hi everyone and welcome back to my channel so in today's video I am gonna be sharing with you four different meals that I have cooked for my family this week these are just things that I would cook like every kind of day they're really quick and easy ones I also like getting my kids involved with my cooking because hopefully they will enjoy it one day and they might you never know coming a meal when I'm a little bit older so yeah these are all really kind of family friendly meals they're quick they're easy they're on a budget too so if you like that kind of thing then hopefully you'll like this video if you're new here and you haven't seen them before then I would love for you to subscribe if you like this kind of content I post lots of different foodie like inspiration content on my channel so if you are stuck and need a little bit of help when it comes to meal ideas then hopefully I'm the channel you're one of Hodge so we all that said let's just get straight on into my four different meals that I have cooked this week right so good news tonight we are having garlic and lemon white fish with Jack potatoes and peas so literally I've just been looking through my freezer and I always buy some frozen white fish every week and I just keep it in my freezer so I can just put it out anytime I need it so I've also got these massive massive lemons which actually my mum gave me of her lemon tree in space so what I'm going to do is put my white fish into a baking tray I'm then gonna zest some of this lemon and squeeze half off or maybe like three quarters actually of the juice in there with some olive oil salt and pepper and some garlic lots and lots and lots of garlic I think I've got I've got four fats cloves here so I'm gonna put it all into an oven dish pop it in the oven for about 20 minutes and it's gonna be absolutely delicious and then I'm gonna keep some of this like the last quarter and have it as a little like kind of drizzle sauce at the end or sauce kind of like some juice at the end that's what I'm trying to say and then when it comes to the jafek potatoes we had a BBQ yesterday so I've actually got some left over so I'm just gonna heat those up in the oven now I will then warm up some peas and serve it easy easy easy 20 minute meal right so here's my fish all ready to go in at the oven as you can see I've got some olive oil loads of garlic I've got the 3/4 of the lemon juice in here and the lemon zest as well or grated in here it used a fine grater this is the one I used and then I have also got some salt and pepper in here and the whole bag of fish this fish is actually from Iceland that's always where I get my frozen fish from because they are just really really good and they're really really good value for money in there as well numerous dinners we've got some peas we've got a jacket potato they are so nice and crunchy we've got the fish here and I'll say it smells so so nice and fresh and then here is the porn houses right so if I did it tonight I'm trying something a little bit different I saw this either on Pinterest or on YouTube I can't really remember but it looked amazing so it's kind of gonna be like a creamy spinergy meat roll type thing so what we're going to need for this recipe is some meat I actually ordered lamb mince but they didn't deliver it there wasn't any so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take the skin of these sausages and I'm gonna use a sausage meat inside as my meat I am also then going to use an onion that's finely chopped some garlic which I am going to like press you're going to need some spinach some cheese some yogurt or some creme fraiche I've actually just got this like Greek yogurt so I'm going to use that you're going to need a vegetable stock cube and you're also going to need some potatoes so what you want to do first of all is you want to grate your cheese and put it onto a baking tray I have obviously got some parchment paper here so I'm going to put the grated cheese on top and then I'm gonna slice up my potatoes really thin so we're actually going to use this which is our kind of food processor type thing and we've got the blade on it here which slices up your potatoes and things really thinly but either that or do it by hand I keep the skins on then put another little layer of cheese on top I'm gonna bake that in the oven at for about 15 to 20 minutes until the potatoes are sort of nice and soft then while that's happening and while that's baking I am going to in one pan I'm going to fry off my onion and my garlic and my sausage meat and in another pan I'm going to fry off my spinach and my Greek yogurt with my vegetable stock cube in there with some salt and pepper and then after 20 minutes I will take my potato layers out of the oven I will lay down my vintage layer and then on top of that I will lay my sausage meat layer and then I will roll it all up into kind of like a Swiss roll put it back in the oven for about another 20 minutes and then you're ready to serve it when you slice it up into bits you've got a bit of everything in there you've got some carbs you've got your meat you've got everything so you don't actually add anything on the side but if you want to you can add some salad which I think I might actually do to my meal tonight right I've dinner is ready this is what it looks like so it's not very well presented but I've had a taste and it tastes so nice Chris and I are having out with salad and then the boys are having theirs and some cut-up so for tonight's dinner I'm gonna make some little like chicken Guzan type things and then I'm also going to make them with some loaded potatoes so I'm going to kind of like bake some potatoes in the oven and then I'm gonna take them out scoop out the middle beds stuff them with a couple of things and then and put them back in the oven and then have a little like pinky salad on the side so my take is actually already in the oven they're gonna go in there for about 45 minutes and then I'm gonna take them out and do all the scooping and while those are cooking I'm going to start prepping my chicken cut it coat it in some eggs and then some bread crumbs and then it's ready to go into the oven so we've cut our chicken up here so we're gonna pop it in our eggs first and then we're gonna put it in our breadcrumbs here so Jamie is our chef tonight do it jayjay I'll say it coach it really well in there and sit over to the breadcrumbs he has washed his hands I promise that's they're all nice and coated and then pop it onto the tray good boy there you go and do it again you've got all those chicken pieces to do it's gonna take a long time chef Rory's now joined in these are all breaded up and ready to go in the oven I've got the oven on 200 degrees and I'm gonna put them in for about 20 to 25 minutes my potatoes are now out of the oven and I have taken out all the kind of like flesh out of then and then I'm gonna put these little shells back into the oven to crisp it up a little bit more they're quite crispy already but then in here I have got the flesh of my potato some cheese some spring onions and then some salt and pepper as well and a bit of olive oil skins have come back out the oven again and I have now loaded them up with my little like mixture I've just had a taste of it as well and it's absolutely delicious and dinner is served so we kind of got like chickeny nugget type things these are the potato skins after they've come out looking really nice and crispy and then I've made like a little piggy salad to go on the side right so it's the end of the week and I literally have nothing left in my cupboards and so this is the day that I always do my tomato pasta that's really simple and cost hardly anything so I always have a tin of chopped tomatoes in my cupboard and I always have an onion likes and garlic and stock cubes as well and so I've got a big bag of these left so what I'm gonna do is chop two of them up now and I'm going to come into the boys it's their after-school snack and I'm gonna use one in my sauce along with a chili it's feeling a little bit soft but I think it's gonna be okay so it's not actually that old so I'm gonna do all of these ingredients and my chopped tomatoes into my pasta I've got this opening it's spaghetti pasta here so I'm just going to use up the rest of that and then like I said it chopped up these peppers and I do have some hummus in that the fridge so I'm going to give the boys that now is their snack and then make the rest for my sauce for my pasta here's the stock my pasta sauce we've got red pepper we got onion we got chili we've got garlic and then I've got some olive oil in there as well so I will just fry that off a little bit and then I will add in my chopped tomatoes once those are kind of like sauteed down a bit and I will also add in my stock cube and then a little touch of water as well right so here is dinner already and as you can see these ones are the boys and I have put a little dollop of soft cheese on each of theirs to just kind of make it a little bit of a creamier sauce as well this is really one of the boys favorite meals and it's really good because you can put anything in here and it just uses up all those leftovers in your fridge thanks so much for watching today's video and I hope I gave you a couple of ideas to feed your family different meals so thanks again for watching and I'll see you next time bye


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