We Tried To Survive Tom Brady’s Diet

– I think NFL quarterbacks
during the season try to eat somewhat healthy. – Probably like Schwarzenneger. – Definitely a vegan. Probably eats a ton of vegetables. Ton of water. – Just like raw eggs, tons of eggs, like 20 omelets and steak. – For the next 24 hours, I
think I will do fairly well. – I’m totally into it except
for the caffeine thing. – I think I can definitely
handle that for a day. – Sounds like all I can eat
is just grass in the morning, grass in the afternoon,
and maybe if I’m lucky banana flavored grass in the evening. – I have a baby. Does Tom Brady have a baby? Ah dammit. I woke up and I felt good. – That’s not toast. – I made sweet potato toast
with avocado and egg on it. I don’t know if it’s
going to be toast though. Yeah this is delicious. I am killing this. Doing such a great job. Yeah. – Alright so I woke up
this morning craving an amazing breakfast. I’m talking hash browns,
eggs, sausage, pancakes with the works, maybe a little syrup and then I realized “Oh Yeah” I’m on Tom Brady’s diet this morning. Old fashioned rolled oats. I don’t even think I’ve
ever opened this up. I’m so over this diet
already that I’m not going to even put this in a bowl. – So all the things I want are right here. Cheese, yogurt, and the
only thing that I can have are those two right there. Carrots and hummus. – I didn’t have my normal coffee, tired. – Usually around 10 o’clock
I have yogurt and granola. What does that contain? Sugar. Because of this stupid diet. Some carrots and some hummus. When you’re used to a
certain routine especially when it comes to eating, it kind of sucks to switch it up. – My salad was as basic as it could be. I like putting like you know
chopped apples on my salad. Couldn’t do that. You know even I think balsamic
I couldn’t have dressing on it because it has a little sugar in it. And just chicken. – Yup. – And that’s about it. – I just had a plain salad with olive oil. Okay so I got my salad and I’m pretty sure I did everything right but it’s like it’s kind of impossible to know so. – It doesn’t look bad. Salt and pepper chicken. However, after lunch is going
to be the real challenge because after lunch I always,
always, always eat candy. Those three large jars
of candy in the canteen. I went down there and just
stared at them for ten minutes. This is what I resorted to. I don’t think I’ve ever had
more carrots in my life. I really really want Snickers
so bad you have no idea. – No snacks here are good. I had like a couple of seaweed things. After lunch I usually
have like a little bit of chocolate or mints or something sweet but today it’s seaweed. But then I was like this has salt on it. I can’t have this. Nothing packaged was good
and I didn’t prepare enough. At noon until I ate dinner at 8 o’clock. I didn’t eat anything
and I was very hungry. – I’ve been waiting for
this all day finally salmon and brussels sprouts. Tom Brady diet. – Last one. – And I also had tender greens for dinner. The exact same thing, basically
salt and pepper chicken and like a teaspoon of like dressing. See, there’s no way anybody
could follow this to a T. – It’s Friday. So, back at it. Missed you. It’s like those little
things that get to you. You’re like oh, I don’t know
if this salad dressing I like it doesn’t have sugar in it so I guess I’ll just have olive oil. – I think the diet is
perfect for Tom Brady. I don’t think again it’s
sustainable by the average adult. – The life style that I have. I don’t see myself
being able to sustain it for more than a week.


  1. 3:04 the child is even PISSED becuz of the diet 😂

  2. Ok after seeing what Tom Brady looks like their is no way this is what he eats. I haven’t even see the video and I know it’s not true because it used the word “DITE”!

  3. I expected it to be like Micheal Phelps diet 😂

  4. Is it just me but the guy with glases look like frozone

  5. New Englanders RESPOND

  6. Everything has some amount of sugar in it you could have eaten apples😂 apples have natural sugars and carbs that make them healthy

  7. 0:10

  8. Sind das Lappen bei Buzzfeed ist ja echt kaum auszuhalten

    Öhhh nur Grass essen und Haferflocken jaaaa auf jedenfall
    Bei 80% Gemüse und den Rest Fleisch und Vollkorn produkte da könnte ich eine Million Sachen essen morgens wenn ich kein Bock auf Haferflocken habe.

    Buzzfeed sux dix!

  9. Y’all,,, salt is fine it just cant be iodized. #gokosher

  10. Apple on a salad, wtf is wrong with that man 1:45

  11. Vegans don’t realize they’re eating bacteria in h2o

  12. Carrots have sugar

  13. One day…. ground breaking

  14. Is it just me or that dude look like b.o.b

  15. I missed YB

  16. they’re literally doing this for 1 day and they just complain like crazy, it’s the same on all the buzzfeed fitness/diet challenges, its all worked out for them and it’s all paid for by buzzfeed and they still complain

  17. I feel like the try guys should be doing this instead

  18. He uses Himalayn pink salt

  19. the only things he eats are the tongues of his children

  20. Kool… but watch out for things that comes from Monsanto products like, granola, n oats.. go organic.. n still.. pick the right companies too

  21. Coffee is the biggest vice most Americans are on.

  22. Vegan is tougher diet… Tom still eats meat

  23. *Gaydy

  24. I thought the music was Eye Of The Tiger in the intro lol.

  25. Lol these celebrities can eat 10 eggs and I can’t even finish one lol

  26. He doesn’t eat toast…

  27. He doesn’t eat oats with gluten in them either 😂 nothing with flour or gluten.

  28. Packed seaweed is the best wht the fck do u mean lolll and carrot with humus or guacamole is so fckn good

  29. These guys are so weak. Get an average person to try this instead. Not someone who’s life sucks so bad they’re forced to work for BuzzFeed.

