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every one I have fantastic news I have no longer sick I am healthy and I am back on track to my cut for summer and I cannot be more excited so today I wanted to share with you my overall meal plan for this cut for summer so what my daily kind of schedule looks like as far as my meals go and what some of my go to meals are I did recently do a video on my overall cunning plan how I'm structuring it the three key elements that I am going to be implementing including the mini cut cycle element which is absolutely key so if you've not seen that video yet I highly recommend you go check it out to see how this cut overall will be structure in this video today though I wanted to give you first a breakdown of my calorie distribution not only how I distribute my calories throughout the day but also how I distribute my calories to the different macros as well as all my go-to meals when I'm gonna be in a deficit and finally how I structure my day and my meals to help me stay in a deficit so if you're excited to see how I am structuring my meals off his cut please do give this video a big thumbs up and make sure you hit that subscribe button to follow me along this journey on my very first ever actual cut for summer so as far as my cutting calories go I did explain this in more detail in my previous video about my cunning plan for summer but I am trying to cut on 2,000 calories for my macros more specifically I'm not aiming for anything very specific especially when it comes to fat and carbs the goal overall is to be a higher fat purely based on the fact that when I eat more fat I feel more full I feel more satiated and I also just love fat so it helps a lot with adherence to being in a deficit this is absolutely not the case for everyone some people thrive when they're in visit with more parts and so I actually went into this in detail to find your perfect macros for being in a deficit or for maintenance in my how to find your perfect macros video so if you're all curious about how to figure out which macro ratio is gonna work best for you I highly recommend you check out that video this is just what works best for me for protein I am more specific about it I'm trying to eat between 80 to 100 grams of protein now this is based on the fact that I'm approximately 120 pounds which means I have approximately roughly a hundred pounds of lean mass and in order to maintain muscle mass when you're on a cut you want to be eating between about point seven in one gram of protein per pound of lean mass so I'm trying to stick roughly on the higher end of that which is why I went for 80 to 100 grams of protein most days have been at closer to 100 so I am trying to stick with that but if it's like 80 not even beat myself up about it so I'm basically just allowing myself to eat as much fat and protein kind of as I want and then filling in the rest with carbs and when I do this I find that I am actually able to kind of hit my goal macros really really well and it actually allows me to stick close to 2,000 calories without feeling deprived so as far as the breakdown my actual meals goes usually I have two huge meals so I'll have a really big breakfast and even bigger dinner between that I'll probably have a snack and then after that I will almost definitely have dessert so looking at breakfast specifically I usually have a meal that's around 650 700 calories sometimes it's closer to 600 sometimes it can be closer to 800 but I like to have a big breakfast and this is not only because it helps keep me full and satiated throughout the day but psychologically being in a deficit I feel like it really starts my day out right and on the right foot because I started out feeling full and satiated I don't feel restricted I feel like you know I start I feel full even though I'm in a deficit I feel full and so my body gets those signals sent to the brain where my brain like cool or chillin like we have enough food I make sure to make my breakfast as high in fat as possible and maybe moderate to high in protein and pretty darn low carb other than veggies if it's like a meal that I can add veggies to if I start my day with a high carb meal I'll be hungry the rest of the day like hands-down always happens so starting my day with atomic carbs one up on the cut not a good idea so with that being said my go-to breakfast when I'm going to cut is an egg veggie scramble now this is very high in healthy fats it's high in protein and I can add a ton of bulk with different vegetables I usually for me it's extraordinarily filling because all of the fat and the bulk from the vegetables and it helps me get my protein in early so it's not something I have to think about as much throughout the day so usually I'll have four eggs with a little bit of nutritional yeast some time I'll add some cashew cheese just give a little extra healthy fat and some flavor and then salt and pepper whatever and then for veggies my go-to is really some grated up the zucchini Earl to squash sometimes all do pickled artichokes I'll usually add avocado maybe some salsa I love adding chopped up onions sometimes I'll do Kayla another great idea is bell peppers although for some reason my body doesn't like cooked