Weight Loss Yoga | Total Body Workout | Yoga With Adriene

Adriene: Hi, everyone. Welcome to Yoga With
Adriene, I am Adriene. And you asked for it, today we have a longer sequence.
This is our third sequence in our Yoga for Weight Loss series and it
is a total body wake-up call. So, it’s summertime here in Austin, Texas and
a lot of folks are looking to check-in with the body, to connect or reconnect
with the body, get in shape for the summertime. So whether you’re looking to lose weight or
just find what feels good in the summer time, this sequence is setup for
you. We’re going to touch on all the major muscle groups, we’re going to
integrate and focus on quality of movement, and get in shape for the summertime,
find what feels good. Hop on the mat and let’s begin. Okay. So we’re going to begin flat on the
back, taking a second to lay out. Take a deep breath in then exhale, let it
go. So even though we’re going to work a little bit hard today on the mat, we’re
going to just set an intention here to always move with grace,
with ease, to find what feels good, and to be with the breath. So just take a couple seconds here on your
own to just check-in with the breath, check-in with the body. You can even
pause the video here and really take a couple seconds to just let the
day go, let the to-do list go, and commit this time to yourself and your
practice. Then begin to wiggle the toes, wiggle the
fingertips. Maybe open the mouth, the jaw, nice and wide. Lick your lips, lick
your chops. Begin to point and flex the feet, notice that ripple effect.
Opening and closing the palms. Choosing to have a full body experience here
as we work out on the mats, so I like to think of yoga as an opportunity
to spin plates mindfully. We’re often asked to spin so many plates in a daily
life, so here we get to do it mindfully, practice doing it mindfully. Inhale, reach the fingertips, up and overhead.
Nothing fancy here, just a full body stretch. Notice I’ve walked my heels
in to be inline with my hip points here. As I stretch it out, take a deep
breath in, and on an exhale float it down. Hug your knees up to your chest,
wrap the arms around the shins, tuck the chin into the chest, laying
them through the back of the neck. Take a couple seconds here, why not,
to rock a little side to side. Then cross your right ankle over your left,
grab onto the outer edges of the feet, always mindful of the knees here.
As we inhale in and exhale, rock it up, you can rock it a couple times.
If that feels good, I’m going to come to a nice, easy cross-legged position
here. Now this might not be easy for you, so go ahead and take a couple
seconds to find ease. So rather than it being easy, we come into a place of
ease. As we inhale, rolling up through the top of
the head, the crown of the head here, maybe looping the shoulders a couple
times. And then we inhale, draw the palms together at the heart. Inhale, lift
the sternum to the thumbs. Find that dual action, tops of the thighs
draw down as I lift up through my heart. Same thing on extending through the
crown of the head, but grounding down through the shoulder blades, tagging
a little weight in the elbows. Take a deep breath in, as you exhale. Interlace
the fingertips, press the palms forward, up, and back. Climbing up through
the side body here, inhale in. And exhale, break free. Fingertips float
down and away. A couple more like this. Now, a couple notes here, the lower body is
going to want to kind of come up here, keep grounding through the lower
body. So remember your foundation is everything here, building from the ground
up. So even the outer edges of my feet here have a brightness. Tops of the
thighs draw down and we come to prayer, Namaste. Inhale in, sternum lifts to thumbs. Taking
it nice and slow here in the beginning, we interlace on the exhale. And
inhale in again, reach it up, forward, up, and back. Lots of space between
the ears and the shoulders here, so crawl the shoulders away from the
ears. We can begin to draw the hands away or, if the shoulders are really
tight, you can keep a nice diagonal line here, no problem. So we’re really establishing that we’re here
to notice the sensations, not to master the art of yoga. That’s actually
a trick question there because the art of yoga is really being in touch with
those sensations. Take a deep breath in, this time we can draw a line with
the nose, look up. Careful not to crunch the back of the neck on an exhale,
float the fingertips down. Opening the chest, opening the shoulders. Inhale, grounding through the tops of the
thighs. This town, this time, this town, “This town’s going to do some yoga.”
This time jumping right in, inhale, reaching forward, up, and back. Exhale,
float it down. Great, nice and easy here, fingertips come to the sides.
We draw a couple circles with the nose here, round and round. Notice how
I’m letting my mouth stay open here, so I’m not clenching my teeth or my
jaw. Nice and soft. Reverse your circle if you haven’t already,
work out the kinks, just noticing the sensations here. And then I draw
the palms back together at the heart. Deep breath in, exhale, let it
out through the mouth. Great. Interlace, inhale, forward, up, and back.
Exhale, floating the fingertips down. And now spreading the palms, we dive
forward onto all fours. Okay, so diving into all fours here. Right
away, I’m going to spread my palms nice and wide. Walk my wrists underneath
my shoulders here, finding a comfortable base, and then walking my knees
underneath my hip points. Pressing into the tops of the feet as well
here, I’m going to take my gaze straight down between my index fingers. Take
a deep breath in, and exhale, press up and out of the palms. That hand to
Earth connection here, hasta bandha. Draw the tops of the shoulders away
from the ears, elbow creases shine towards the front of the mat. Now I’m even going to press into the tops
of my feet here, and broad and through the back of the neck. So gaze is straight
down, I’m extending through the crown of the head here. Now I’m
not sinking into my bones here, but I’m pressing up and out of my foundation
again, building everything from the ground up. Now I’m going to check-in with my center,
I’m going to light this fire in my belly. And I’m going to think about my
core as this channel from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone,
so I’m not going to let my lower belly draw down. I’m going to draw my
navel up, nice and long in the lower back. And I’m not going to collapse
into my shoulders here, but I’m going to press up and out of my foundation. Now you might begin to feel a little bit of
fussiness in the wrist if you haven’t worked like this in awhile or ever.
