We Try Beyoncé’s Coachella Diet For A Week


  1. y'all go into these challenges so uneducated. Group plan some recipes first maybe? or at least have SOME idea of what foods to eat

  2. 3:42 "so I just got vack"

  3. Dude didn’t last long at all 😂😂

  4. kelsey 😍

  5. There's also protein in cauliflower

  6. He has 0 will power kinda sad

  7. The way Gadiel says chicken nuggets was so cute 😂

  8. Acai bowl is straight carbs

  9. Hummus has carbs

  10. Quinoa is a carb

  11. No fun

  12. the amount of ignorance in this video is horrible.

  13. Everyone except for maybe Kelsey failing for 11 minutes and 22 seconds straight.
    And who's gonna tell the one girl that meat doesn't have fiber and that veggies have a lot of fiber? Cause she was saying she "needs" fiber in her diet.

  14. Ummmmmm protein and fiber can be found in plants

  15. He was a vegan for 30min 🤣🤣🤣

  16. I can never get motivated from him. He is like me 😂 telling myself that I will do it tomorrow.

  17. Umm… she probably also has a chef to cook her whatever she likes

  18. i was waiting for someone to say "anything for you beyoncce!"

  19. Keto is not healthy but people are doing it… like seriously…

  20. In the beginning, she said "I have pretzels" lmfao CARBSSSSS lol but you tried

  21. Well.. I stopped watching when the lady said "I need meat, I need fish". BYE

  22. Dudes eating McDonald's and oxtails while these women stress about being vegan 😂

  23. 4:05 he trades the salad with like a teaspoon of milk for a big McDonalds bag …..i understand

  24. “I don’t like kale. It tastes like rubba”


  25. This puts such a bad name on veganism🤦‍♀️ I eat a ton of different foods and I am completely broke but can still afford it. Where are the steamable veggie bags, cauliwings, vegan burgers, sandwiches, vegan chili, burritos, grilled tofu kebabs, quinoa, salads, fruits, bread, spagetti, smoothies, etc?!?! Like I get that they were also following the Beyoncé diet but please people don’t think this is what veganism is. Vegan ice cream is amazing, cashew yogurt is SO GOOD, and almond milk is better than regular milk to me.

  26. « A vegan CHICKEN wrap ». Ummmm…

  27. I don’t know why the guy even try’s lol

  28. Who know who would of made this better? Jazzyne f-ing Jay!

  29. my queen bey

  30. most doctors tell pcos patients to go keto? she's been going to some bad doctors

  31. I would Never!

  32. Fasting for half a day is fine but this for me feels like a whole other level

  33. Helloooo they have vegan sushi!!! Go vegan!!!!! It is the best for you and everyone/everything else on this planet. Do your part!

  34. The guy legit didn’t even try y’all should’ve just cut him out of the video

  35. I wish these folks had done a little research into what going vegan feels like the first few days. There will be times feeling lightheaded, especially if under-eating, there will be times your stomach or bowels just kinda hurt or you need to go to the bathroom more often. It's not a stomach bug necessarily. You're body is switching how it fuels itself and you're eating less heavy food. You're flushing toxins and upping your fiber intake a lot.

    That said, good job for trying everyone! Even if you cheated a ton-at least you tried new foods and if you work them into your life even a few meals a week, you'll be doing your body/mind/spirit/planet a serious solid. I hope you keep trying vegan restaurants too. It will help you find what you DO like. I hate yves faux hot dogs-they taste like water. Some people love them. I love tofurkey dogs. Some do not.

    Point-just because one yogurt is bad doesn't mean you won't find one you like. And regular yogurt tastes frickin' weird the first few times too. For the fish eaters specifically-check your local Asian markets- there are often whole rows of plant based seafood and meats. You will find yummy faux fish, low in carbs, high in protein. Beyonce's diet is extreme but veganism or being partially plant -based doesn't have to be.

  36. Going to a sushi restaurant…. Hmmm I thought no fish? I see bonito flakes….

  37. Dude is me every single time I think about dieting 😂

  38. GADIEL LMAO omg you didn't even last a day son! I'm cracking up lol

  39. The Guy is a fata**

  40. Beyoncé: I did this super extreme diet that I don’t recommend for anybody, for any reason.

    As/Is: Don’t worry you’ll be fine! You don’t even need to really do it, Beyoncé will be in the title so we’ll still get views.

  41. lol I wish y'all tried beyond meat

  42. Ok they did not try… honestly they need protein like seriously it’s not that hard to get protein from plant based resources. They kept under eating and they ate carbs.