bell peppers so we don't usually add them to my eggs but you might like them if you want to give this a try as so is also a great way to spice up eggs it doesn't really make that much every difference nutritionally but it tastes real good another one of my absolute favorite go-to breakfast is chia pudding now this isn't as high in protein but it's pretty high in healthy fats as well as fiber so it's very very filling to make it I'll usually use a half a cup of some sort of plant milk and half a cup of water combine that with a quarter cup of chia seeds if I'm feeling fancy I'll added some like cacao powder or maca powder some like that in there and then I will top it with some key topics the toppings are really what make the chia seed pudding especially when the pudding itself is more plain so I love to add berries especially blueberries raspberries or blackberries and then I'll add some other higher fat toppings as well so chopped up nuts cacao nibs some of themselves with hemp seeds flax seeds shredded coconut stuff like that and this helped add an extra punch of healthy fats as well as a little bit of protein to help keep me full my last go-to breakfast especially now that it's getting warmer and it's getting close to summer is a smoothie and I have two favorite go-to smoothies again I try to pack these smoothies with as much good fast as I can I also add a protein powder which I admit is not ideal but if you're having a smoothie I don't really know how else to get in a ton of protein in there and if I want the smoothie I might as well add some protein in there so I add the protein powder I also since my smoothies tend to be at least 700 calories they also tend to be very very filling and keep me full for hours I had one of these smoothies for breakfast like what time is it four hours ago still not hungry my go-to smoothie flavors are chocolate peanut butter which is my absolute favorite this has been my go-to for quite a while and then a vanilla one which I have recently fallen in love with so my base for both of these smoothies includes obviously a ton of healthy fats so I'll usually start with some sort of plant milk usually almond milk but whatever I really have on hand I'll usually throw in some hemp seeds some coconut some ground-up flax seeds definitely a nut butter I love cashew butter in this as well and then I've been using dates to sweeten it because I can't do bananas which is really sad and then for my chocolate peanut butter one I will add some cacao powder sometimes some cacao nibs and then I will use the amazing grass chocolate peanut butter protein powder which it's the best protein powder if you try to make a chocolate peanut butter smoothie like it is delicious and then it for my vanilla smoothie I love making it a little bit snickerdoodle E so I'll throw in a splash of vanilla extract as well as kind of coin a bit of cinnamon and then for the protein powder I just got four Sigma X new protein powder and let me tell you this is like my ideal protein powder when it comes to ingredients I'm like I'm blown away by it when they first sent it to me I was a little bit hesitant I was like oh great they're gonna send me a protein powder that like I'm not gonna be in love with and so I'm gonna just like ignore it but I'll go to the ingredients and this stuff is legit it's basically a plain plant-based protein powder and has five different sources of plant-based protein as well as a ton of my favorite adaptogens but that isn't even the best part the best part is what is not in here it doesn't have any gums lecithin z' natural flavors artificial flavors or anything like that it is just purely clean ingredients it does have 7 grams of carbs and two of that comes from added sugars because I do use some coconut palm sugar to sweeten it up a little bit high for a protein powder but for plant-based protein that's really not that far off from what you would get on average so if you're looking for a new protein powder I highly recommend this I tried it with just almond milk and it is probably one of the best protein powders that I've ever tried is plain so there's not much flavor but it also doesn't have that like chalky gag-inducing flavor in it either so I think it's pretty darn good highly highly recommended as always I do have a discount code at 4-4 Sigma you can use fit and nerdy to get 15% off any other product so I highly recommend you check this out and obviously not be a Marisa smoothie if I didn't throw in an adaptogen her too so I will usually do that as well if I'm using the four sig Matic protein I'll usually just add more of whatever is already in here rather than adding another adaptogen just to get like a little boost of whichever one I'm feeling but if it's my chocolate peanut butter smoothie all I like whatever I'm feeling because that doesn't have adaptogen so that already and of course I'll throw in a ton of ice which also does help make it filling because it's just act like a lot of volume to the smoothie and also I like my smoothies thick so ice is key so even with my ginormous breakfast most days I will usually have a snack unless I end up being super busy and just forget that hunger is a thing which usually doesn't happen I like food too much for that to