So, I really, really encourage you to check-in with the sensations from the
crown the head to the tip of the tailbone, to press up and out of the palms,
this is going to help us in our standing postures. And when things start
to get a little heated, we’ll have integrity in the practice. So, to check-in with that sensation furthermore,
I’m going to inhale in, exhale, press my palms, press into the tops
of the feet, and let the knees hover here. Now it’s not a big hover, it’s
just a small hover. Tops of the shoulders drawing away from the ears, gaze
straight down, navel draws up towards the spine. Now breath here, welcome that heat, that energy,
that prana flowing through the body, that shaky shake. Hold on to your
integrity and remember the neck is an extension of the spine, so keep the
gaze down, crown reaching forward. One more breath in here, hang in
there. And then exhale gently, with ease slowly lower down, kiss the two
big toes together, bring the knees as wide as the mat, and we send it on
back, extended child’s pose. Here we can open the palms, if that feels
good, we can wiggle the fingertips, if that feels great. And let the
forehead rest on the mat for three breaths. Breathing into the lower back.
Maybe breathing into the belly here, letting the heart melt down on
the exhale. Now on your next inhale, rather than just shooting a look up,
consider drawing a line with your nose up towards the front of the mat. So we’re beginning to move in this kind of
integrated way. So rather than just looking up crunching the back of the
neck, I’m really milking it, finding what feels good, sending some energy
back to my sit bones as I draw a line with the nose and look forward. Spread
the palms, inhale, reach forward, and we come back to all fours here.
Walking the knees underneath the hips and wrists underneath the shoulders. Inhale in, exhale, again we press up and out
of our foundation, find that hover here. Breath, nice, long, smooth, deep
breaths. Tops of the shoulders drawing away from the ears, gaze is straight
down. Press into all your knuckles here, press into all ten fingerprints,
see if you can grow a little bit taller. And on an exhale with control,
with ease, I slowly lower it down. This time elbows come where the palms were
as I prep for downward facing dog. With a little puppy posture, walking
the knees back. Fingertips are going to stay inline with the elbows here,
so they’re going to want to come in towards the center or out. See if you can
keep them nice and in line with the elbows, just notice as I walk the
knees back and melt my heart down. If the shoulders are tight, we may only come
this far. Breathing, and in time melting it back, letting the pelvis tilt
up towards the sky, and then softening that lower rib cage in. A couple
of nice, long, smooth, deep breaths here. Awareness in all ten fingerprints,
nice and strong. Then inhale, integrated movement, I draw a line
with the nose, slowly look forward, and shift my weight so that my heart
comes just in front of my elbows here. Now, you might know where I’m headed here.
I’m going to curl my toes under, keeping the elbows underneath the shoulders
and the wrists in line with the elbows. I’m going to inhale in, curl the toes
under, and exhale, extend through the heels. Now the crown of the head
is going to want to collapse down, keep that neck nice and long. Tops of
the shoulders are actively drawing away from the ears, I’m drawing my
navel in towards my spine, and my sit bones down towards my heels. Now press up and out of your foundation, take
one more deep breath in here. And then exhale with control, slowly rocking
onto the knees, and coming back to all fours. Last time here as we hover
and tabletop. Spreading the palms wide, inhale in, exhale, we lift up
nice and easy. So rather than pressing up, think about levitating, enjoy
it. Right? Pressing up out of your foundation and then letting it hover.
Enjoy your focus, straight down here. Nice, soft drishti as we look straight
down. Long, beautiful neck, navel draws up, really lengthening from crown
of the head to tip of the tailbone. This is hard work, so breath, hang
in there, lots of integrity. And on an exhale, slowly lower down. Great. Curl the toes under, reach the fingertips
forward. You can always send it back to extended child’s pose instead
of downward dog, no problem. Or you can come to this puppy posture which
is pretty much the same benefits as downward dog, just a little more
cooling and less of an inversion. So I’m going to go up in a downward facing
dog by curling my toes and spreading my palms wide. And then today I’m
going to really tilt my pelvis up here and let that be what drives me up.
So tailbone lifts up towards the sky, hip points lift high. Notice I’m keeping
my knees bent here at first as I just check-in with the body. So you can stop looking at the video for a
second here and just peddle the feet and find your dog today, just notice
the sensations here. You can close your eyes. And above all, my friends,
take a nice, sweet, deep breath in, and exhale, let it out. So I’m not trying
to create the perfect downward dog shape, even here I’m not trying
to create the perfect downward dog shape for you. I am checking-in with my
dog. Later on I can work on action points of the
pose, but I’m pressing up and out of my foundation, and just bringing a
little bit of life to the body. Okey-dokey, one more deep breath in here,
hang with me. And exhale, we slowly lower to our knees. Great. Come onto the fingertips, come onto
the tops of the feet, walk your fingertips all the way up, palms come to the
tops of the thighs, tailbone scoops under and lengthens down as I come
up here on my knees. Once again, just as I did before, I’m going to draw my
palms together at the heart. Inhale, lift sternum to thumbs, exhale, interlace
the fingertips. Inhale, pressing into the tops of the feet for stability
here, softening the lower rib cage in, so I’m kind of knitting those
lower ribs in. So lots of integrity, and then tailbone is drawing down. I’m going to interlace the fingertips and
inhale, reach up. Full breath here, stretching through the side body, lifting
up. And then exhale, floating the fingertips down and away. Opening
the shoulders, here we go again. Inhale, pressing forward, up, and back.
Exhale, floating the fingertips away. Inhale, maybe the neck starts
to get a little bit involved, maybe the nose traces the fingertips.
