What Are Pinxtos? Basque-Style Tapas Recipe for the Mediterranean Diet

I’m Jess Roy, chef and owner of Shiso Kitchen, and today I’m going to tell you what the
heck a pinxto is Pinxtos are the small tapas that are common in the Basque
region, which is the famous foodie area between France and Spain Pinxtos can be any little bite, but really, a common theme is you want to pile delicious ingredients
atop some crusty bread. The motto in the Basque region is “mar y montana,” which basically means “where the sea and the
land meet,” So that’s theme of the food You can see that we’ve got olives
stacked on a red pepper, stacked on a slice of hard-boiled egg, stacked on
this delicious Mediterranean tuna You can also join us for a Basque Country
dinner class here at Shiso Kitchen, anytime.

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