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good morning guys welcome back to my channel I am very excited because today I am starting a week in the life video so these videos have been a long time coming I've had a lot of requests for them but I didn't quite have the right equipment yet to be able to pull them off and so I just got a new camera and mic so hopefully in this video you're seeing some better quality then maybe my previous videos which let me know in the comments if you see a difference because just an editing and stuff I see a huge difference but I am just so excited to be starting it this week in the life video so it's currently about 9 I woke up this morning at 7:45 which is a little different because normally I'm at work by 8:00 but I've had a very very long work week so hard this week and my boss offered me the day off and so I counter off with him said maybe if I just come in later in the day and so I'm going in today at 11:00 and probably working a few hours just so she can get caught up on her work so she doesn't get behind but I have the morning off which has been really nice and as you saw I've just made some coffee and for the past hour I've just been planning and editing and working out all my YouTube videos for me so you guys have any requests leave them down below because now is the time and yeah that's all I've done so far this morning and it's just been so nice to get everything organized and relax and have my coffee and look out this beautiful window and yeah that's what we've been up to okay so I got all of my errands done which just feels so good they've been like rid of stress there because I don't get stressed like because these things aren't mine to carry and when you have Christ it's just like there isn't stressed you know because he has peace he is joy he is contentment but you know when you have things on your to-do list and you like you really want to get them done and then they keep getting pushed off that's been like the past two weeks I feel like I've gotten nothing done itself I'm so grateful to first of all have some link down time this morning that felt so good and then also to be able to get those things done and just like feel like my to-do list is like good okay so I got home at for film two videos and I've just been editing them and it's now six I eat some dinner I had some pasta salad that the video went up before this so I'll link it below so good you'll see it again in this vlog because I have a huge bowl of it that I keep beating but I told myself I would workout today I've committed to Tuesdays and Thursdays of like an official workout and then like obviously I get workout in everyday like walking or mowing the lawn or whatever but I'm putting you know I here because I'm working out now and then I'm gonna reward it myself with a bath which is like the only reason I'm working out right now but yes so if you're putting up a workout go do it hey guys so I really just wanted to encourage you to just get out and move like and this day I did not want to work out so I just literally did any exercise I can think of before I had an opportunity to convince myself out of it and sometimes that's just what you have to do okay so it's noon and I'm just working and so I think this is the first time we've talked today but a really good morning just works I didn't think I needed to show much of it because I've shown it in so many blogs but I wanted to show you guys my lips for today this is what you have when you're indecisive and everything sounds good okay so this is like one of my favorite things to do when I don't know what to have I just have everything so I have a pair I think like three strawberries cut up a couple blackberries a rice cake with a really light coat of peanut butter not too much and then a couple like spoonfuls of a cauliflower chickpea curry that's so good so a big tip I have for when you're just wanting to eat foods that are good for you it's just eat real meals that's been a big thing I've worked on rather than just snacking all day trying to stick to kind of strict mealtimes you know they might change a little bit but sit down eat your food and enjoy it and I try to do that not on my phone that's been a new thing for me and then also just have variety I get really bored if I'm just having like a bowl of just curry like it's delicious but then I want something after uhm but I'm full and I don't need anything more so by just doing small amounts of like everything that sounds good I'm eliminating craving so I'm not just snacking all day I'm eating a meal and I'm knowing when I'm full and also just writing is really good when you're eating lots of fruits and there's lots of vegetables in the curry and I'm having fat and protein and so there's just a lot of good things in this meal and I really like to emulate this type of smorgasbord type of thing and at least one meal a day I try to and so this is what I'm having today and lots of days I have similar combinations and so that's one tip I have if you're trying to eat healthily and you're just kind of over it another habit I've been making after I get my lunch pretty much every day is to make a cup of tea it just says kind of a good way for me to like settle and like tell my body I'm done eating I don't need anymore because before I was just like always snacking and once I start eating like I just like will find a million other things to eat if that makes sense like do other people do that but I found that by making a cup of tea um I just really like just am satisfied I don't want anything else cuz it's a little sweet um and I just find those been really helpful for me so if you like are constantly wanting to snack even though you're full after meals you should really try having a cup of tea it's worked really well for me and it's something I like really look forward to every day now hey guys so I just off work three and I just need to run a couple of errands and then at math for or no it got switched at 4:30 now I'm going to get my nails done with a friend which is like something that never happens like we like literally get pedicures together like every six months when it's like desperation times but I'm really excited to catch up with her and do that and yeah I'm just gonna be running some errands super exciting yeah that's it so I just pulled up to the nail salon and I think I'm going to go to a little dessert place next door and get Kaylee and I a treat because we always do something and