Weekly Update — Medical IDs: Enemy of Privacy, Liberty, and Health

hello everybody and thank you for tuning in to the weekly report Medical IDs enemy of privacy liberty and health last week the House of Representatives voted in favor of a labor Health and Human Services and education appropriations bill amendment to repeal the prohibition on the use of federal funds to create a unique patient identifier unless this prohibition which I originally sponsored in 1998 is reinstated the federal government will have the authority to sign every American a medical ID this ID will be used to store and track every American's medical history a unique patient identifier would allow federal bureaucrats and government favored special interests to access health information simply by entering an individual's unique patient ID into a database this system would also facilitate the collection of health information without a warrant by surveillance state operatives the health records database could easily be linked to other similar databases such as those containing gun purchase records or education records if mandatory e-verify becomes law the health records database could be even linked to it allowing employers to examine a potential employees medical history the possibility that the unique patient identifier system may be linked to a database containing information regarding gun ownership is especially disturbing given the bipartisan support for red flag laws these laws allow the government to deny respect for someone's second Amendment rights without due process and based solely on an allegation that the individual is mentally unstable and likely to commit an act of gun violence combining red flag laws with the unique patient identifier system would leave a gun owner who ever sought psychiatric help for any reason at risk of losing his ability to legally possess a gun unscrupulous government officials could use medical information to harass those whose political activities challenge the status quo anyone who doubts this should ask themselves what a future J Edgar Hoover or Lois Lerner would do with access to the medical information of those involved in political movements he wishes to silence the unique patient identifier undermines one of the foundations of quality health care the doctor-patient relationship accurate diagnosis requires that patients share intimate details about their lives ranging from details about their diet and exercise habits to their sexual history and alcohol and drug use with their physicians if patients legitimately fear information shared will be compromised they will be unwilling to be completely honest with their physicians making it impossible for physicians to effectively treat their patients proponents of the unique patient identifier claim it will improve efficiency but in a free society the government should never endanger privacy or Liberty for efficiency besides when has any government intervention in health care ever improved efficiency or increase patients or health care providers satisfaction with the system the unique patient identifiers system puts the desires of the government bureaucrats and politically powerful special interests ahead of the needs of individual patients and health care providers instead of further intervening in health care and further destroying our privacy and our liberties Congress should give patients control over their health care by giving them control over their health care dollars through expanding access to health savings account and healthcare tax credits in a free market patients and doctors can and will work together to ensure patients records are maintained in that provides maximum efficiency without endangering privacy of Liberty


  1. The goverment already tracks us by a federal I'D number. It's called a SS number. They have used our SS number for decades to track, watch and shadow us.

  2. This is why I refuse to see an MD in USA.
    Red Flag laws are same as Pre-Crime like in film Minority Report.

  3. No one believed me when I said, Obummercare is the ultimate in surveillance with limited healthcare.
    Notice the bi-partisan politics in the "Red Flag Law". Both parties are wings of the same buzzard. Two party system in US is an illusion created to divide the people and it's been very successful. Now that Bolsheviks are running US Government the US Constitution, (and all supporting documents something I shouldn't have to add)are so much ass wipe, the people's rights, and liberties are so infringed today it's a criminal act to excersise them.
    Yet you still hear "Free country". US is not a "free" country, and never has been. Not a democracy either, it's a republic with guaranteed rights of the people. (God given rights inclusive)
    That's not what we're living today, instead we're living a tyrannical totalitarian dictatorship run by Bolsheviks. Everyone smirks, and says, he, he, no we're not….

  4. Does anyone know the name of this bill?

  5. 😈😈😈🀒🀒🀒I Wonder Who is Going to Check the Background and medical records of these phsycopats Idiots and criminals that create or put these laws in effect?? Bet they have a lot of rocks in their shoes!😈😈😈😈🀒🀒🀒🀒😈😈Devils

  6. If amerikans only had a brain….20million well armed americans would give them a run for there fraud

  7. USA police Estate

  8. Now look up Healthy People 2020, the U.N. plan for the globe. That's next year.

  9. Veterans will be targeted definitely. Patriots will be targeted.

  10. Thank you sir!

  11. Thanks so much for giving so much of yourself to educate us.

  12. To your good health, Dr. Paul.

  13. The CONSTANT invasion of our person by governments is disgusting and unconstitutional……back off you creeps

  14. We must abandon this misguided belief that government knows what's best for us. It's obvious they don't. People need to think for themselves instead of blindly believing everything their government says without question

  15. Thank you for caring, Dr. Paul. Thank you for trying. Thank you for being perhaps the greatest role model of all time to freedom and rights, to liberty and the Constitution. Thank you for all your good works and ironclad principle, and for this unique and honest channel. America needs you.

  16. It's time to walk away from health care anyway.

  17. They already get rid of people if they get sick (they're smart enough to complain about your work to get rid of you). We can't compete in a world market with countries that have a real national health plan. It gets added to the price of the product here.

  18. Brave New World.

  19. Trumptards
    Will Love it because Trump did it

    Mega morons

  20. 2:00 So get ready to hear "We do not hire people who smoke recreational marijuana, and we do not hire men who wear Men's Speedo Bathing Suits, and we don't hire body builders, and we do not hire people who wear Muslim clothing, and we do not hire people who own guns. And then get ready to hear we only hire Homosexuals and Christians that go to any Christian Church every Sunday, and if they don't we fire them too!
    And now USA you can get are real good taste of your Treason, and do savor that taste because your children's future are going to be tasting it for the rest of their lives as well! EYE 5


  22. Dude, why is it TEXAS always seems to be the Model for these things? First we went from Texas becoming a PRISON STATE to Dubyah's War on Terror and the UNITED STATES then becoming a POLICE-PRISON STATE itself with the PATRIOT ACT. The thing about the Medical ID being utilized by Unscrupulous Authorities is already in Effect. They call it the V.A. and us Veterans 'still Get the Shaft' in ALL kinds of similar Ways You are Discussing there about the General Public.