Exhale, and this time we inhale, open the palms wide, spread the fingertips,
spiral the shoulders. So we’re really getting this spiral effect
here as we open the heart. Inhale, reach it up, smile, palms come together,
ji. And we’ll all tuck our pelvis here, lengthening the tailbone down,
and then exhale, pranam bowing. Bowing to that which is greater here, we take
a deep breath, and exhale, let it go. Draw a line with your nose, inhale,
look forward, spread the palms, shift your heart forward, curl your
toes under, and shimmy it on up again, downward facing dog. Okay. So we’re starting to deepen the breath
here, we’re starting to warm up the body, create space from the sit bones
to the heels, and keeping an awareness on the space between my navel and
my spine as I peddle the feet here. And I’m even softening those lower rib
cage, those lower rib cages, the lower rib cage here, knitting them together. I’m going to slowly walk up towards the front
edge of my mat. Taking it nice and slow, rolling through the foot, have
a little fun with it. Why not? Really massaging through the foot, checking-in
with the sensations on the soles of the feet. As I come up to the
front edge of the mat, feet either hip width apart or flush together,
you decide, but nice, conscious footing here. Now inhale, draw your palms to the tops of
the feet, slide them all the way up to the thighs past the shins, past the
knees, all the way up to the tops of the thighs. We inhale, loop the shoulders,
lift the heart, extend through the crown of the head. Sit bone to
heel connection here as I just, you know, check out where my weight is on
my feet. So, this is going to be different for everyone. Just check out where
you are, bring some integrity into the neck as we draw the navel up, and
inhale in. On an exhale, slide the palms past the knees,
past the shins, back to the tops of the feet. Inhale in again, sliding
the palms now to the shins. Same thing here, we loop the shoulders, no locking
in the knees here so nice and soft in the knees as I spread awareness through
all four corners of the feet, and lengthen the crown of the head forward.
Deep breath in here, shoulder away from the ears. On the exhale,
slide it back down. Now bring your fingertips to the outer edges
of the feet, we inhale in, knees can be soft and bent here. As we inhale
in, we loop the shoulders and slowly, without locking the knees, look forward.
So we have three versions here of flat back. One, two, and three. And
you can mix and match them throughout this practice. On the exhale, we soften and bow. And then
everyone, tuck your chin into your chest, bend your knees generously, drop
your sit bones, and slowly roll it up. Take your time, stack the spine.
You know what to do here, curling that tailbone in, noticing the sensations
in the body as you rise up to the mountain pose. It’s here where you
can take a second to put your hair behind your ear. No, to either bring
the feet flush together or spread the toes and keep them nice and hip width
the part. Now, Tadasana, we inhale, lift the heart up,
loop the shoulders, tailbone lengthens down. I draw energy up through the
arches of the feet and here I go, inhale. Spiraling the shoulders, I inhale,
reach it up. Palms kiss together here and then exhale. I’m going to
soften the knees as I bend forward all the way, Uttanasana, forward full. Now inhale, lift up to your flat back position,
your version. And then exhale, soften and bow. Back up the way we
came, open the palms, spiral the shoulders, bend the knees, inhale, reach it
up, palms kiss together, then we exhale back down to the heart. Three more
just like that, picking up a little bit with speed. Inhale, moving mindfully,
reach it up. Exhale, diving forward, no locking of the
knees here. Inhale, lift a flat back position, your version, find your own
expression here. Be with the breath as you exhale, soften and bow. Inhale,
open the palms, spiral the shoulders, reach it up, and exhale back down
to the heart. Tailbone down, tucking the pelvis. So I’m going from here, this is like I Love
You a Bushel and a Peck to really drawing my center underneath me, so
head over heart, heart over pelvis. That’s what I mean by tucking the
pelvis; I get the question a lot here. Okay, one more time, inhale, open the
palms, spiral those shoulders open, armpit chest lifts up as palms come
together and we soften the knees to bow forward. Inhale, lift up to flat back position, mix
and match your version, inhale, extend, and exhale, soften and bow. Inhale,
spiraling the shoulders, reach it up, and exhale back down to the heart.
Take a deep breath in, exhale, interlace the fingertips. Softening the knees,
inhale, pressing the palms forward, up and back, just like before. And
exhale, releasing the fingertips and taking it all the way down.
Notice I’m keeping the knees nice and bent here. Inhale, lifting and listening,
lifting up to a flat back position, and exhale, soften and bow. Now this time, step your right leg back into
a runner’s lunge. Take a couple of breaths here to just find your footing,
walking those left toes and that left heel out so we’re not on a tight
rope. Nice wide base here, I like to work with a nice wide base as I press
into my right big pinkie toe. And to each his own, you might find that you
need to lower this right knee here, take your left thumb, peel that left
hip crease back, and just check it out, my friends. Make sure you’re breathing, don’t worry about
doing it right, just notice the sensations in the body. Your body will
tell you what to do. So, inhale, everyone, loop your shoulders, heart radiates
forward and on an exhale, plant your palms and think about drawing your
left leg all the way up so we’re working the core here. So we’re not
just brushing this leg back really heavy, we’re pressing up and out of
our foundation as we make this transition. So I press up, lift that leg,
and step it back. Down dog, peddle the feet, breath deep, softening that
lower rib cage again. Head and neck is nice and loose, make sure you wiggle
your neck, make sure your not holding. Now from here I’m going to inhale in, exhale,
come on to my tippy tiptoes. And then slowly shifting forward, I’ll lower
my knees and come back to that tabletop position, drawing the navel up, pressing
up out of my palms. Inhale in here, and exhale out through the
mouth. Inhale in again, slowly pressing into my foundation, I’m going to
extend the right toes out towards the back of my mat. Now you’ll notice that the weight is going
to want to shift over into the left side of the body here. But I’m going
to try to keep my shoulders square, my heart lifted, my navel drawing
up towards my spine, and then I’ll slowly take my right toes and turn them
towards the left side of the mat. So I’m dropping that left hip bone down
here as I do that action. And then I can release the right toes back to
the mat so that they don’t have to be so high, I want to keep my hip bones
level here. And remember, we can always adjust our hands, adjust our feet. Empower yourselves to really be the director
here, to notice the sensations and make adjustments. Explore, be expressive
based on those sensations. So when we’re really listening to the body, we’re
really doing it right. Inhale in, exhale, draw everything in towards
the center. Carve a line with your right knee and draw your nose to your
knee, press up. Navel draws up towards the heavens, pressing into the palms.
