What can technology achieve for the healthcare system?

you I think that there's three things we need to do with technology the first one is to use it to empower the general public the person the patient the family so we need to be able to make our technology a support to people trying to stay well or taught to manage their own ways the second thing we need to do is use technology to support clinicians in their practice people worry about computers being a way in which we take away autonomy from doctors I'm much more interested in how we make doctors practice at the absolute absolute of their of their skills so how do we get the information that they need on best practice on trials on the information they need so that they're not having to be a walking thesaurus what they are is a walking specialist and then the third thing we need to be able to do is use technology to say we deliver care in the place that is most appropriate to the patient not in the place where the information is so we can take the care to the patient rather than the other way around

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