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hey guys what's up welcome to my brand new youtube channel today I'm gonna be sharing with you what I eat in a day before we jump into the video I just wanted this little intro just to kind of say hi my name is ebony and it's live with every you call me herbs evany whatever so I'm currently studying to become a naturopathic nutritionist so I'm so into health nutrition healing the body naturally and everything in that realm and I really wanted to start this channel just to kind of share my like more inside my life and the tips and stuff that I pick up and incorporate into my life where you hope you enjoyed this video and let's get straight into it back to the kitchen we go cuz I need a straw good morning guys I'll keep my voice down it's 7 o'clock in the morning welcome to life with that I'm really excited about this channel so today's video I'm going to do a what I eat in a day and every morning I take my tumeric ginger shot which is a really anti-inflammatory and it really is amazing for the body so let me go get that and we'll pull that taper I made one big batch at last my fridge for about a week if you want the recipe for this I would leave it listed because I do have it write it now don't forget to add using why I wanna add pepper because it actually makes the tumeric which is curcumin inside the shot actually more bioavailable so it goes into your bloodstream much better so you need the pepper to activate it yeah I'm gonna go back up to bed and do some reading because that is like something I'm trying to keep in mind morning routine is try and do some reading but the first thing in the day because it really sets up my mind and just boost like my positivity like creativity for the day so it's now about 25 say I read the chapter of my book and it is my favorite time of the day it's breakfast time breakfast is my favorite meal of the day let me recommence below your favorite meal of the day is because I could let you to eat breakfast for breakfast lunch and you know I love it that much so this morning I've got overnight oats so this is what it looks like it's doesn't actually look that pretty and it's got a massive dollop of walnut butter in the middle I'll quickly let you know how I made it so did film it last night because you have to make this the night before so something that I do every day is I do something called C cycling and it's where you rotate certain C's which help at the regulatory regulatory upward regulation of your rep Mitchell cycle so the minute I'm using pumpkin seeds and flax e so I ground those up pop them into my car I then popped in about half a cup in all of oats I then put the sprinkle of chia seed I put in a teaspoon of maca powder for hormone balancing effects I put in cinnamon which is really really good for insulin resistant really good for blood sugar levels I popped in a bit of cinnamon some hemp milk and then I topped it off with a bit of water as well mixed it all up and then she popped it in the fridge and then this morning as you said I put birth war nut butter on top and the reason why I love doing overnight oats because when you soak your O's you actually help to predigest the out so it's much easier for your body to digest and break down and yeah it just means that your digestion is much happier at that way so yeah that's why I like to do it especially in the mornings being like the first meal and back to head off to the gym I haven't eaten anything since I last spoke to you so if my camera's wobbling like balancing on my dashboard well I've had it's a spearmint tea her legs absolutely killing me so it's a real like oh I don't want to go but I am gonna go I'm gonna do my upper body of my ABS today I actually have had quite a lot of time off the gym because I hurt my back like towards the end of the last year playing netball so I had a little bit of time off so it feels really good to like get back into the swing of things it head to the shop as well to grab some bits to make lunch have no clue what I'm making yet so I need to decide on that uploads a video this morning actually if you don't know I have another channel on YouTube which is all about acne and it's a whole channel which I dedicate to helping you guys like with clearing your skin because I've really been through trouble skin myself so yeah early that down below it's just evan ease acne tips the channels called upload my evening skin care routine this morning so yeah I'll leave it listed hey guys I'm back from the gym I'm showered feeling fresh and I've actually just eaten my lunch but I filmed it all they cut up a load of vegetables I went for broccoli fennel green beans and like these stringless beans chopped them into my pan I then popped in a half a teaspoon of turmeric powder love to get those answers untreated benefits in there and then just put a little bit of water in the pan and just put the vegetables and then basically when the vegetables were pretty much nearly cooked I put in this pasture which is the new goes thrive gluten free chickpea pasta it is so so good it's fresh pasta so thick you take about three minutes to make and all it is is that chickpea flour and water the ingredients are so so simple which is great and then while that was cooking I made a little dressing for myself so I put in half a lemon very small teaspoon of tahini I added tiny bit of water as well just to kind of make it into a little like a dressing consistency and then I sprinkled a little bit pepper in there and just for my bar which is filled with lots of lovely fresh salad and then I popped on my chickpea pasta on my veggies onto the salad and then poured my dressing on top mixed it up and boom that was my lunch it was really really filling actually I didn't make quite a big portion but yeah really loved it loads of protein in there really good other after gym meal as well so yeah that was my lunch really tasty it's actually one of my go-to that is the meal that I will take a lot of time to school and like pack the night before and take with me now what I'm