Two more of these. Inhale nice and slow. Notice my gaze is straight down here, dropping
that hip bone, pressing up and out of the palms. On an exhale, nose to
knee. One more, inhale, extend, tops of the shoulders drawing away from the
ears, and exhale, carving a line with my knee, nose to knee. Great. Inhale, last time, extend out this time. I’m
going to press into my right palm, draw my navel up, and then reach the
left fingertips towards the front of the mat. So right toes back, left
fingertips forward, I’m pressing up and out of my foundation to keep my shoulders
level, my hip points level. Lots of hard work here, inhale in,
and then exhale. Find the ease, with control we release it back down. Great. Take a second if you need to roll your wrists
or take a breath or two in extended child’s pose. And then we come back
to all fours, spreading the palms, pressing up and out of my foundation.
Inhale, extend the left toes out, so switching sides now. Really extending
through the toes here, I reach, reach, reach. Weight is going to want
to come into the right side body, I’m going to keep it nice and even,
or at least I’m going to set intentions to keep it nice and even. Building
that strength in the body, nice and slow. Navel draws up, I turn my left toes now towards
the right side of the mat, or the right side of the room, really dropping
this left hip, excuse me, left toes towards the right side of the room.
Yeah. Dropping this left hip bone, pressing up and out of the palms, extend
through the crown of the head. The back of the neck is nice and long,
there’s no crunch, no drop, beautiful straight line. Now inhale in, exhale, nose to knee. Navel
draws up, lower belly, inhale, extend nice and slow. Don’t let all the weight
collapse into the right body, but keep it nice and center. Right side
body, nose to knee. Inhale, extend, exhale, nose to knee. Inhale, extend,
keep the left toes extending, draw your navel up towards your spine, press
up and out of the left palm, and inhale. Right fingertips reach forward, so I’m reaching
with my right fingertips, I’m extending through my left toes, heart
is lifting, I’m pressing up and out of my foundation, I’m breathing deep.
I might be trembling a little bit here, but I’m smiling, finding the ease. And
on an exhale, I slowly lower down. Again, take a second to roll through the wrist
if you need to. Breath, we can always go to extended child’s pose, otherwise
I’m going to walk my fingertips forward, curl the toes under, and
send it on back, downward facing dog. Peddling the feet here for a couple
breaths, and then arriving in a little bit of stillness here, letting
the breath do the movement. Couple of action points here, spreading awareness
through all of my palm, all the knuckles, all ten fingerprints. Really
pressing up and out of the palms, finding this external rotation in the
shoulders, and then this internal rotation in the tops of the thighs.
Inhale, drop your left heel, slide the sole of the right leg up towards
the heavens. Now same thing we did on all fours here. I’m
not going to let my weight come into the left side body, but I’m going
to try to keep my shoulders square here. Maybe turn the right toes towards
the left side of the mat to feel that right hip point or right hip bone
dropping. Then everyone, inhale, lift your right foot
a little bit higher so you drop your left heel. Take a deep breath in, and
exhale, bending all the way up into our runner’s lunge. Great. Slowly lower
that left knee down, come onto the top of the left foot. I interlace my fingertips, bring them to the
top of the right thigh, and press my heart up, really paying attention
to my footing here. So, maybe coming to that nice wide base if that feels
more stable, but then also integrating from the tail to the crown of
the head, drawing that tailbone down. If you need to pad the knee here, you can.
You can also double up on the mat here, like so, revealing the bottom of
your mat to the world. Okay. So I’m here, I’m not sinking in just yet,
I’m nicely stacked. So I’m, again, softening the lower rib cage, I’m lifting
up through the crown of the head. Inhale, palms come together. My
legs are working super hard here, by the way. I’m squeezing my inner thighs
in towards the center and it’s almost as if I’m trying to press up and out
of that back leg. So, I’m not soft and I’m not sinking in, I’m lifting up,
legs are nice and strong, palms back together at the heart. Take a deep breath in, exhale, interlace.
Inhale, now sinking forward with integrity, mindful as I inhale, reach forward,
up, and back, crescent moon. On the exhale, bend the elbows, release the
fingertips, open the shoulders wide, palms back together at the heart. Inhale with the sternum to the thumbs, exhale,
interlace. Inhale in again as we reach the palms forward, up, and back.
Breathing into that left hip crease, bend the elbows, open the shoulders.
