Wearing Well-being: Garment therapy for elderly populations

[KELLY COBB] I’m going to tell you a story.
[JAMES] I’m all ears. [KELLY] So, James, this summer I came to visit you. I’m a textile designer at the University
of Delaware and I’m doing a project called Wearing Well-being. [AMANDA RAKER] And specifically,
we’re working with early onset Alzheimer’s patients. Some of them
are more advanced than others. [KELLY] And the project is really looking at how we can
co-create textile designs based on images and narratives from the person’s own life. Your favorite animal – you talked about goldfish (Yes.) and you talked about
archery (Yes, I did that.) And you had a Dalmatian when you were little. (Yes, we did.)
The thing that I noticed, though, is that you wear this beautiful jewelry.
(Yes, I know. I inherit so many nice jewelry.) I cut out a bunch of really sparkly things because
you have a lot of sparkle. (I like sparkle.) If we build empathy within our students who
are going out into the industry, they’re going to address social issues but also
environmental issues with a kind of empathetic approach. (Oh, look at that!) I’m going to take a picture of it and show you how good it looks on you, OK? It’s meaningful to see the responses from the participants. Look at that. They might not remember the process, but they are responding to the images and the
colors immediately. You said that you care about your appearance and you like
to dress up, especially when you go out dancing. And we actually created a silk tie for you. (Hey, fantastic.) I want to give this to you and I want to thank you for working
with me. It’s been a pleasure. (Hey, you worked with me. I got something out of it!) Well, I hope you enjoy it!
(I can keep it, right?) Yeah, it’s yours to keep and I hope
you enjoy it. (I appreciate that, thank you so much!) I hope you have a great day!

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