going to go do is about ten to three and I need to go get on with stuff if it's a Sunday but I've got lot to do I need to make you work on a present take it I've got an interview for a new job on the 10th of January so on the 10th of January guys pause e bugs for me please guys I have to be honest with you I just turned the camera off and I might have just had half a chocolate as well you know after Christmas like you would have but leftovers and it's like you just don't want to talk them away because you know it's a waste at the same time it's like you just knowing they're in the fridge you just can't resist I've got these boosha boosha honeycomb caramel chocolate truffles in my fridge ah they're dairy-free I'm really like so free like gluten free all that kind of stuff oh my god they are incredible if when you're a kid you used to have crunchies reason if you still have crunchies now I don't know and they taste like that and they are absolutely amazing but I only had half I'm being good I'm only having hot it's teatime guys so I'm having a spearmint tea already got bit in there from my tea before so I'm just gonna fit it up there's some more hot water cuz I literally only use that teabag like once there's no nasty that we use their teabags I do because there's still a lot left in that what one of these thermal flasks I got this in London from the source bulk foods and I love this thing because I fill it up with boiling water and it keeps hot for do it a couple of hours you'd have to keep boiling in the kettle and I'll get through like quite a lot of these a day so it just makes me drink loads and O's water okay guys I fast it's just like a little snack so I'm gonna have a bit of this yogurt by the way so if you can hear my mum she's with her friend in the background and they're watching a video just banana the coconut collaborative they're just a small amount I'm gonna have dinner quite soon so just a small amount is now dinner time Marley you're gonna come join me for this it was shot coming so for dinner I just had a salmon and butternut squash salad so I first started off by chopping up my veggies similar veggies than before but yeah so I had calls yet not broccoli and then I just say to Peter buy that in a bit of ginger and some Thai mix herbs and things like that while I was doing that I had the salmon in the oven as well with the butternut squash which I coaches in a bit of coconut oil I left the salmon as is because you don't need to put oil on the salmon or you have the natural oils in it also a really good source of omega-3 so yeah really good for the skin once everything was cooked I basically assembled it all together put all the veggies onto the like a bed of salad leaves and then I made this avocado dressing which is basically avocado lemon juice and a bit of water and pepper you just whiz it all up and you make a dressing it's really really good I got the salmon out pop that on top of the side of this world and then put the button that squash pieces around the outside and yeah that was my dinner it is so delicious and it was a really nice organic piece of salmon I don't have salmon and like just generally like I don't product like that often but when I do have it I like to get good quality pieces because I really like the health benefits okay so I'm just about to make a hot chocolate for the evening and the last thing for the day is my little evening treat okay so I've got my hot almond milk and then I'm just gonna take two teaspoons of cacao powder so I'm just gonna pop they're like heat teaspoons as well so quite decent sizes I like mine to be extra chocolaty so I'm gonna pop two heaped teaspoons in there and then gonna put in 1 tsp of make a powder and then I like to put a little dash of cinnamon because I find it just gives a really nice taste they just stir that all together and then this is the key thing I got this from Tiger and it was really reach eat me get these probably anywhere they're so handy is just a hand whisk and then I just whisk that all together and this you can create that nice flop on top you get right down in and just make sure all the power doesn't really whisk in together and there we have it that is my healthy hot chocolate recipe okay silly me I didn't record an actor on the day they actually feel my weight in a day but I really hope you enjoyed this video guys if you did please do smash that thumbs up because it helps me out so so much especially being a new channel if you did like this videos on like want to see more videos from me and make sure you smash that subscribe button and let's start doing like joining let's start building this little like community on my channel also as I mentioned in the video if you are interested in like clearing skin and like getting rid of acne and balancing hormones that can I stop I'll leave my other channel listed down below if you want to go a little like snoop around that as well but anyway thank you so much for watching guys and I will see you in my next video ma bye


  1. As someone that dreads cooking and generally feels pretty helpless in the kitchen (I find myself eating the same things every day and it gets really boring!), I really appreciate you sharing your recipes! I was just wondering what brand of oats you use? Also, when purchasing oats, do they have to be labeled "gluten-free" because I've read differing information on how oats are processed.

  2. Hi Eb, just curious if there’s a reason you grind your seeds before adding them to your breakfast? Looking into starting seed cycling but I like more of the whole seed texture vs ground. Loving both channels, thank you!

  3. What's the benefit of the walnut butter? Also where do you get it in the UK? X

  4. Love this! More power 😊💕

  5. Thanks for your advices, they are very helpful🙏😊

  6. Love watching these videos because I'm trying to clear my acne myself, and looking at your diet is making me realise I need to change a few things! X

  7. Would be super helpful if you included recipes in the description!

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