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hey welcome to real French food i'm olivia saez and i'm going to show you how to do a weekly planner using one dish you can step it up as you get used to doing this and planning out and maybe do two dishes and then have it last all week but we're gonna do just one and don't worry we're making meatloaf it's not grandma's meatloaf trust me this is gonna be really good we're gonna use turkey and we're gonna use some really healthy very simple ingredients we're gonna make this all in one bowl and then we're gonna pop it in the oven roast it and then it's gonna last you for the rest of the week so let's get started on doing that we have about a pound of ground turkey super lean really good for you really not a lot of fat so it's really perfect meat for you we're gonna take about a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce I'm sure a lot of you at home really mess that up every time don't know how to say it it's Worcestershire sauce okay that tablespoon of that we're gonna put it right on our turkey a teaspoon of minced garlic and if you have the fresh garlic clove that's better the stuff that's already in the jar actually loses a lot of its potency over time even though it's sitting in oil and things like that you do lose its potency so try to get the fresh stuff it's the best stuff for you I have about two tablespoons of a chopped onion you can coarsely chop it finely chop it you know whatever you prefer definitely put it in there raw because as you cook your meatloaf the onions are gonna cook too and soften up you're putting this in the oven for a good 45 minutes so your onions will really cook through we're gonna take an egg fabulous egg I'm gonna put the whole thing right into our meat there and now is when your hands are gonna get dirty so please don't be afraid okay just put your hands right in there it's not going to hurt you you're not shoving your hand in your mouth with raw meat it's fine just let the ingredients really mesh together okay so we're gonna take a loaf pan so we're just lining our pan with some cholesterol-free oil okay he's really low cholesterol really good flavorless oil and we're just gonna put our turkey into pan and we're just gonna flatten it out just so that we don't have any loose pockets now ordinary recipes have ketchup which has high fructose corn syrup what is that it's fake it's not real food don't eat that stuff ketchup is good once in a while I love it don't get me wrong french fries weakness sometimes but on a daily basis not good for you so what we're gonna do instead of ketchup is use an actual fresh tomato we're just gonna slice it up using a serrated knife is your best bet that's how you're going to cut through your tough tomato skin and really just have the perfect slices of tomato and all of the juices from the tomato you want to retain that as much as possible because this liquid is actually what's going to keep everything moist so we're just going to overlap our tomatoes a little bit and on top of everything it just makes it look pretty it's fun to display it like that and then we'll take our last bit of tomato here our last little slice and you're just I'm just gonna cover as much of the meat as I can this way you've got lots of moisture that's gonna just hang out and you've got that extra tomato flavor so I'm gonna put this in a 400 degree oven for about 30 to 45 minutes everybody's oven is different so keep an eye on it you just want the meat to cook through so if you want to keep it a little bit longer that's fine if it tends to be a little bit dry we're not gonna use any kind of fattening sauce with butter and things like that we're just going to enjoy it the way it is and I'll show you how to do that so that you can plan it for the entire week okay so while that's gonna be cooking for about 30 to 45 minutes I actually have one that I've already prepared so I can show you how to make this last for the whole week I've let this cool as well and we're just gonna go ahead and we're gonna slice it so it's actually it looks pretty cool right I mean it's the tomatoes are all on top it's in one piece I mean it looks pretty nice so I mean you could technically arrange it on a plate but I know this is what freaks us all out it's like oh god meatloaf fine you guys it's really actually pretty good so we're gonna slice it so it doesn't look anything like what you normally would see meatloaf to be so you can do thicker slices thinner slices whichever you feel in the mood for our first end of the week we'll have this straight you'll pop this thing right out of the oven it's gonna be nice and hot you can put it on a plate with some vegetables if you really absolutely have to have a sauce you can do a Bearnaise sauce is really good it's a little bit citrusy it'll go really nicely with that not too many calories you can keep it really simple a little shallot some white wine you can put that right on your your meatloaf and you've got a nice little meatloaf dinner but some other alternatives that you can do one of my favorites is to make us the actual sandwich so you know you've got a nice piece of bread here I've got a really nice ciabatta roll and you can just put the slices right on the bread I love adding a nice piece of Brie or another kind of low-fat cheese not too much don't overdo it that's where the fat comes in so just a couple pieces just for the flavor I absolutely love truffle oil so I'm gonna sprinkle a little truffle oil on here too it's gonna be an amazing sandwich some extra tomato if you want a little bit of lettuce any other kind of vegetable that you might have in your fridge and you're good to go with a nice sandwich for lunch another fun option to do I've got a pasta here we can do a bolognese sauce with this meatloaf so you can take a couple slices and while you're making your sauce you can just chop it up really fine just like that and then make little tiny pieces as well and then mix that in let me look it's just like you have ground turkey and you just mix that either put it right on top if you want nice and hot or you can just cook it in your sauce and then that way the tomato sauce just oozes right into your meatloaf you have no idea this is meatloaf I bet you won't even notice another fun option choose something different I love using black rice black rice is super good it has all of the nutrition that you could get from something like quinoa or a different kind of ingredient and it doesn't cost you nearly as much so and it's different it's different color it's just super cool to use so you can do a nice dish with the black rice as well if you want to heat up the meatloaf do a different shape chop it up have it right on your rice have it next to it I mean you have a different dish so using your ingredient main ingredient throughout the week is a really great way to keep it simple have a weekly meal planned out and as you feel more comfortable planning this stuff you could do two different recipes so one night you can do a meatloaf another night you can do salmon and then use that salmon and a few different items you can make chili and have a nice piece of salmon in there you can do the same type of thing make a sandwich do a plate of pasta really use as much as you can use your pantry staples and as many ingredients as you possibly can so that you can last all week long so enjoy this meatloaf don't be afraid of it it's super good it's a nice classic American dish turn a little bit of French so a votre santé you


  1. Great idea! Thank you so mush!

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  3. Animal fat does not make you fat. People ate steaks with fat, and there wasn't an epidemic of obesity. Long before the food companies realized that people would buy more products if people didn't eat fat, which kept them from being hungry longer.

  4. Not so sure about eating the same thing every day, particularly eating meat every single day. Thanks for the suggestions, anyway.

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