What About Chemotherapy And Cancer Treatment?

I'm not positive I believe that I have my statistics right in this and I believe that I read that the medical industry is the largest industry in the United States like 22 percent of the whole country's business was medical and then I believe that I read that among medical the number-one part of it was oncology so my question is most of us would never question that we think of oncology is the purest of the pure loving smart people who are you know only giving us treatment if needed is there any thing that we should know about chemotherapy or cancer treatment that um we might not be aware of chemotherapy no one should need it there's in my lifetime when I was a young doc in the 70s you got diagnosed with leukemia it was death sentence and much to my amazement enjoy I have seen many forms especially childhood leukemia become imminently curable from these from the from the chemotherapy and it's getting better and better as they're getting away from the battle poisons on to these new biological agency and there's a lot of promise in this but again the majority of these cancers are from what we're eating and how we're living our lives and the oncologists who aren't getting that information out are not serving the greater good to say the least we have had two patients now and my practice with significant lymphomas lady came in with lymph nodes the size of hens eggs the other lady had am a sinner and essentially either the size of a cantaloupe biopsy proven lymphomas they went on one one on water fast for 28 days and a squeaky-clean plant-based diet those nodes just melted away and her last MRI was clear the same thing with the older woman with the with the master abdomen I was human on a prolonged juice fest for about two months and the lymphoma melted away and Ruth Heydrich a friend of mine had metastatic breast cancer and a whole food plant-based I reversed that doctor Ornish's showed repeatedly that prostate cancers are driven by fats and hormones and in the diet and and a whole food plant-based diet can can stop many forms of breast of prostate cancer in their tracks there is a huge nutritional component to these diseases of course the not surprising because they are you know they're largely driven by that any oncologist that is not having whole food plant-based nutrition as the foundation of their program too is not serving their patients well to to give them chemotherapy so you can eat all the cheeseburgers and pepperoni pizzas you want I think is his way below standard of care these days I refer all my oncology patients of dr. Keith block and your Chicago he's a plant based on college' stand and he's got even he knows the power of plant-based nutrition and they do a superb job there at optimizing these were standard chemotherapy agents as well but their patients do much better because attention is given to what their patients are eating and I see a lot of patients who are on chemo radiation therapy and and many of these drugs have adverse effects on the heart and often times they have to come and get cardiac screening get coronary disease in the setting of radiation therapy a congestive heart failure with some of these chemotherapy two gauges so they're not without their side effects having that as dr. Klapper mentioned we have seen advances with some of these newer agents some chemo therapeutic agents have shown a benefit the problem is that as it is in the case with other forms of acute care medicine is that the doctors will give a pharmacological treatment or surgical treatment and the patient will get into some levels recovery many often times patients are in remission but the problem is that they don't get the advice to take the number one chemotherapy agent which is a whole food plant-based diet and the science is there showing that the blood of plant-based vegan individuals kill cancer much faster and so you you don't only part of the way you get your bypass surgery and you're not giving a whole food plant-based diet or you get your stent you're not giving the whole food plant-based diet you get your chemotherapy you put in remission you're not giving a whole food plant-based diet and so we don't give them the complete therapy and that's really the biggest problem that I see I think the disease where informed decision making is the most important is oncology cancer and the reason is this if you're a type 2 diabetic and you take metformin for three years and then you find out about whole food plant-based nutrition and you change your ways you get off the metformin it would be better if you hadn't taken the metformin but the decision is recoverable okay if you have cancer and you choose the wrong treatment and you realize at some point in time that what you're doing isn't effective you may not be able to do anything about it because when you choose the wrong treatment particularly if it is chemotherapy or some type of aggressive radiation not only does the cancer mutate and grow back and we know that happens but your body is in a weaker position to deal with it and so people intent but what people tend to do is in a state of emotion and fear and pressure to start treatment immediately which most of the time it doesn't have to be done immediately it won't change if you wait three weeks and figure out what's going on and then start treatment if that's what you decide to do but in a state stage of just pure terror which I can understand they start treatment and then six or seven months down the road this isn't working out so well so now I better start looking it's a Hail Mary pass like I'm looking for some kind of miracle and they end up in my office or somebody like me trying to figure out what to do and sometimes we can fix it and sometimes we can't by guiding them to some other form of treatment so what I've written papers about this what advice to a cancer patient the first thing is take a deep breath and make up your mind that you're not going to do anything until you know the risks and the benefits and all of the options available to you and one of the first things we have most patients do is to get a report from cancer decisions calm that tells them how they develop this cancer and all of the options for treatment that are being recommended by most traditional oncologists and in real terms not relative but absolute terms what the risk reduction is for recurrence for example if you have if you have early stage cancer radiation reduces your risk of recurrence by two percent two percent now some people might think two percent is a lot my experience most people looking at that say I don't really I don't really think it's worth it sometimes the chemotherapy is very aggressive reduces the risk of a recurrence by seven percent you find out that 39 percent of the women dropped out of the trial because the treatment was too severe well some people look at that and say I'll take the seven and a half percent other people say yeah not so much so it's very important to do all of this decision-making and then again to make it an evidence-based discussion because what happens as soon as the cancer patient says I might consider something else is the parents everybody who cares starts saying your oncologist is the head of the Medical Center at the XYZ University you better do what she says or what he says and all the pressure and the family and friends descending on the person so we even help role play in the office what kind of conversation we're gonna have with these people we're gonna time limit the search for options because if people think it's going to go on forever list I'm gonna take four weeks or six weeks I'm going to look at all these things I promise I will sit down with you and show you what I've found before making a decision and get input and if the evidence is presented to family members you'd be surprised how fast they cool off because they drank the medical kool-aid thinking all this stuff works too so in the in some instances chemotherapy is a good idea and if it is then clear head you know you go right forward and do it when it's not better to know before rather than after so and for terminal cancer patients I mentioned this earlier today the first thing we have them do is read Kelly Turner's book because everything they're hearing is that they're going to die they need to hear about a thousand people who lived and how they did it and that's the book that will tell them about it