happen so with my snacks I usually have a little bit of wiggle room with my calories which is kind of key for me since my breakfast is around 650 calories and my dinner is around a thousand calories I'll usually out between 200 and 400 calories to play around with with my snack and my dessert which I feel like really helps me mentally while I'm in a deficit before when I would try to meal prep everything like down to the macros down to the calories with my snacks and everything I felt so restricted and just wanted to eat anything other than what I had prepped and so I found that giving myself that wiggle room in that space to kind of eat whatever and have extra calories to do whatever I want with was absolutely necessary for me to maintain my good mindset with food so with my snacks what I like to do is focus on just maximizing nutrition but also adding a little bit of fat if I feel like I need it so one of my favorite snacks is kombucha I mean I wouldn't call it it's not because it's a drink but like it's not breakfast and it's not dinner so it's going in the snack category Cup which is great not only is it good for you but also really bubbly I don't know about you but it when I drink carbonated things like it really fills me up so if I'm just feeling particularly hungry one day I'll just go for a kombucha and it makes me so happy but I also love to just have a handful of omens couple of handfuls of blueberries a handful of blueberries and almonds and if I'm craving something like crunchy or sweet like if I'm craving chips or I want like ice cream or something like that I love just slicing up an apple and throwing some cinnamon on it like that has been my go-to snack for a very long time I love it moving on to dinner this is always my biggest meal usually it's between nine hundred and a thousand calories and my goal with dinner is to maximize veggie intake just get all of this good micronutrients also they're very very filling which is key also I usually try to make sure I have a really really good source of protein in there as well I didn't love ending the day with a huge meal that makes me full keeps me satisfied and it just mentally for me during a cut while I am technically restricting calories having again like breakfast this huge meal that makes me feel very full and satiated keeps me from feeling restricted if I just ate small meals throughout the day and never had that feeling of really truly being full I would be so much hungrier and I would crave everything so eating on this schedule and these number of calories is absolutely key for me one of my absolute favorite go-to dinners is protein of pasta it's very high in vegetables high in protein and extraordinarily filling it's also usually like 1,200 calories but whatever so I usually use either the fans of pasta or these Sybil's free to eat pastas both of which are made with different vegetables and legumes to add extra protein and then I'll do as much veggies and I can cram into it my go-to veggies for this pasta are carrots celery and zucchini but if I have other stuff I'll usually throw it in but I also usually throw in about four to six ounces of ground meat depending on how much protein I need for the rest of the day and some pasta sauce salt and pepper seasonings etc nice and simple full of veggies very filling amazing go to dinner on a cut is a big salad I just it's maximum veggies for maximum fullness and maximum satisfaction it's also really easy to throw on some chicken or some steak for some extra protein Mikey my number one tip for enjoying giant salads and really like embracing the salads on a cut is to have a wide variety of salad dressings like this is how I have come to love salads is because I can change the flavor every night not just eat the same exact salad so I have a lot of different salad dressings but I love them I go through them so quickly and they just they make me really happy and it makes it really easy for me to get in not only the nutrients that I need for my cut but also just my nutrients in my vegetables and just eat all of the kale the next thing I'm going to absolutely love is really great if I have eaten more than I'm usually would during the beginning of the day and this is chicken soup because it's very low calorie very filling and packed with nutrients when you're researching calories I should have said this earlier but when you're sucking calories it is so key to make sure you are maximizing the number of nutrients in your food because you're actually eating less so you need to make sure that what you are eating is full of what your body actually needs to be able to function properly so chicken soup with a ton of veggies in there amazing my mom made me a ton while I was sick and so I had a ton left over and it just made me so happy and then in my class and go to dinner that is actually a recipe that I included in my fitness and lifestyle program project comeback is a chili now this is basically just meat ton of veggies pasta sauce so easy but also packed with protein packed with veggies delicious nutritious amazing and this is also a great one if I'm lacking on protein for the day cuz it's really easy to add in a ton of meat to this and still have it taste like good and normal and like a