  43. I like how one of the girls where like I NEED milk I NEED fish I NEED MEAT… like girl no you don’t you WANT this stuff


  45. It's so funny how triggered vegans are getting lol

  46. I don't know why the guy bothered

  47. the guy didn't commit at all. LAME

  48. “ I tired to turn over a new leaf” by eating more leaves

  49. Ya’ll this is just a healthy vegan diet :’)

  50. the dude with the diablo shirt is now my new favorite dude on this channel

  51. We try Beyoncé’s diet for a week:
    Day 1;
    Okay so we’ve got our McDonalds
    Day 2;
    Now how can I say not to (a really non vegan thing) that.

  52. Gadiel: I cant eat this. It got milk in it.
    Also Gadiel: *Gets McDonald's.


  54. “Im so hungry my hands are shaking” I relate to that in so many levels 😭😭😂

  55. "This is bad, i need protein" these people anger me as if the only source is meat HONESTLY 🙄🙄🙄

  56. This video would have been way better with a meal plan. Beyoncé went through 22 days of nutritions meal plan. It wouldn’t have taken much to ask them to collaborate.

  57. wow this was posted on my birthday 🙁

  58. They keep calling this diet vegan, but a vegan diet allows carbs. This one is just a VERY restrictive diet. They should research recipes and plan their meals before doing something this extreme. They probably need help from a professional nutritionist to make this work. This has 0 educational value.

  59. The man in the beginning was the best 😂

  60. Gadiel is a mood 😂

  61. Anyone else notice the Janelle Monae shirt at 4:31 ?

  62. Kudos to those that ACTUALLY tried, without making excuses.👏🏽

  63. There's sugar in fruit!

  64. 🙈 these people. I appreciate the optimism but I just don’t think they prepared themselves by educating themselves before they started.

  65. she's still fat tho

  66. They picked the wrong mann!

  67. News flash you don’t need meat or dairy in your diet. They are actually both really bad for you. It has some protein, but mostly saturated fat. Broccoli is more protein dense than a steak.


  69. In the beginning of the video they’re all saying it’s unhealthy but in all actuality aren’t they essentially just adopting a vegan diet??? What is unhealthy about that.

  70. The best low-ish carb vegan and great diet "snack" is obviously VEGGIES and you could at some hummus with it… it's good too

  71. If you planned this out with 3 vegan meals and snacks throughout the day there wouldnt have been anyone hungry

  72. lol there're bonito flakes all over Ella's meal at 7:15 . That's fish…

  73. This diet is awful

  74. I think they are confusing Beyonce's diet for vegan

  75. I can't stand when people say they need meat for protein 🙄🙄🙄

  76. Gadiel’s reaction is totally me😂Every single day!Lmfaooo eat greasy foods for vegan diet shopping later¯_(ツ)_/¯

  77. Remember carbs in some veggies too

  78. “ does Dawson have a creek??. Of course I’m a fan of Beyoncé!” Lmao😂

  79. I can assure you that vegan keto is so so so soooo hard, and not at all necessary!!! Cut out meat and dairy and you'll be healthy and fit. But keto is super extreme and not sustainable at all!

  80. Did he say a Vegan Chicken Wrap?! whaaaaaa?

  81. bruhh buddy tried, he said im so hungry my hands are shaking

  82. Lmao I love Gadiel

  83. Awwww that intro lol

  84. you americans don't know who carlos ríos is and it shows

  85. Beyonce has a personal chef that makes awesome vegan food, which makes it a lot easier.

  86. If they had her team it probably would be easier. Just because there are a lot of restrictions doesn’t mean don’t eat much. If you are hungry you didn’t eat enough. They should have had someone on hand to give tips & advice

  87. I wish I'd make money doing some crazy diet and complain about it

  88. Yeah this video definitely triggered my ED so I had to stop. This is how I ate food for the majority of my suffering

  89. my diet is whatever i can afford 😑

  90. 7:14 girl, those weird brown flakes on your salad are fish flakes!!!!!! 🤦🤦

  91. Also acai bowls are alot of sugar so…….

  92. A N Y T H I N G for u Beyoncé!

  93. Of all alternatives, he gets McDonald’s lmfao

  94. I don‘t understand why people don‘t do research before an experiment like this?

  95. 5:20 in the angle she kinds looks like Hannah and Wyatt! (From the worlds Okest mum)

  96. The difference is that it took a lot more work for them than for Beyonce, because I am sure she had someone prepare all the meals for her, and probably made sure they were more dense

  97. Eat 👏more 👏calories 👏👏👏

  98. I prefer not to listen to celebs so called diets a lot of times it's what they say but probably really don't follow plus my body need nutrients not just air.

  99. You forgot one point…. She has a personal chef that cook for her, so she does not have to think about what to cook

  100. this isn't a diet

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