  23. "It's, all about finding organ doners…during, their time of need…"

  24. We need you, Ron Paul. You and Rand Paul are the only ones that I voted for. I even have a shirt that reads β€œNo one, but Ron Paul 2012”

  25. Thank you president obama and trump

  26. My drivers license was recently replaced with a license that can be used as a federal ID. It has a star on it.

  27. 10000 years from now I'm not going to give a rats add about any of this.

  28. Lucifer's black and white, yen-yag corrupt satanic systems. Ie…..
    Black robe judges and white coat doctors two of the worst satanic systems ever created …lowlife snake scum.. [email protected]

  29. Just further proof America is fast becoming one of the most shameful countries on earth πŸ‘Ž

  30. thank you for pointing out the government's desire to end-run our Constitutional protections. Orwell is turning in his grave.

  31. War is going to Iran.

  32. All politicians should be the first for they are sociopaths. This is nazi genetic profiling. They'll start to eliminate the "bad gene" population. Nazis run a good part of the world right now, they don't care if you see them do that old nazi salute. Any "bad" gene and God would say it would be them LOL and straight to hell!

  33. The Thirteen Colonies scream from their graves "Taste Your Treason You Treasonous People!" As obesity, Cigarettes, and Alcohol Beverages kill far more people than Recreational Marijuana ever will, and the USA Government and The Christian Church call Recreational Marijuana the devil in a Treasonous USA as everything is now becoming the devil in the USA such as Men's Speedo Bathing Suits, Muslim's Clothing, Muslims themselves because they are not a Christian etc…, and the devil list grows longer every passing day as the USA continues to "Goody Two Shoes" themselves out of what made America great! And now, you see why The American Flag's message is that if a Christian Government tries to rule over Americans then Americans will kill them, and now you see why The Declaration of Independence is declaring independence from a Christian Government rule that would enslave Americans to a modern day "Christian Crusades Warmongering Machine," and this will cause the USA to lose most of the good paying jobs that make America great, and The Christian Church and The Federal Government will reward the treasonous citizens of the USA to remain in their "Goody Two Shoes" mode that continues to destroy what made America great, and then the citizens will be permanently enslaved to the modern day "Christian Crusades Warmongering Machine" forever just like Britain mimicking The Christian Government of The Roman Empire, and the Americans will be reduced to beggars begging to make America great again, and the begging will continue forever until the USA is no more, and this is exactly where the Treasonous USA is in the 21st Century, and now you see why the first ten words of the first amendment to The Constitution of the USA states, "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion…" And now, you see why The Thirteen Colonies are screaming from their graves "Taste Your Treason You Treasonous People!" EYE 5

  34. All of which could be conveniently stored on an implanted RFID chip. All they have to do is link all those databases. ATF, HHS, HUD, et al. Hello Social Security Number 2.0. Hello beast. πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž

  35. In Pennsylvania and New Jersey if you are getting medical marijuana you can not have a gun!! And Pennsylvania has even been.playing around with also taking your drivers license. Because even if your state has made medical marijuana the federal govt has not. So this opens you up to the federal govt. And federal funded FDIC to also take all money out of your bank accounts if they believe you are drug traffickers. That means anything to do with marijuana!!! This is such a joke and unbelievable how our country has taken and still taken all our rights and freedom away!!! And the people are not mad nor fighting this crap.!!!

  36. How do we put a stop to this Doctor Ron Paul ? Run For Prez you can win !

  37. We are owned by the government, every thing we have and as well as our lives. We pay a use fee to own property, we have a yearly fee to pay for our freedom so we are not incarcerated. We have to get permission but do most anything with our lives or property. The only reason people say we are still the most free nation on Earth, is because we have not revolted yet, and been put down by a tyrannical government that is now out of the closet. As long as people have the illusion of freedom, they are content and complacent.

  38. Give me a break, you yanks are so fat and toothless and dying younger than all of us. meanwhile Rand Paul travelled to Canada for treatment, don't listen to these rich old white men. Ron does everything he tells you not to, just like his son, all phonies. Oy vey, then there is the gun stupidity.. fuck you guys are so lost… what good are your guns doing against a corrupt government ya white christian puss boys?

  39. You should have seen this coming when you all were fine with putting companies directly in charge of their employees healthcare plans. Welcome to the hominid ranch…

  40. All they need do is add in a microchip requirement to a future bill.

  41. this is much to do with nothing in my opinion

  42. Repeal the Patriotic Act. This war on terror is all a propaganda tool, it is all fake news lol

  43. WTF?! πŸ˜–πŸ€¬

  44. I agree with Ron Paul.
    Patient identifiers can be used…but only privately. If I want a doctor to see my livers record of use ..or abuse certainly I should be able to do that..but no the government should not have that kind of access nor SHOULD ANY private corporation without my express consent.
    Very very dangerous law.
    Indicative of rising totalitarian rule.

  45. the vise is closing its jaws…bruce

  46. More and more and more loss of our freedom or should I say everything that Trump preached to get elected the opposite is happening he is the biggest con man scam ever

  47. Gee, I wonder who's behind all this push for surveillance and censorship? Duh, let me think …

  48. Hey I’ve already had employers hold it against me because I had cancer and it could come back and that’s WRONG WRONG WRONG

  49. Nothing changes

  50. You mean like in Canada where we all have health care. No problem at all. You people are wack.

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