Just moving with your breath here, one more, inhale. Beautiful, belly comes
to the top of the thigh, palms come to the mat, and I curl the back
toes under and step it back, downward facing dog. Peddling the feet for
a couple breaths, then once again finding that stillness. Knees can stay
bent here, as generously as you need. Breathe. Now drop the right heel, inhale, slide the
sole of the left leg up. So I’m, sole of the left foot, so I’m not just hoisting
my left leg up. Okay? I’m integrating, I’m using that integrated movement,
so it’s not what we’re doing, but how we’re doing it, the quality
of movement here as I slide and extend, integrating every muscle fiber. Right
heel continues to drop, turn your left toes towards the right side of the
mat, dropping that left hip bone, pressing up and out of the palms. Breathe
here, everyone. So even if the leg only goes this high or
this high, that’s great. But we’re not wanting to come all the way into
that right shoulder here, but keep the shoulders nice and square. Now on your next inhale, everyone lift your
left leg a little bit higher, wherever it’s at. And then take it on through,
carving a line with the knee up. And we come to the other side, dropping
the right knee down, coming onto the top of that right foot. There’s no rush in transitions, so take your
time here, interlace the fingertips, squeeze those inner thighs together,
find that Mula Bandha, that lift from the pelvic floor, more on that
later, and there’s another video on that. As we inhale, loop the shoulders
and come to find our footing. Squeeze the inner thighs together, palms come
together at the heart. Head over heart, heart over pelvis. Pelvis is going
to want to tuck out here, but I’m going to draw it in, lighting that
fire in my belly. Inhale, and exhale, interlace. Here we go, inhale, gently,
mindfully, with an attention on that back foot, so don’t forget about your
foundation. As I inhale, press it forward, up, and back.
On an exhale, notice the sensations in the right of that hip crease,
that right hip crease as I bend the elbows and float it back. Sorry, it’s
hard to talk and feel the sensations here, I’m normally walking around
the room while I do this. So, sinking into that front knee, make sure it
doesn’t go past that front ankle as I reach forward, up, and back. Opening
the heart, navel draws in as I exhale. And one more, follow your breath,
inhale. Belly comes to the top of the thigh for stability, I plant my palms,
curl my back toes under, and this time I’m going to lift that back knee
and rock the back foot up to meet the front, forward fold. Now, often people ask me, “I know I can’t
do it in one step.” Who cares? Take ten billion steps, enjoy the journey
as we come all the way back up to forward fold, Uttanasana. In time we’ll build
those intercostal muscles and we’ll have the strength, most likely, to step
that leg up, but it takes time. Let it all hang, take a deep breath in, Uttanasana.
As we exhale, grab the elbows, if that feels good, rock a little
side to side. And releasing the hands, inhale, lift up to flat back position,
your version, and exhale, soften and bow. Spiral the shoulders, open
your palms, bend your knees, and reach it up, inhale, full breath, full body
experience, and exhale back down at the heart. Jumping right in for more, inhale, reach it
up. Enjoy this next move as we exhale, soften the knees and bow forward.
Breath, inhale, lift up, flat back position, your version. And exhale, soften
and bow. Inhale, stepping the right leg back, runner’s lunge. This time
you can lower that back knee or keep it lifted as we spiral the shoulders
and inhale, reach it up to high lunge. Exhale, drawing the shoulder blades in together
and down, peeling that left hip crease back, finding your footing. So
drawing energy up from the earth, inhale in here, exhale, float the fingertips
down and around to come together, palms back at the heart. Okay, inhale, squeezing the inner thighs together,
we interlace here. And reaching forward, inhale, palms reach forward,
up, and back. On an exhale, you can stay here for a couple breaths, but
on an exhale we release. Same as before, pressing into that back pinky toe,
inhale, forward, up and back, exhale. Last time, inhale, interlace. To come out, belly comes to the top of the
thighs, step one. Step two, palms to the mat, step it back, downward facing
dog, lifting that back leg up and we breathe. This time we can lower to the knees where
we’re going to imagine a nice hurdle here in the center of our mat. We’ve
done this in a couple other videos and I’m really digging on the hurdle
here in my public classes. So imagine there is a hurdle here, I’m going
to draw the navel up and over so I’m going over that hurdle. So rather than
just sliding into plank, I’m going up and over, so pressing up and out
of the earth. You can come to plank here or lower the knees for a half plank,
no problem. If you do lower the knees, make sure that you still create
this nice long line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone
here. So we’re not letting the pelvis poke out, we’re tucking it in. Tailbone
lengthening down towards the backs of the knees. Great everyone, inhale in here, exhale, slowly
go up and over, back that hurdle, downward facing dog. Two more like
that, up and over, and back. Last one, up and over, navel draws up, plank
pose, come back, up and over, dropping through the heels. Lots of space
between the ears and shoulders here. And then we inhale, lift the right toes,
step the right leg up, runner’s lunge. Now we can lower the knee here if we need
to, otherwise we’re going to keep it lifted, keeping a nice awareness in that
left pinky toe here. Finding my footing, knees stacked above the ankle, and
inhale. Opening the hands, I reach it up as I press into my front foot,
high lunge. Right hip crease is peeling back, breathing into the front of
that left hip crease, float your fingertips down and away, palms come together
at the heart. Inhale, lift your sternum to your thumbs, exhale, interlace. Here we go again, find your expression, move
with your breath. Inhale, pressing the palms forward, lengthening through
the crown of the head, up, drawing a line, and back. Exhale, bending,
softening through the elbows, we release. Inhale, reach forward, up, and back,
squeezing the inner thighs together for stability. On the exhale, soften
and release. One more, inhale. Strong lower body, navel
draws in, exhale, lower belly in, elbows down. To come out, belly to the top of the thighs,
step one. Step two, palms to the mat, I’m going to step it back to plank.
I can go to half plank here, I’m going to show a half plank here. Crossing
the ankles, I’m going to tuck my pelvis, lengthen down through the tailbone,
straighten my arms, press up and out of my foundation. Now I can do this
here in plank as well. Chaturanga practice, so a lot of people are
intimidated by Chaturanga. Think about this as practice, as I inhale
in, exhale, bend the elbows just halfway, whatever your halfway is today. Now
pressing back up, we’re going to do three of these, we got this, inhale.
