Weight Lifting Exercises for Beginners : Lateral Raise Weight Lifting Exercise for Beginners

I am Kirk Watt on behalf of expertvillage.com.
In this clip we are going to be doing the lateral raise which is an exercise for your
shoulders. It is a beginning exercise, quite simple. You just want to stand with your feet
but shoulder with apart. You always want to have a nice space when you are doing any kind
of standing dumbbell work, even comfortable weight, nothing too heavy. Stand up nice and
tall, nice posture for your shoulders back, elevate the dumbbells parallel with the shoulders
and let them down nice and slow just like this. If you notice, I am not moving around,
I am not wobbling forward, I am not using my legs to help the exercise go up. I am standing
nice and stable, nice even speed, exhale as you lift up, inhale as you bring them back
down. It is that simple. This is a great exercise to shape your shoulders, guys and girls. So
make sure you make this as a part of your workout routine and that is the lateral raise.


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  4. @MastahMich Keep them straight. If you want, you can boost a little with your legs if you wanna hit heavier sets.

  5. @MastahMich I personally se a slight bend because I can lift more weight that way. I don't try to go too heavy here because a couple more pounds on a dumb bell isn't worth tearing anything anywhere near my rotator cuff.

  6. sets of 10 , with 10 kilo bells

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  10. hello guys, I am new to gym. I am starting gym. I buy dumbell. I want to ask you that when I raise the dumbell like this video I hear sound in my shoulder. I am unable to to do this exercise due to this sound and I think that I feel different while raising like this. Can any one have same problem like this? thanks

  11. @umair9926 is it like a little pop or snap sound? i have the same thing. try and find a different exercise that works the same part of the shoulder

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  19. @willieofroanoke Should I avoid this exercise altogether I work my chest more than my back? I have "sabotaged" my back because my chest has grown, pulling the shoulders forward, so there's a bit of joint pain in my shoulders now.

  20. You don't have to avoid, but don't over extent because it can tear up your rotator cuff (area of shoulder, that can take months to heal) if you do injure it. Do not raise arms about horizontal, The higher you do the more strain on the shoulder and the greater the potential for injury. Besides going higher adds nothing to the exercise. You might find it easier to do if you rotate shoulders slightly forward. If you feel pain, don't lift arms higher than where pain begins.

  21. Cont 1

    This exercise primally works your deltoids (shoulder muscle) and to a lessor extent your trapezius (middle upper back). Another similar exercise Alternate Front Arm Raises also works shoulders and upper pecs. Take a lighter dumbbell in each hand, arms straight at sides, palms down and alternate lifting arms out straight in front of you, again don't lift higher than shoulder height.

  22. 0:00

  23. Wow i was doing these extremely wrong. lucky i didnt get injured

  24. God damn ive never done a harder one

  25. @Drewandy22 That's because it's not an arm workout, it's a shoulder exercise.


  27. i do this way different… my feet are much closer together i lean forward a little bit arms bent to about 25 degrees, and use my delt for the exercise… I was told this is the right way to do by a pro bber. D: what do?

  28. another agonizing exercize. some exercises cause you to do reps that feel so unnaturally awkward and uncomfortable that you just hate doin em. this one might be nice , once you get use to it but in the beginning you should use lighter weights than you probably think. raise like this are hard because your palms are pulling up wrenching the whole elbow joint.


    This is a hard and painful one for me too. I have a old rotator cuff injury in right shoulder and doing these with even just 10 pounds is painful, Couple things you can try. Do them sitting down on a exercise bench that has near vertical back support. Also try rotating your shoulders a few degrees forward and you don't have to extend all the way. Even pro body builders don't use heavy weight on this one. Try alternate arm raises.

  30. Since laterial raises are intended mainly for Deltoids (shoulders) try alt arm raises with a varation. Stand with light dumbbell (10 pounds is plenty) in either arm, arms hanging straight at sides. Instead of having palms down, rotate forearm so thumb is up then slowly raise to near shoulder level. Do 10-15 reps with one arm, then 10-15 with the other, 3-4 sets.

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  33. This leg workout was hard!!!

  34. uhhh I want his body…

  35. he makes it look so easy

  36. @hoernchen92 Shoulder = shoulder.

  37. I keep getting different form on this exersize like it dont make sense… i thought ur suppose to bend your elbows a bit and lift the weights with your elbows like your pouring a pitcher.. ????

  38. @BlueGrassGreenSky23 never do reps "until failure"

    do a certain amount of sets and a certain amount of reps or you will injure yourself.. i can't tell you how much you have to lift but i do 3 sets of 8-10 reps.. with upsets or dropset

  39. @ZzonkedMCFC then go do what you do.. lifting sets to failure isn't for BEGINNERS.. i hope you can read that.. because you sure as hell couldn't read who i was replying to before you came along with your 'herp derp lift weights til failure so i feel like my arms are jello'

    for a beginner it WILL INJURE THEM!

