT.

  55. I'm on a very similar diet (the Wahls Protocol) because I have Multiple Sclerosis. My diet is also tailored to help build and maintain a healthy gut biome. I've definitely gotten better since I started. Not perfect, but better.

  56. Shes so pretty in a very vintage way. She reminds me of Dita Von Tease but with red hair

  57. I’m the opposite because I hate fish 😭

  58. I love your channel. Thank you for spreading your lovely attitude and face. I had so many stomach issues my whole life. Always tired, dealing with weight and my stomach always hurting. I would get dizzy from picking something up off the floor and life revolved around the toilet. Doctors told me to eat more yogurt and you're not diabetic. . . . 🤨thanks😑
    My sister actually went to a holistic doctor trained in both Eastern n Western medicine ideals. She understood Western medicine's "there's the problem, fix the problem" ideals. She then took to Eastern ways of thought on the whole body and combined the two. Anyway my sister called me while reading a book and just told me to listen.
    I don't know how to describe the feeling I got when listening to my sister. . . Terror. I was scared to hear what I was hearing because this book was telling me things I felt that I had never told anyone. It gave me this weird sense of being watched. I don't know why. It then morphed into a "wow, something might change, someone might know how this feels".
    It's been almost nine years that I have followed a special diet. I don't get dizzy anymore. My life does not revolve around a bathroom, which is very important to me because fishing n hiking are my favorite things to do. I have more energy and feel healthier. I can't eat chicken, tomatoes or most grains among other things but I wouldn't change it for the world. Thank you for your stories and continuous message of love n hope.

  59. I contracted bacterial meningitis 8 years ago and being on the vancomycin IV antibiotics for so long to save my life from that unfortunately gave me the same side effects as you. Two months to the day I got out of the the hospital i was back in there with bleeding ulcers and fevers which turned out to be Crohn's disease. In the 8 since that is 1 of 4 autoimmune disorders i have been diagnosed with. Also the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is just brutal! I actually haven't been able to back to work since I left that awful day. I choose to say "Why not Me" instead of "Why Me" everyone has their issues, some 32 yr old mother's of 2 get told they have terminal brain cancer. Some children never know what it's like to drink clean water. So this is what I was given, I am thankful it is my cross to bare and not someone I loves. I am thankful though chronic it isn't terminal. I give my self a few pity party days on the really hard ones, but for the most part this mindset gets me through. Peace and love to you and yours!

  60. Hi Jessica! I'm an ICU nurse in NYC and I love all your videos! I know its odd, but have you heard of fecal transplants? We do them very often for those who have had their gut microbiomes wiped from infection, medication, etc. Just curious if this is an option for you or if it is an avenue you've looked down! Best wishes! <3

  61. I know this is a super old video but I found it hilarious that there was an advertisement for dominos before the video talking about your starch free diet. It was very ironic in my eyes. I understand having to have a very specialized diet, I'm unable to eat very weirdly specific things. Like I can eat chicken and fish but I cant eat any red meats. I cant eat bananas for some reason but I can eat breads and potatoes with ease. The human body is very odd.

  62. i love redheads

  63. I know how it is to be unable to eat tons of stuff too. I've got a condition called Hereditary Fructose Intolerance and that makes me unable to eat/drink quite a lot as well. It's something I'm used to since I was born with it, but it's kinda weird for social settings with people I don't know very well. Some people don't even believe that I can't eat quite a lot of vegetables or let alone sugar.

  64. WOW, I can't believe I ran across this video! You're beautiful and I love watching your videos! I have so many allergies that I almost have the same list you do. No root vegetables (nothing that grows below ground) any types of tree nuts, MSG, egg whites, wheat, soy, dairy (casein, I'm NOT lactose intolerant, those get confused) no food colorings, and a TON of anything that has a pit growing in it, wheat noodles make me pass out. I have more but I have found out I also have a pesticide/miracle grow allergy. I can NOT have tap water, I get heartburn from tap water, I can only drink spring water from certain places. No white foods as well, it's insane! Bless your heart, thank you for posting this! I had my allergies crop up unexpectedly, sometimes I cheat, and get sick, but I make sure it's on a day/evening I can take the time off to be "sick" or yucky feeling. I feel for you! You're so awesome, and thank you for posting! I wish I could get my doctors up here to test me for yeast infections, they want to give me more pills for gastric mucosal atrophy, terminal ileitis, multiple allergy syndrome (plus many other issues) Send your doctor to me please! haha! INTERNET HUGS!!!

  65. snake meat doesn't contain starch or sugar i think

  66. Did you ever think of a fecal transplant? Sounds gross, I know, but it can be quite helpful for folks with less than optimal gut microbiomes.

    And you are my new favorite channel! Stay awesome.