Don’t let the neck go, keep drawing the tailbone down towards the backs
of the knees. On an exhale, bend your elbows. Notice how I’m not bending
them left to right, but keeping them nice and close to the side body. Press it up. Even if you only bend half an
inch here, that’s gravy, baby. It’s got to start somewhere. Right? Transformation
is hard, but that’s what we’re here for. Inhale in, marrying it with
the ease. Nice and long in the neck. Now this time, either with the knees on the
floor or lifted in plank, I’m going to lower all the way down, nice and
slow. Lower down until you collapse down, my friends. And come onto the
belly. Go ahead and take a couple seconds here to rock a little side
to side, smile. Take a deep breath in, then exhale, bring the tops of
the feet to the mat, heels are in line with the hip points here. Drawing the tail down, pelvic bone, or pubic
bone, pressing to the earth, I’m going to inhale, drawing the elbows underneath
the shoulders, spreading the palms nice and wide, elbows underneath
the shoulders. Again, pressing into my foundation by pressing into the pubic
bone, pressing into the tops of the feet, and then growing tall from there
and then finding that extension through the crown of the head. So I’m not crunching in the neck here, I’m
really allowing the shoulder blades draw in and together and down. Spread
the palms, and then my elbows kind of have this active sensation there even
drawing away from each other, as if I were trying to tear the mat in half.
As my front fingertips extend forward, tearing the mat in half, the opposite
direction. Does that makes sense? No, fu**. Start again, sorry. Unknown Male: Okay. Okay, walking the elbows underneath the shoulders,
spreading the palms wide. Again, coming into my foundation by
pressing into the pubic bone, pressing into the tops of the feet. Imagine
tearing your mat apart with your elbows, left to right. So nice, strong
foundation. As from there I grow tall, extending through the crown of
the head. Now soften the lower rib cage in again. Breathing
into the abdominal wall, feeling the sensations in the body, not giving
up with the integrity, so really pressing into the foundation. No collapsing
into the bones here. Now, maintain that as we inhale in. Again,
pressing through the foundation, exhale. Draw a line with your nose past your
right shoulder. Shoulder blades in and together and down. I find that
extension in the crown of the head here really breathing into the left side
of the neck, then exhale, come back to center, and same thing on the
other side. Taking it to the other side, drawing a line with the nose past
the left shoulder as I breathe into the right side of the neck. But
also press up and out of my foundation and extend through the crown. Lots of sensations here as I inhale in, exhale,
back to center. Slowly drop your chin to your chest, release, palms go
to where the elbows were here, we curl the toes under. And first we press
it to the top of a push-up, inhale, exhale back, downward facing dog.
Dog peddle the feet. Now, you can experiment with how long or short
your dog is here. I’m going to inhale in, walk my toes up just a little
bit, bend my knees generously, belly comes to the tops of the thighs. Now
remember that hurdle, that up and over action as I bend the knees generously
and just play around. Open yourself up to a new experience, bend the
knees, and then inhale in, then exhale, hop towards the front of your mat. If you don’t make it, walk up towards the
front edge of the mat and let it hang over, Uttanasana. Grab the elbows, rock
a little side to side, breath in and out. Release the hands, inhale, lift
up to flat back position, your version. Remember we can mix and match here,
and on an exhale, soften and bow. Bend the knees, spiral the shoulders,
open the palms, inhale, reach it up. And exhale back down at the heart. Unknown Male: Can I get that inhale reaching
up one more time? Adriene: Yeah. Unknown Male: Okay. And, go. Adriene: Soften in the knees, open the palms,
spiral the shoulders, and inhale, reach it up. Nice, full, deep breath.
Palms kiss together over the head, and I exhale back down at the heart.
Jumping right in, inhale, reach it up. Last time, exhale, soft in the knees as I
dive forward, enjoy this move. Inhale, lift to flat back, your version. Long,
beautiful neck, exhale, soften and bow. Heel-toe, heel-toe the feet
together, plant the palms by bending your knees and hop it back to plank,
surprise yourself. Great. Stretch out through the backs of the legs.
Remember that sit bone to heel connection as I press up and out of the palms.
Inhale in, keep extending through the left heel, lift your right leg
up. Doesn’t have to be a big lift, just a little lift. Now for five nice, long, deep breaths I’m
going to move this leg. Remember finding the ease, remember hovering in that
tabletop position where I press up and out of the palms. Two more breaths
here, you can do it. Navel towards the spine, find the grace, find the
ease. Exhale, release, ease come to the mat, come on to the tops of the
feet, fingertips walks back up to the tops of the thighs. And we inhale,
spiral the shoulders, reach it up. Tailbone draws down as the palms come
together at the heart. Great. Diving back in for more, roll your wrists
a couple of times, back to tabletop position, then curl your toes under,
send it back to plank. Sit bone to heel connection, pressing up and out
of the palms, extension through the crown of the neck, crown of the
head. Long, beautiful neck. Send that energy through your right heel first,
it’s going to help. Then inhale in, exhale, lift the left leg. Five
breaths. You can let it just stay, spreading the toes,
or I find it helps to move. Moving, breathing, smiling. Strong upper bodies,
strong core, nice awareness from the crown of the head to the
tip of the tailbone. Two more breaths here, as you lift the back of that
left thigh towards the sky, and then exhale. And you’re ready, lower down. Go ahead and bring the two big toes together,
widen the knees as wide as the mat, and set it back to extended child’s
pose. This time, knees nice and wide, palms are going to come together,
and swim forward, up, and back here. Palms in prayer, kind of coming into
a little shark fin here, as we rock a little left to right and breath. Then
forehead rests on the mat, fingertips can soften here. On your next inhale, imagine breathing into
your lower back. Feel the skin of your back stretch as you breathe in. And
on an exhale, imagine sending your sit bones down to kiss the soles of your
feet. Feeling that stretch in the shoulders, the arms. Now, remember it’s not what we’re doing, but
how we do it, so pay attention to your quality of movement on this next move
as we inhale, slowly draw a line with the nose, look forward, fingertips
come down. Enjoy your focus here as you spread the palms, finding what
feels good. Lifting the heart up and over we come, back to all fours. Walking
the knees underneath the hips, wrists directly underneath the shoulders. Now, inhale in here, press up and out of your
foundation. You can curl the toes under here, actually, let’s all go ahead
and curl the toes under here. And start from this hovering place as we lift
the knees, and then send it up and back, down dog. Inhale in, exhale,
keep the toes curled under as we drop the knees. Two more like this, press
up and out. Down dog. For a little more here, you can bend the elbows
halfway, then send it up and back. Let’s do one more. Keep those elbows
in line with the shoulders, downward facing dog. Great. Walk your dog out a little big longer here,
peddle the feet, take a deep breath in, exhale, go up and over the hurdle.