  40. @garnz2791 Why will it injure them? If you can explain to me with some foundation based in biological fact why doing sets to failure will injure a beginner any more than lifting weights and stopping after 8 reps or whatever will I will concede my inferiority to you.

  41. @BlueGrassGreenSky23 8-10 reps with a heavy weight for strength gains

  42. does this exercise work the traps as well?

  43. @ZzonkedMCFC Beginners haven't built up muscle endurance. Just like running, an experienced runner can go many miles and push it to their failure point (shaky legs, exhaustion, etc.), and feel totally recovered in a day or so. However, beginners would benefit from working up muscle endurance before they really start to push their body. It's not a necessity, but it will reduce injury.

  44. @theHurtfulTurkey Running is a different though, because it's the same exercise done by both people. Weights however, is obviously going to be much heavier for an expert. I think a beginner should exhaust themselves on a lower weight because it's the best way to improve. The whole time lifting I never let myself get comfortable with a weight, I keep moving up so that I can make gains.

  45. does anyone have tips for going from 10kg to 12.5kg weights? I've worked my way up to 10 and find them not heavy enough now. The 12.5kg is 25% extra weight than 10kg so cant use proper form and there isnt any 11kg dumbells to bridge the gap. Cables just dont feel the same.

  46. danggg this hurts after a whi;e

  47. this is sooooo hard! i can do anything else BUT this! i always give up midway in.

  48. @frostybiitecp GOOD that means its working son

  49. Thanks

  50. @idontownanyunderwear i think he just means that it's a good exercise for beginners since it's quite simple, not complex at all. but yeah, it's a great exercise whether you've been lifting for a month or 5+ years.

  51. How come some people bend over just a little bit so the resting dumbbells are actually right infront of your belly instead of your sides? what's the difference ?

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  54. @ReZeeR93 that sounds like a bent over lateral raise, it focusses the exercise on the rear deltoids (the back of the shoulders).

  55. I always have the dilemma of either cheating that just little bit more, or stopping the set. To reach failure is it better to just go until you can no longer do perfect form, or until your technique is just too far off perfect that it's dangerous to bust out another rep? I usually go with the latter.

  56. i'm gonna make it look this easy soon enough.

  57. Hey man I did my lateral raise seated and now my mud delts in both arm are sore, is this good or is this rotator cuff inflammation

  58. This guy is good at making work out videos. A lot of people will make a video but ante not very good at making them and talking through them to explain what and or how

  59. what wait should i use if i'm just starting this exercise but i'm not a beginner to lifting weights

  60. @ybvbqwm yes i mean it. it was really hard when I first started working out and my muscles were going nowhere at all. And I heard it from one of my body builder friend, that you can use this method to gain big muscles. I found this video here => bit.ly/MF1vNm?=hdhdmn

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  64. Are these supposed to work out your biceps, too? Because I feel like there's a burn in my arms, too.

  65. they work a little of your Brachialis and Brachioradialis (outer bicep and outside forearm).This means that those muscles are just getting used to the exercise. But it will target your shoulders. Keep your arms straight. You will see results within three to five weeks. Remember a workout routine should always be adjusted after 6-8 weeks of commitment. This way you don't plateau.

  66. Why are they called lat raises if I don't feel them in my lats at all?

  67. do you know the word "lateral" if not just look it up in a dictionary

  68. When I do this exercise I feel the burn more in my traps than in my shoulders. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  69. Hey uploader, I didn't watch this because I wasn't given the option to skip the :15 advertisement (yes I realize it took me longer to type this)

  70. Finally can handle 10 pound dumbbells on these^^

  71. its that simple did he say

  72. i think its also a little on the traps too..

  73. You are using too much weight and cheating by raising your shoulders to give you the final push. You should try to keep your shoulders down. So next time when you are exercising stand against a mirror with the same weights and you will see your shoulders going up. Don't do that! You might injure your neck! Just go lighter mate.

  74. So with Lateral Raises you'll use lighter weights in comparison to weights you'd use for bicep curls for example?

  75. @LeonTheProfession100 yea its impossible for me to use the same weight with lateral raises as for example hammer curls

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  77. ?beginning exercise? not ohp or shoulder press! what a fucking idiot!

  78. Dingo it sounds like a nerve thing, your neck/back could be out of alignment. I recommend talking to a chiropractor. Or if you are not comfortable with chiropractors mention it to your normal doctor and see what they recommend.

  79. Not bobbing up or down, just bobbing down every time he goes to lift the weights..

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