I forgot to get a drink for her and me and so I'm gonna see if there's anything sweet and also see my friend who works at a little bakery okay guys some damage has been done okay so my friend Taylor was not there which was sad but I still got some stuff I got whoops a cake ball I got two one for me and one for K and then I also got a cannoli and we're gonna try them after I change my battery okay so I want to try the cake ball first because to be honest I'm most excited about it it's really big like that's so good okay now I want to try the cannoli mmm okay oh I really don't like that at all oh man bummer hopefully Kayleigh likes up but I'll see you when we go into the nail salon [Applause] okay so we just saw enough to eat at Steak and Shake and it was really good and now we're at this thing called an English country folk dance which sounds super nerdy it's just it was country dancing yeah square dancing yeah it's so fun I might try to get a couple cups are in there but for wine dancing yeah did you both it's really fun I'll get a couple tips and we're gonna go mostly see friends and I'm gonna make him dance beef to you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I know right I'm not a manatee or you put ice cream and apple pie together my guy happy Saturday it is currently and as you saw I had a pretty chill morning I just woke up and showered and made some coffee and read my Bible of it and then I got some uh video edited which was nice and so now I'm on my way to pick up Grady we were gonna go out for coffee but it's good so I have a feeling it's going to be more like a brunch because I have a feeling both of us are hungry and so yeah I'm just going to pick him up now and then we'll just be going somewhere to probably keep good morning where are we going what are you gonna get I have no idea run restaurant LT looks nothing actually this vlog my theme is like being healthy you know that hi Katie uh-oh I forgot I forgot to know where's that Qi I brought us coffee you brought us tea yes so Kay is taking me on a field trip you didn't know it's of course you don't know she works at a vet clinic and so we just stopped by her work and now we're going to where she know she's going into band enough one of our friends dog she had my good I think Rudolph early and she took her bandage off so my little friend just gonna put it back on and she's amazing you're such a good girl pretty good Kaylee you're the best oh my vet friend rescues animals all the time oh my goodness Kaylee rescued him they were gonna euthanize him because he like was it didn't have very good odds of making it but my old friend rescued him and they amputated half a leg and yeah he made it these guys we have some really sad news we just went to get doughnuts and they're closed so Kaley got doughnuts for Kayla one of Brady sisters and it's on video now that we're stealing one because our donut thing got ruined and we're also getting a piece of lemon pound cake from Starbucks just for good measure just enjoy healthy you know no been dumped this is so good did I get this is there really no it's done the other doughnut please don't this is sour cream so I made it to the farm and everybody's out doing stuff so I just came out onto the screen porch and I'm gonna do some work on my laptop but I want to show you guys how beautiful it is I have a little Danny keeping me company Danny hi baby hi hi baby good girl no no don't jump good girl it is almost nine oh my goodness I am having a fire with Brady and P at Brady's house and yeah Pete just made us dinner and I walking out to the fire right now so it has been a hot second um I'm sick uh it's Monday and I just don't feel obviously oh my I came to my arm um sorry adjust anyways it is Monday I don't feel good at all I like so sad Friday one night this weekend I don't remember which one I just started feeling really gross you couldn't sleep and like a sore throat and like coughing and like drainage and mucus see this is so gross and like I had like chills and like feverish sometimes and check my temperature last night and I don't have a fever but you know when you feel like you have a fever even if you don't that's what I feel like and I can't breathe and normally I don't ask off work very often but I figured the best way for me to get better was to ask off and like just rest and so it gets like 9:30 I don't know where my photos I think it's 9:30 and I've just been working on a cup of tea that I actually just remembered I'd completely forgotten about it it's really good just chamomile all of that ramble to say that I'm gonna make food okay so breakfast is yogurt and I crushed up some frozen strawberries in there and then just some toast hi guys so the current update is that is oh my gosh it's – I've just been drinking coffee for literally the past two hours and I'm editing this vlog and I'm like so sorry for a hug it is if you've made it this far and you're watching this clip I'm sorry like this is way too long however I do want you to comment down below and tell me if you like the vlogs being longer like this or if you prefer them to stay at like a shorter mark comment down below like your ideal vlog length then I'll just try to make them like that in the future um but I've cut this down like as much as I can and I just want to show you guys everything that's my problem and so I'm still not feeling well but I'm making myself at it because I want to get it done and I really do enjoy editing but I've been resting and so I feel like I have to get something done it because I feel so lazy um and setting out we're just editing and drinking coffee and doing nothing and it's great hi guys so it is for 39 and I've just been running errands for the past like 25 minutes and I'm meeting mom for dinner at 5:00 so I have a few minutes to kill not sure what I'm going to do yet but I just returned a library book just mailed some tax stuff again and then I had to pick up a can opener from a lady who sells pampered chef for Brady's mom and so that's it feel sort of productive so I'm glad about after being completely non-productive today but so not feeling great but I'm really excited to see mom so I'll show you when we go to eat hey guys so I just finished dinner with mom and I thought this would be a good place to end the vlog so thank you so much for watching and I really hope you enjoyed it if you did it let me know in the comments and I will see you on Friday


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