Chaturanga practice, hugging those elbows into the side body, send your
gaze slightly forward as we rock forward onto the toes, elbows hug in. We slowly
lower down, or lower down until we collapse down. And smile, laugh,
[inaudible 00:46:36], loop the shoulders, inhale, lift up, cobra. No crunching
in the back of the neck, exhale, soften and release. Curl your toes
under, press up to plank. Inhale, exhale, down dog, drop the heels. Okay, now hang with me as we drop the left
heel, inhale, slide the sole of the right leg up. As you exhale, I’m going
to take my right knee forward and around to kiss the right elbow. Inhale,
reach it up. Exhale, right knee carves a line straight through center, nose
to knee, navel draws up. Inhale, drop the left heel, right toes up.
Exhale, shifting forward, right knee to left elbow, they kiss. And we step
the right leg up into our lunge. From here, squeeze the inner thighs together,
spiral the shoulders, inhale, send everything up. Sinking into that front
knee, palms come together, Ji, the celebratory Namaste. And then exhale all
the way back down. Then, Nyasa, plant the palms, step it back to your
plank, or half plank. Experiment, hug the elbows into the side body,
send your gaze forward, shift your heart slightly forward, and slowly
lower down all the way to the belly. And inhale, lift up, cobra. Follow
your breath, exhale, inhale, curl the toes under draw your navel up, press into
you palms, plank, and exhale, down dog. Drop the right heel, slide the sole of the
left leg up, and inhale coming forward. High lunge, spiral the shoulders,
inhale, reaching the fingertips back to come up. Ji, palms kiss together above the head, and
then exhale, belly to the top of the thigh, fingertips to the mat as we
step that right foot back to meet the front, forward fold. Inhale, lift to flat
back position, your version. And exhale, soften and bow. Now from here, heel-toe, heel-toe the feet
as wide as your mat. I’m going to come into the center of my mat to demonstrate
this. Take a couple breaths here just to let it go. Notice how
my knees are bent, no need to show off here, no need to lock the knees ever.
So, I’m wanting to let the body integrate and stretch nice and long from
crown to tail. Great. So I’m going to turn to face you, but you
stay just where you’re at. Now, I’m going to open my toes a little bit wide,
so your toes might, depending on how long your legs are, they might come
off your mat. I feel strange here, okay. Fingertips come to the mat as
I inhale, look forward just like I do in flat back position. Exhale, bend those
knees, drop your sit bones, and come into a yogic squat. If you’re like, “Ha ha, very funny, Adriene,”
then you might grab a block or a blanket and put it underneath your sit
bones just to provide a little bit of lift stability, or you might lift your
heels and do it this way, So, no worries if the feet are not flat on the
ground. Okay. So, what I am doing here is keeping that lift
in my heart and this integrity that we build, we’ve built, excuse
me, from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. So, no matter
what variation you’re in, I’m not collapsing over, but I’m keeping this lift
where my heart is plugging through. The palms can come together here
at the heart, if that feels good. Outer edges of the arms press the knees wide,
if that feels appropriate. Otherwise I can keep my palms or my fingertips
steady on the ground, my friends. Now, a couple deep breaths to breath into
the hips to keep that lift in the heart. The lower rib cage still softening
in, full body experience here as I breathe. Now, if your fingertips are on the mat, keep
them there and keep breathing. If your palms are together, take a deep breath
in, lift your sternum to your thumbs, and then interlace. And squeezing
every in so almost as if you’re trying to lift up from the pelvic floor,
interlace the fingertips, draw the tops of the thighs out and away as
you press the palms forward, up, and back. Then exhale, bending, release,
interlace, inhale, reach it up, exhale, softening at the elbows. So I
just don’t want straight arms because then we don’t get to kind of integrate
that movement, it just kind of ends up rigid. So let’s try again, interlacing, and then
exhale, softening the elbows. Let’s do one more, inhale, exhale, draw your
navel in. Namaste. Thank you, Boo. To come out of the posture, I’ll slowly release
my palms to the mat, find that lift in the heart to rock forward onto
my feet. I’m going to turn to side here just for you to see. Then from here
I’m going to walk my palms out, straight arms, and then slowly shift
knees back underneath hips, tabletop position here. And then crossing
the ankles, I’m going to mindfully come on through to seated. Or I
can sweep my legs to one side and come that way mindfully back on through to
seated, where I’ll bring the soles of the feet to the mat and find that
sit bone connection here as I draw up through my torso and find that lift
in the heart here, inhale, palms together. Now feet are not together, they’re inline
with my hip points. Palms together here, loop the shoulders, inhale
in, lift the heart, exhale, and release. Inhale, open the knees wide, soles
of the feet are going to come up. As you inhale, reach forward, up, and
back. Now soften the rib cage here, navel towards the spine, inhale in,
exhale, float the fingertips away as the knees come in. Now, palms come together
at the heart, I inhale, lift my sternum to my thumbs. Now, I can stay here, I can already feel my
abdominal wall kind of engaging here, can totally stay here, my friends. Or
you can begin to walk your heels a little bit up and lift the soles of
the feet. So again, I can stay here or I can life the soles. Now I’m not collapsing here, I’m using everything
we did in our practice so far, particularly in the torso, from the crown
of the head to the tip of the tailbone, to keep that integrity here,
to keep that pressure out of the lower back, and to maintain this core strength.
