What are Workout Boosters on Octane Fitness Elliptical Machines?

Hey I’m Ryan Simat and I’m here to tell you
about Workout Boosters…an exclusive feature on octane ellipticals.
The idea of a workout Booster is to add variety and motivation by incorporating short burst
intervals during your cardio program. Octane has three main boosters. Target the Upper
body with Armblaster, be coached by a built-in personal trainer by using xMode, or focus
on the lower body muscles with Glutekicker. Engage boosters at any time during any program
for a cardio workout that has been totally Fueled!
The first Booster is a favorite. The Armblaster increases resistance in the handlebars and
really targets the arms, chest, back and core. If you really want to maximize Armblaster,
check out the optional side steps. Press the button and follow the on-screen instructions.
Every minute, you’ll engage in an Armblaster set. The Second Booster is called X-mode. You’ll
wish you didn’t forget your sweat towel at home with xmode. Follow the on-screen prompts…much
like coaching from a personal trainer. (Go Faster, Pedal reverse, squat position). This
is great way to ensure a complete, total-body workout and will really help time fly. The third booster is Glutekicker. Again, prompting
different body positions and speeds will really kick your glutes, hamstrings, and quads. Engage
the core, work on your form, and glutekicker will do exactly what it says. Kick your butt! Now, if you have an Octane xRide Seated elliptical,
your understanding of the Boosters applies roughly the same. It still offers the on board
personal trainer, but a couple differences as well. For the upper body, the seat and
foot pegs allow for complete upper body isolation. Crank out a set using just the upper body
or you can even lift your back off the seat, and now you have an unbelievable core exercise.
The lower body booster also allows for complete isolation of the legs, for short bursts of
high intensity. Increase or decrease the intensity at any time to fit your needs. If you thought that all seated cardio machines
offered a “less than great” workout…think again. Now, moving on to our latest innovation…The
LateralX. Again, the personal trainer is on board prompting
you in short intervals, but the other two boosters are a bit different, because the
movement is different. The Thigh toner Booster will “automatically” adjust lateral width
as you increase your speed. The machine will also sense when you slow down to recover…and
will automatically decrease the lateral width. The other Booster is Quad Power.
Along with lateral adjustments, increase your speed and QuadPower will increase resistance. So, those are the Octane workout Boosters.
Try one or try them all. Turn them on or off any time. Just don’t blame us when your 30
minute cardio workout seemed like 15 minutes. Stay Fueled w Octane.

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  1. I like the Lateral X machine and use it at the gym when I go

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