Whale Surprise Jumps into a Gym in Mixed Reality (Exciting) by Magic Leap


  1. Fake

  2. Yeah Facebook had showed something similar. However this was the best one Ive seen

  3. Twin towers airplane s!

  4. Just wondering what the kids are reacting to..
    They aren't wearing headsets, there's no hologram projector or anything.

  5. Roses are red
    I have message for you
    Violets are purple
    Not fucking blue

  6. My only question is, are the kids really seeing a giant whale in their gym without augmented glasses? If the answer is no, then it's misleading and fake. If the answer is yes, can someone explain how?

  7. It’s not even augmented reality. There’s no such tech out. It’s just cgi. Even some of the children are fake….

  8. woah

  9. It hAd to crash the floor there’s no schools near water and the water came on top of floor thats fake

  10. It’s fake

  11. Hmm interesting???

  12. a fuck real people

  13. That’s how kids of the future will be taught, they’ll get to actually experience it not just learn it from a book, pretty cool

  14. Ewow

  15. 😮

  16. so fake their lying about the augmented part…really

  17. Woooooooooh so realistic😑😑😑😑😑

  18. if this technology were to get in the wrong hands, that whale could've been a penis. this could be a serious issue

  19. It's fake because nobody else is wearing the goggles, yet they're reacting to it. Plus, those imovie effects are 🔥🔥🔥 lol

  20. I do agree but it is soooooo fake

  21. 0

  22. Real

  23. whats the point?

  24. Wow its the best thing i ever seen so fake lol

  25. It's fake in the sense that the real Magic Leap hardware isn't capable of actually presenting something this good. Here's an example of the real Magic Leap- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyCoTzRzHxo

  26. Fake

  27. This is how we can end captivity!!

  28. Photo shop

  29. ok so, the reason there are many people sayint that this is fake is because they are saying that the statement of this being augmented reality is fake not the cgi whale

  30. My school needs to do this

  31. The reason people are saying it's fake isn't because they don't think AR is real. They are saying it's fake because no one in that gym is wearing the Magic Leap googles, which y'know…are kinda necessary to experience their augmented reality.

  32. Fake

  33. I'm mad I cant even call this clickbait

  34. aaw why is it just short..wanna see more..love it

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