From here to here, so not just here, but all throughout. Loop the shoulders,
inhale in, you can stay here or exhale, send your fingertips forward,
palms face up. So elbow creases towards the sky, just allowing the
shoulders to drop in. So again, I have several variations here, here, here,
or here. Now, inhale in, you can stay here or bring
the fingertips to the backs of the legs and I’m going to close the knees.
So, I’m just checking in. When the heart wants to collapse, then I’m going
to take a step back and begin to breath and find that lift in the heart
again. Now I can stay here or inhale in and then exhale, straighten the
legs, reach it up. Heart lifts as the toes reach up. Exhale, bend. Maybe come into the fingertips here, lightening
the load on the arms, inhale, heart lifts up, toes reach up with
heart. And then exhale. I’m feeling it. Inhale, and reach it up, shoulders
loop, open throat, chin lifts. Inhale, heart lifts, chin lifts, toes
reach. Now I can stay here, here, we have all these
variations; basically I’m just giving you a billion and one variations to
engage from the crown of the head to the tip of the tailbone. Slowly lowering,
excuse me, softening the lower ribs in. Now if you’re feeling adventurous, don’t even
worry about the posture, but inhale in. If you’re feeling like you have
this integrity in the spine, on an exhale see what happens if you shoot your
legs up and your fingertips forward. Inhale in, exhale, shoot it out.
And then back. Inhale in, so we’re not holding, we’re just experimenting,
playing. Inhale in, exhale, shoot it out. Inhale in, exhale, shoot it
out. And one more time just for fun, inhale in, exhale, look up. Great. Fingertips come to the backs of the legs,
we’re all going to enjoy this move. As we inhale in, smile, and then exhale,
rock it back. Rock it a couple times, if it feels good. And then slowly
we’ll come to lay flat on the back, taking a deep breath in, hugging
the knees into the chest. Just like we did before, rocking a little side
to side. Now everyone, relax your shoulders, relax
your face, feel the quality of air in the room wherever you’re at. Now take
the fingertips, interlace, bring them behind the head, elbows nice and
wide here. Breath into the armpit chest, inhale in, and then exhale,
lift the shins parallel to the ceiling. Inhale in, as you exhale, lift the head, the
heart, the elbows up off the ground. And nice and easy, nothing fancy,
we’re just going to begin to alternate here, bringing the right elbow towards
the left knee as we straighten through the right leg, and then
switching. And move with the breath. Just a couple of these before we move
onto flat back. Breathing. Move nice and slow, imagine you’re at the
pool, feel the skin kissing your face. Even it out, then we’ll come back to
hugging the knees into the chest, lowering the head, tucking the chin
to link them through he back of the neck. Rock a little side to side, if that
feels good. Then exhale, release the hands, and allow your feet to
come to the mat with a thud. If that felt great, do it a couple more times.
Inhale, exhale, soles hit the mat. Feels awesome, that kind of ricochet here.
Inhale and one more. Great. Recline twist, palms come to the mat, excuse
me, come to the earth. And inhale, drawing the knees in, exhale, melting
the knees to the right. And here is where I pass it onto you, keep your
shoulders rooting down, but allow the knees to mount from one side to
the other, stretching those intercostals. But if you want to bring more
awareness, more strength to the core, you can not allow the legs to actually
touch the ground, and just let them hover. So each time I’m twisting, and
then using my navel to draw back. Find a way to synchronize this with the breath,
of course. You can close your eyes. Great. Go ahead and even it out
here. And then allow the outer edges of the feet to come to the mat as we
transition through a reclined butterfly here. Drawing the fingertips down,
opening the palms, press into your head, lift the shoulder blades up, draw
them in together and down so the shoulders are drawing down away from your
ears here. So lots of space here, lots of space between my lower back
and the mat. Take a deep breath in here, and exhale, sigh it out. Now you can stay here to finish your practice
here today, and do not skip this pose, my friends. I’m tempted to skip
this posture at home too, but take at least five breaths in a shavasana
today; either with the soles of the feet together here or 5 to 15 juicy minutes
here as we draw the right leg out, the left leg out, let the legs open
wide, let the armpit chest breath. We close our eyes, we link them through the
back of the neck, and we take this time to acknowledge our self. First,
take a deep breath in, full of gratitude. For taking the time to do a video
today to be with our bodies, to be with the breath. Hopefully collecting
and gathering a little bit of information, creating a little bit of space,
and toning and building strength in the body. Inhale lots of love
in, and exhale, let it go. Okay. So that was the third sequence in our
Yoga for Weight Loss series. You can interchange this with the other two
that that we have thus far. We’re going to have more coming in the future.
But for now, just know that this is something that is not intended for
you to master, yogi master, right away. It’s built to inspire you for
transformation either on the outside for summertime, on the inside for
all the time, to find what feels good and be the best version of yourself. So, have fun with it, take your time, do what
you can. Write questions, comments below, let me know how I can help
you. And, like I said, you can interchange this with the other two videos
and have quite a yummy workout for your week. So, I hope to hear from you.
Thank you for all your feedback thus far, and Namaste.


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