  30. I was not a fan of the black guy or the woman.

  31. Holy crap y’all are addicted to pure garbage. Brady’s diet isn’t even that optimal, you guys are pathetic.

  32. Coffee is fucken disgusting

  33. Clearly they don't know that all salt ain't equal. sea salt and himalayan would have been fine.

  34. I wish they would have weighted themselves at the beginning. Show a before and after

  35. americans are spoiled… in my country, people eat to live, not live to eat… food is only to keep you alive, not about enjoyment

  36. They didn’t even do the diet right 😂

  37. It was only a day!

  38. i have my diet fried red potatoes coca cola german beer bakery stuff italian bread pizza tric fruity penbbles corn flakes cheerios whole milk ch chip fancy bakery cookies croissant mozzarella sticks fried lots of sea salt andy capps cheddar fries munchos fresh fancy bakery pretzels chocolate milk & dark caramels lemonade seltzer strawberries pineapples blueberries blackberries raspberries watermelon almond milk regular sugar strawberry jello ham ham steak bacon pork chop fried chicken breast or thigh rotisserie chicken donuts

  39. Morons.

  40. what is wrong with oatmeal and banana or carrots and hummus??


  42. Try the rockstar diet: Few lines of cocaine and you wont have to eat for hours.

  43. Brady diet is against anything oat based.

  44. Brady isn't even in good shape. I doubt he sticks to this.

  45. lol

  46. no 11 yea rold kissed tho

  47. The average person most likely can't afford all this organic food

  48. IT's one day people

  49. Sub

  50. do vince carters diet after this one

  51. These people eat more candy than kids.

  52. an why cant anyone follow this? meat, veggies, grains, greens ect…maybe ur a pizza,hamburger,junk food junkie..time to get healthy bucko..

  53. Man looks like a wish version of Kanye

  54. He doesn’t eat fruit

  55. These people disnt understand the rules smh, if your still consuming tavle salt in 2019 your a fool.atleast putting it on your food your self

  56. That moment u realize brady has 6 rings # 28 – 3

  57. Tom Brady also has a personal chef to cook for him! 💁

  58. These people crying. .. because they can't do this without a chef…. really? What's the difference in cooking? Is just cooking.

  59. This was soooo dramatic. It’s one day get over it 🙃

  60. It’s really not that bad then again I generally eat pretty healthy already

  61. You forgot his sons lips

  62. The glasses dude is so fucking annoying

  63. Them hi chews tho

  64. The stipulation is iodized salt. You should use kosher if you know how to cook.

  65. “DeFiNiTlY a VeGaN”

  66. I would love it! I don't eat meat or dairy anyway!

  67. Definitely not vegan

  68. that's the easiest diet ever it's not even fully vegan yall are pathetic weirdos

  69. sounds like all I can eat is grass in the morning, grass in the afternoon, and maybe if I’m lucky banana flavored grass in the evening 😂😂

  70. I clicked the video thinking oh this is interesting not knowing this is a video of people just complaining and complaining and complaining for a challenge that only lasted one day that was not extremely tough

  71. You forgot the main ingredient. HIS DAD

  72. I grow a veggies garden and save money to buy case of water and buy fruits and healthy food .

  73. Your not aloud it have olive oil

  74. i don't get it
    those guys apparently have a terrible diet on a normal day…
    Sorry but TB12 is not that horrible, it is just common sense, eating healthy !
    a lot too much complaints for ONE day of chicken and salad

  75. I think this is why Tom Brady is so angry and whinny when something doesn’t go his way

  76. I’m confused. You can’t eat apples because of sugar but you can have carrots?

  77. I did it in Vegas and made a video about it. It’s not that hard!!!!

  78. I do this every day anyway it's as rough as you make it

  79. I swear y’all hire the strangest people

  80. I have no problem with eating like this, just as long as it tastes good.

  81. You can't do a diet for one day. If your doing a diet, it has to be for at least a week at the bare minimum

  82. Is it me or does the black guy look exactly like frozone.

  83. I hope the people in the comments try the Tom Brady diet also instead of judge these people, but I do agree they were being a bit overdramatic.

  84. tom brady: YOUR DOING IT WRONG

  85. 41 seconds. thats how long it took the mother to say that she was a mother and is therefore special. 41 seconds. flat. PS. 3 minutes and 6 seconds, that's how long it took her to show us said baby, 3 minutes and 6 seconds.

  86. Honestly if I had the money and energy I would totally eat these things in a day. Not as strict but I’d definitely eat those things. I wouldn’t be able to eat such large meals either. But I loooove hummus and carrots, but my jaw is the issue with carrots and I can’t chew them so I do warm naan bread (microwave for one minutes inside of a wet paper towel)

  87. I mean thats how i eat everyday i just don't avoid salt and i eat some dairy

  88. Gay

  89. Tony Romo has left the chat

  90. Natural sugar?


  92. Tom Brady is known for having one of the worst physiques of any professional athlete, yet somehow has people convinced that he eats like some keto god.

  93. When Americans see real food they just go yuck

  94. banana flavoured grass! LOL

  95. Damn you people are unhealthy

  96. I guess humans now a days have trouble eating real food.

  97. Bet I could do it but the coffee thing is what is drive me crazy

  98. hummus is fucking amazing

  99. You people are weak, it was one day!

  100. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Did you just call mushrooms a nightshade? They're not even plants. Meanwhile, you left out the most important nightshade of all: potatoes! You need to be more careful about this stuff…there are people who take your advice seriously.

    For the guy staring at the candy: that's how I kicked my sweet tooth. I'd walk through the cookie aisle but not buy anything. Resisting the initial urge for ten minutes when I would go to the store was about all it took (though it took me months to really get over it).

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