chili now moving on to my face thing of the day dessert if you guys have been watching my channel for not even very long you all know that I love ending my day with a little bit of chocolate most days end with a little bit of chocolate and I knew this for a few reasons first is that when I get to end my day with dessert I feel like it puts me in a much better mindset about my deficit I don't feel restricted I feel like I'm getting to eat what I want and so I'm much better able to not really have any cravings or feel like I need to binge on other stuff because I'm already eating what I would want to binge on anyway basically and the second way that it really helps me is that I know that I would eat it anyway like even if I hit my calories I'd be like okay I still need a bite of chocolate so I might as well eat it and make it part of the plan so that if I do eat it I don't feel any guilt about it whatsoever it's something I was planning on doing something that I made room for so I go to dessert it's usually chocolate that's like 90 percent of what I would eat for dessert and my favorite brands that I highly recommend of chocolate are first of all Nibin stone which is my chocolate guy at the farmers market but also I have fallen in love with endorphin foods chocolate lately the ingredients are amazing and it tastes fantastic and then nomads and whoo kitchen are also up there in my face so if you're looking for healthy chocolate highly recommend those but I also did recently make these like adaptogenic frozen mango bites then I've been having for dessert and oh my god they are so good so I feel like having something frozen little colder kind of like ice cream I will pop a few of those in my mouth instead of the chocolate but it is usually the chocolate so it is basically the rough the only that I will be following during my deficit weeks now this is not anything like straights like I'm not like I will only pick out of these four things for breakfast and out of these four things for dinner those are just kind of my go-to meals that make it very easy for me to be compliant with what I'm trying to achieve all of the calories for these recipes are super flexible so if you're like Marissa I'm twice your size and I'm cutting on three thousand calories you can easily just like double something or if you need less calories you can you know get rid of an egg for breakfast have less pasta for dinner so if your turtle is weight but not also eating 2,000 calories just know that you can also use these meals just adjust to your macros accordingly speaking of which let me know down in the comments what some of your go-to meals are when you are in a deficit give me some food inspiration because this is basically what I eat all of the time I could definitely use a little bit of inspiration in the meantime please do give this video a big thumbs up if you did enjoy it and if you want to see more content like this definitely leave a comment and let me know what you want to see I'm more than happy to keep making similar videos please share this video with your friends and your family and your neighbors if you want to see more health and fitness related content all about perfecting your nutrition perfecting your physique etc you can check these videos out over here please hit that subscribe button if you want to see more videos and if you want to be notified when I post a new video definitely hit that notification button and I will see you very soon bye


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  5. I eat so similarly to you. I also use a lot of stir frys with a heavy portion of meat. I love protein powder mixed in (Greek or plain) yogurt or Greek yogurt with cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla (depending on protein count needs for the day). Hearty soups, chili, fritatas (or egg scrambles) and salads roundout my meal variations. I also love soft boiled eggs over a bed of sautéd greens. Sometimes I just pile up my plate with a lot of meat and a side of greens and/or roots and tubers. 💖🔥🌹

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  24. Eating big salads but switching up the taste really helps. I always have a base in mind either kale, romaine, spinach — then a carb like quinoa, or sweet potato, or brown/mixed rice, have a fat like avocado, or nuts or a fatty fish like tuna or salmon; and then have protein like chicken or fish. And just switch it up as well as the dressing. Looking up Pinterest recipes. Apple and peanut-butter is surprisingly filling (THE NATURAL Homemade peanut butter, not the garbage laden unnecessary processed oils, sugars that leave me feel bloating and hungry!).

    Unfortunately being 5'1 I cannot really go past 1,300 calories without gaining weight. I have to eat less than that on top of exercise :/ sigh

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    All you need is salmon, mango, avocado, lettus, jucie from one half lime, salt and pepper. Just cut everyting up and blend everything in a bowl, and blend inn the juice from the lime and the salt and pepper.
    I personally love this because it keeps me fuller for longer because it is a lot of helthy fats and a good amount of protin.
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