Weekly Reading- 19- 25 May, 2019 *End of Problems, Health issues and New Changes

hello and welcome to my channel do you want to find out what the coming week will be like for you do you want to give gentle guidance to your life and your thoughts you will have all the answers at the end of the video and you'll be ready to face the coming week let tarot cards provide you that guidance Aries Aries you are likely to show great courage and bravery in your interactions and relationships at this time your ideas and advice will have merit and your style of communication will be direct even confrontational you'll think that your way is the best way to deal with the situation but this strategy may backfire you could become a target of gossip and backbiting it could negatively affect your morale or state of mind better approach would be to listen to others before you speak and have a more inclusive approach to decision-making pick your battles carefully at this time and if possible be more conciliatory and tactful in your approach to contentious issues Taurus Taurus the energies of dream intuition secrets uncle uncovering the subconscious observation thinking imagination and solutions are surrounding you at this time avoid taking any major decisions before gathering all the facts some of you may be recovering from a misunderstanding confrontation conflict or betrayal by a friend or colleague but the worst will be overseen nostalgia over someone or something from the past may be on your mind pay attention to it as the answers to your current problem may lie in a similar situation in the past or an old friend may offer an assistance that you need taking time out for deep introspection and retrospection will best serve you now Gemini Gemini some of you may find yourself chasing new passions dreams and ideas with vehemence preferring not to fully look ahead before you take that leap of faith some may be getting ready to accept a new job offer in another city or away from your present comfort zone a young person in family or colleague may have some good news or useful information for you the page and 10 are signifying the coming of full circle of one aspect of your life and the beginning of a new cycle of change marriage child birth related news and spending quality time and fulfilling time with family is also very likely at this time the sense of contentment achievement fulfillment and peace will be very strong cancer kantha a quick romance or perhaps a stormy affair is on the cards for some of you the relationship may promise many possibilities for future but some of you are likely to confuse it for true commitment the feelings are likely to be passionate but not deep and may not be fully reciprocated by the other party look before you leap good news on business or professionals front is likely you'll be able to handle all tasks and responsibilities assigned to you award and recognition at work is also likely it is also a good time to take a lead at projects in work a position where you can showcase your talents and shine travel is also likely for some of you leo leo it would be a good idea to follow the advice of a mother figure on topics of home finances investment or family they speak from a place of experience and care overthinking and indecision on some important issues has you acting out in extreme manner or experimenting with different approaches but it is not necessary consistency and commitment to your chosen path is the key to success here your self-confidence may have taken a hit but trust in the universe in yourself and your intuition to lead you to your destination don't let idle talk or gossip affect your peace of mind you are likely to feel more moody imaginative reluctant anxious discontented and snappy during this phase whoa go vago very positive energies of change trust taking a leap of faith new beginnings travel and journey start of new projects job endeavors or fitness routines are surrounding you at this time it is also a time for inspired action enjoyment celebrations and welcoming new changes and fortunes into your life some things are destined and beyond your control so it would be good to practice going with the flow and seeing where that leads you a positive change in your health and this position is falsi likely it would also be good to practice mindfulness or living in and appreciating the present moment and your many gifts and blessings the future will take care of itself don't worry Libra libera receiving important information on work or professional front is likely to provide you with a new direction and Harbinger change Libra the energy surrounding you is very emotional dreamy imaginative passionate creative expressive and quick to rise to the surface but difficult to sustain avoid confronting people or situations at this time as the result of the conflict is unlikely to go in your favor rather rely on the famous diplomacy liberals are known for and work for mutually acceptable solutions your empathy care and nurturing attitude will give you a unique advantage in this situation some of you may get the opportunity to explore your more feminine and maternal side Scorpio Scorpio try to adopt a positive attitude and look for the silver lining in the dark cloud as you may be overlooking some of the better or workable aspects of a difficult situation not all is lost even though you're feeling confused apprehensive dreaming moody reactive and Restless you're feeling unsure of yourself your path even the destination you have come a long way just to quit because the results are not to your liking rely on the strength of your inner resolve your confidence and resilience and your commitment to your goal your intuition when you find your faith or trust in the Divine's plant for you dwindling help from unexpected sources recovery from known ailments and refocusing on your path is expected now Sagittarius Sagittarius relying on yourself your confidence resilience inner strength patience and understanding will be the key for you at this time work and relationship with your colleagues or family may throw some challenges for you this week you will need to remain vigilant and have your guard up affairs a hard break is likely for some of you the involvement of a third party will be catalyst for you reviewing your life and decisions in choosing a future course of action you are likely to be the recipient of generosity or favor in the time of your need don't dissipate this bounty put it to good use and pay it forward when you can keep recording Capricorn you need a break from the stress and anxiety you have been under take a vacation avoid overthinking have good night's sleep try meditation and yoga do whatever you need to to rejuvenate yourself however avoid quitting complacency or miss calculating the situation personally you may be regretting over a past affair or putting your trust or love in the wrong person at the wrong time heartbreak sadness despair and feeling of unworthiness are also likely but don't get sucked into the past learn your lesson and take a new and better approach to your future not all is lost as it may seem right now just realize that not all relationships are same and not all of them are meant to last Aquarius this is a mixed week for you Aquarius they are beautiful energies of action manifestation magic competence experience authority the power to get things done an exploration of the masculine within which are surrounding you at this time you enjoy a place of prominence in your work affairs and we'll have people eating out of your hands it is an ideal time to get things done manifest dreams and execute ideas there is also a feeling of loneliness of not being understood lack of communication heartbreak affair a third person meddling in your affairs this will be a good time to bring about the changes in your life that you have been planning on Pisces Pisces the feminine influences of Beauty creativity and grace idealization on goals manifesting of dreams fulfillment of wishes and receiving gifts and bounties our strong this week you may realize to your chagrin that insulating yourself or distancing yourself from a problem or situation will not make it go away you may have to unexpectedly deal with it and the experience is not likely to be pleasant a situation may threaten established thinking or point of view or shake you out of a false sense of complacency and may compel you to face or redefine your reality actual financial loss is also indicated for some so it will be good to listen to the advice of a mother figure on issues of family finances or work thank you for watching the video and hope you have a great week ahead if you like this video don't forget to hit the like or the thumbs up icon if you want to see more videos like this and read your weekly horoscope then subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon for timely notifications you can contact us for your personal tarot card reading follow the information given at the end of the video or in the 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