  67. I’m the same way with my food. I have such a long list of foods I can’t eat and it includes almost all the same as yours does. It’s actually really interesting to know that someone else has the same restrictions I do. 💗

  68. I'm a type 1 Diabetic, I kind of get the sugar free thing. We're not in the same boat but I get how it can be to have a "restricted" diet

  69. thank god youre not vegan

  70. Ur actually glowing

  71. Wow, it's been ages since I've watched your old videos (probably was near enough when you first posted it :P) and it's amazing to me how much better you look now that you've sorted out your diet stuff! Now you've put on a bit more weight and you've got so much more energy, and it really makes a difference – odd to see videos with you like this again! (I think you're also now more comfortable in front of a camera, which is another difference XD)

  72. I came by this channel by accident and Iam so glad I did.* have Arnold chairi disease Iam going depth and blind slowly Iam in alot of pain from the brain fluid.I do not let this keep me down I work a job and feed the homless on my spare time on my own God is Good.To look at me you would never know 😊 My problem is Iam putting on weight swelling of you will.I need to lose some weight because it's making my pain more intense.Iam gonna try this dieting food thank you and God Bless your kind heart 🙏💜

  73. I love watching your videos, they are relatable, educational and entertaining. I love the video you sign because I am learning ASL and BSL is so different. I’ve learned so many things from watching you and I hope to become fluent in both forms of Sign Language one day.

  74. If there is an overgrowth of Candida in your gut, doctors typically recommend antibiotics, as dietary changes don't typically help (unless the candida is exacerbating conditions such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn's Disease). I don't trust holistic doctors in the least. When you recommend someone take vitamins and eat fruit to cure cancer, you've lost me. Candida exists in everyone's body. In their mouth, gut, and especially the nether regions. It is impossible to do away with it completely, as it is part of everyone's internal ecosystem. Take anything a holistic dietitian says with a grain of salt.

  75. stunning

  76. You definitly eat small children… 0.0 :3 On a serious note, what is the condition that you have specifically? What enzymes do you not produce?

  77. Seems keto diet

  78. What part of the diet is explained here?

  79. Yasssssss that totally makes sense !:) I eat thought about not eating fishes or birds? I think it does wonders for your body 🙂 just because of how toxic animals are for your body 🙂 you're amazing btw

  80. I wonder if Jessica had vitamin B deficiency as well?

  81. My family members have had holistic diets before hmm but let's hope this works for you. It works for me some and for some it doesn't

  82. No alcohol? I don't believe that for one second.

  83. Any updates??

  84. Candida. All hollistic doctors try to blame all the problems on that…. If something is listed to cure more than 3 things, it's straight up fraud. Please educate yourself on this.

  85. I know this video is super old now but my mom put our entire family on the candida diet when I was in junior high and we all got considerably healthier afterward.

  86. Relate to this quite a lot, i tell people that i have a lot of things i can't eat, and then i have to go through a huge list, gluten, root vegetables (not potatoes for some reason) apples, legumes, garlic, cauliflower, etc. And everyone is just horrified by the thought.

  87. Did they ever test you for sucrase isomaltase deficiency? My daughter has it, it's rare, but she can't have sugar or starch because she doesn't make the enzymes to digest it

  88. Good luck Jessica! 🌺💕

  89. Clicked because you’re so beautiful, stayed because the content was interesting.

  90. Every person who visits a holistic nutritionist is diagnosed with candida. It's almost definitely something else, theyre sued all the time for this stuff.

  91. I'm sorry to say that candida is a sort of catch-all diagnosis from hollistic therapists, and there's no scientific backing to the claims that candida cause all these things, nor is there any that eating a certain diet will kill candida which is the direct cause of these symptoms.
    I'm sorry you've had some poor experiences with doctors, but unqualified hollistic practitioners are not a suitable alternative.

  92. Omg I thought my diet was extreme but this is a new level! It can be tough talking to people about it and making new friends cos some people just think you're being stupid but as it makes us ill, they should be more understanding. I cant eat grains either but I basically live on root vegetables to compensate as otherwise I'd die of hunger! I've never heard of the starch issue, that must be so hard and restrictive❤️

  93. OMG I think you doing sign language is great. Although u am not deaf. Your hair is lovely.

  94. Lol I’m allergic to all of that and a bit more. Like wheat , soy, other certain fruits and veg etc. I tried vegan but literally everything was wheat and soy. Now I take 5 different meds before I eat so affects are not as bad.

  95. I have this too 🙂

  96. C.albicans is the type of yeast in the body, especially in the Female reproductive organ. It is also known by another name: Baker's Yeast. And yes when the balance of of the bodu is disrupted the bacteria normally symbiotic in nature with the human body can actually become too much, like with a yeast infection: C.albicans growing too much in the female reproductive organs.[Microbiology]

  97. Oh, you are going to live a long time eating like that.

  98. Medical Medium – His books are incredibly helpful ❤


  100. Oh my goodness! I couldn’t imagine have that many restrictions! I can not have gluten and large amounts of any protein, and I have to eat consistently throughout the day. I get the what do you eat question and you’re always eating questions and comments all the time.

    You handle things with so much grace! Haha That’s why I love watching your videos!

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