  1. What is the name of the book and the author the lady doctor mentioned please?

  2. Have the same pressure form doctors wanting to treat MS.
    Kinda annoyed they don't treat MS with John McDougall MD's Starch diet…
    Hmm don't like the word diet, it implies short-term diets that don't work and cost $$$.
    Change of lifestyle is better, it implies permanent change 😍😍😘😘

  3. 1:03 sonic weapon deactivates here

  4. This doctor is talking horseshit. Whole food plant based diet has no nutrition. You need fats lik3 Omega3 and A and D to have a healthy immunity to fight off cancer cells.

    Whats the culprit of csncer is refined grains and sugar, corn syrup and all that.

  5. Do oncologists have hearts of gold … Im sure they do after killing tons of lab animals in their useless regurgitated already done studies and useless money making research.

    Do nuclear bomb physicists have hearts of gold … Im sure they do after irradiating the oceans and ecosystem and Nagasaki and Hiroshima just so they can get more grant money and have their names in the history books.

    What is the measure of goodness? How much money they make for their organization? How many customers they create? How many initials they have after their name to put on the CV? Or is it how little harm they do to the world and the ppl and animals around them?

  6. Is chemo good? effective?

    Is nuclear bomb good? effective?

    Yes to destroy everything … if that's your goal.

  7. Healthy ppl dont get lots of medical treatments and drugs.

    Healthy ppl AVOID the medical system and rely on strengthening their body and immune system (clean foods, clean natural living, regulating/maintaining your circadian rythyms, detoxing daily and completely).

    Sounds simple? No, not in the modern world. Most ppl dont do any of that. They eat toxic GMO junk foods and chug lattes and energy drinks, they have horrible long work schedules into the ngith and weekends, when they get home, they stay up all night on their computer phone gadgets, they poop every 2-3 days and incompletely that's why they skin smells because they reabsorb the poop toxins which comes out of their sweat glands and hence they use heavy body scents to cover it up which further toxifies their fat glands causing tumors in their lymphatic system like breast tumors).

    Get the idea? Work on your body. Step by step, eliminate the toxic elements and you will avoid these cancers, disrupted hormone conditions and save lots of $$$ not having to buy expensive useless "treatments" that make you worse.

  8. Chemo = deadly deadly poison. The medical industry monopoly wants you to believe they have all the answers … they don't … not even close. They can't even cure the common cold.

    They have ZERO understanding of cancer to this day. Cancer does not come from 1 cell and spread. EVERYONE has cancer cells constantly but our immune system suppresses and kills them before they grow into lumps/tumors.

    When u suppress your immune system (i.e., taking pharma immune suppressing drugs, eat toxic foods, eat too much stimulants and dont sleep over decades, don't poop daily or completely and reabsorb junk food toxins) you get a weak immune system and unchecked cancer cell growth. Chemo and surgury cuts these cells out BUT … your body is still in a state of suppressed immune system (amplified by chemo poison) and so your whole body starts growing cancer cells unchecked. The chemo industry then tells you it was too late the cancer cells spread … BULL … chemo caused the 2ndary whole body cancer growth.

    Never trust ignorant ineffectual militant money focused fools in white coats.

    Yes, u can cure cancer turmors … you strengthen your immune system by every means necessary (that means stopping al pharma drugs NOW).

  9. Why do these doctors need a disclaimer? If they are doctors then shouldn't they be sure of all these claims?
    Their credibility is compromised, and that is why these alternative treatment DR's are considered quacks and conspiracy Theorists.
    If this is really real then they should be willing to stand behind it and be accountable for these treatments. But they aren't. The paradox is sickening. Borderline hypocrites.

  10. These guys are doing a great job. Big up to them.

  11. Thank you for sharing this great true information ,we really need to be more educational item like this 😍😍😍

  12. Thanks for sharing the truth that whole foods and juicing is so important I strongly believe in detoxing, I don't believe in chemo.

  13. What is the name of the book that Dr Popper recommended? Ta

  14. The cancer industry is “ too big to fail “ and is being propped up at all costs by our friendly pharma and govt. friends at FDA; the AMA. What a joke regarding the bogus pink ribbons for the cancer charities that steal our donations each year.

  15. Cancerdecisions.com should be free. It’s so expensive, there must be a better way for them to receive funding 🙁

  16. That happened to my mum, they rushed her to surgery in 3 days and she had no time to process or research or even get a 2nd opinion!

  17. Never heard of cancerdecisions.com. Thank you

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