Wellbeing – Health Risks At Work – Film 5 of 6

We all lead busy lives, sometimes our pace
of life becomes overwhelming, this can be as a result of pressures in the workplace
or at home. If the conditions are prolonged then ultimately your work and your health
can be affected So where do the risks come from? Your well being can be at risk from: 1. Too much pressures on your time at work
2. Unacceptable increases in workload and lack of time
3. Little or no control over the work or the work environment
4. Exposure to verbal and physical abuse (i.e. bullying or harassment)
5. An imbalance between work requirements and capabilities
6. Working alone or away from home for extended periods
and finally,7. Worries about money, workload, job security or your home life What are the causes of these risks? There are a number of causes to consider including: 8. Short or long term increases in workload
or changes in work structures and responsibilities 9. Changes in your home life making it difficult
to balance home and work commitments 10. Lack of communication between key people
in your life 11. Personal and family illness and caring
for people close to you 12. Poor management of your workplace activities So how does all this affect your health? If the risks are not addressed you can suffer
serious problems, for example: 13. Physical and psychological ill health
14. Symptoms of anxiety and stress such as sleep disruption, moodiness, withdrawal and
irritability and an 15. Inability to cope and make decisions
16. You can also suffer from reduced confidence and self-esteem
17. A lack of productivity 18. Missed deadlines and poor work performance
and finally 19. Increased sickness absence So how do you control the risks? In order to maintain the health and well being
of your workforce you must try and 20. Work in partnership with employees, encourage
communication, consultation and worker involvement 21. Review work demands or control over the
work environment 22. Set realistic targets and time scales
for work 23. Develop family friendly policies and practices
as well as policies for harassment and bullying 24. Develop a plan to identify and deal with
potential sources of stress in the workplace 25. Manage the workload through managerial
support and feedback 26. Train staff and managers to be aware of
the early signs of stress at work and to take the appropriate action For more information
check out the get help chapter at the
end of this DVD and in the guidance pack.

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