What are the Best Supplements?

how's it going guru nation and today we're gonna be talking about supplements supplements are supplements for stuff you cannot eat or stuff you cannot gain through your normal diet so for instance I can't eat enough protein in the day to match my body weight I would take protein I don't get enough fish oil or omega-3 so I take a fish oil pill so it's vitamins mirror minerals and food you cannot consume normally so you take supplements now supplements actually have to be earned you would be overdoing it if you're going to the gym using a 5 pound dumbbell and all of a sudden you're going home you're taking all these big supplements you'd be overdoing it you have to earn your way into supplements so once you get once you progress you start taking certain items to help you progress more more efficiently so we're gonna start off we're gonna leave the best for last we got the pre-workout protein we'll leave those for less we'll start with fish oil fish oil this one's a thousand milligrams and it is 599 60 tablets so fish oil helps keep your heart nice pumping thoroughly helps your veins pump properly it also helps your joints out a little bit so this is a nice item because bodybuilders just love everything in excessive quantities we love putting on weight in excessive quantities we don't like moderation for anything this is very highly recommended I recommend starting to take this once you hit 185 or plus and you are an adult or preteen that's really into bodybuilding vitamin C keeps you nice and healthy no sickness this one in particular is 500 milligrams $7.99 a hundred tablets one thing that this may cause stomach problems this is very SAV item so it can have an upset stomach if you do have an upset stomach I don't take one of these every day I don't recommend that for anybody take the three times a week or if it's really bad take it two times a week all these items can be found on GNC also the prices I'm giving you're going to be a little inflated because GNC likes to make it sound really good by giving you free shipping but putting the price up so you can pay for that shipping okay now we're gonna start we're gonna go into our creatine creatine helps you hold water weight so if a normal human is holding two gallons of water on their body you may hold 2.5 gallons of water on your body by the way those numbers are incorrect I do not know how much water a human can hold this one's 50 servings let's make sure on the price creatine monohydrate $12.99 BCAAs this is a blood chain amino acid really good in the morning if you have just woken up you want to hit the gym early you haven't eaten breakfast yet this will help you keep going it also helps with soreness taking this in sized one one that hits your body almost immediately it's really good I usually do not feel sore the day after my workout if I hit legs really hard and I'm taking this while I'm working out the next day my legs will not hurt the fun stuff pre-workout so I took two different brands ghost is one I take when I feel like less energetic I don't have any energy this one gets the jitters going you get a little bit of a scratching or itchy feeling throughout your neck then your arms a cg3 I'll take when I have my own set energy I'm already energetic this will just help with focus every time I hit the gym I use a pre-workout it doesn't matter if I have energy or not this is an amazing item to take has the beta alanine to help with the muscle recovery everyone should be taking this if you're going to the gym and you've just started off and you want to start with supplements immediately the best way to go is a pre ripped out from around the first month of going and training I was already taking a pretty girl now we got 100% whey protein this is what I take during my own season where I'm trying to cut look good for the beaches etc this exact one is $24.99 this contains 30 servings it's really good at night time I would not recommend taking this other one at night time as they'll have your stomach bloated because it does contain some creatine and it is really high in calories okay so this I always take at night 13:40 really great mass gainer helps me gain weight I'm a person that struggles with my weight and when I was on this item I saw results I did gain weight two things I don't like about this item it cannot be taken that night again it will make you feel bloated because it is an excess amount of protein and the second thing is it does cause a little bit of pimples so I usually would have a clear face and I after I started taking this item I'd get the occasional one once I started taking it okay so what may work for me may not work for you everybody's body's different reacts differently to certain things actually some people when I give them pre-workout and protein pre pre workout they do not react the same as I do these work really well with me but when I give them to my friend some on they don't work he says he doesn't feel the difference etc so you got to understand your body everybody's body is different you got to learn from it you got to learn what makes you look the best you just got overall learn your body so if you have any questions leave them in the comments I'm gonna leave a list of all these supplements in the bio with how much they cost the servings and when I take them like come and subscribe if you like to see more of me leave a comment with what you would like this what video would like to see next


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