We Spent 24 Hours Straight In Gym Challenge


  1. This was 3 hours of raw footage, it is the most amount of cuts I have ever made in a single video. My brain is mashed turnips

  2. Antoine is cool AF man

  3. I honestly think that Antoine is a bear without fur.

  4. Antoine being pissed about Juji ruining the water and rice had me laughing pretty hard.

  5. Ending music sounds like old school dynasty warriors 3 music.

  6. 39:58 🤡 THIS definately looks like Juji could have made perfect use of the pink dumbells right there!

  7. That water discussion actually lowered my IQ by 10. back to 0 for me.

  8. This is the best video since the Nuclear Summer blooper reel.

  9. aw, i was honestly hoping pete and mel would show back up


  11. Antoine legs looks like T-REX legs.

  12. 26:27 "The mind and the muscle. You gotta connect them togethahh. Hnnngg"

  13. First video i found boring on this channel for some reason love the rest this one i didn't find entertaining

  14. Dorian sounds like Star lord trying to make his voice deeper than Thors… Great Vid Tom!!

  15. 33:45 u can hear the culprit.

  16. hey Juji, do you still do tricking here and there or have you completely stopped?

  17. Eggwhites

  18. I don't need real-life friends as long as you guys keep making these videos

  19. I see gyno

  20. I swear whenever Antoine is with you guys the whole dynamic changes and you all get a case of fuckarounditis. It's so funny I love it.

  21. Great video! That gym is also amazing

  22. 2:37 made me laugh harder than i should have

  23. Did antoine ever get his happy ending!?

  24. Well that was nice

  25. "u know i used to do porno back in the day" best cameo ahaha

  26. Well thank God you were there Tom (and John), you must have single-handedly doubled the IQ in that room.

  27. “room full of bodybuilders and Tom decides to go topless” dead

  28. Bunch of pussies, I’ll be impressed when they go “24 hours gay in the gym”

  29. Wasn’t sure wether to watch this or Antoine’s video they were next to each other on my phone and I clicked this and boom i see Antoine’s face. Perfect I can have my cake and eat it too

  30. you make the weirdest content and the most fun! you guys are amazing!

  31. Hey Jujimufu are you the man I was watching on "Team Ryouko" videos many years before?
    If you are, thank you for those moves you guys did in videos years ago, I started Kung-fu and free run thanks to you and your friends…

  32. Tom thank you for the hours upon hours this editing must have taken!

  33. Tom, Juji! I never thought of this before now. You know Furious Pete and Mel. They know Matt and his wife from Demolitian Ranch and Off the ranch! Make a collab happen! He loves lifting aswell, and Guns! One of the most famous gun YouTubers. Always doing dumb stuff. You guys would make some awesome videos together!!!

  34. Damn it's good to see Antoine! Missed that guy.

  35. You guys kick ass!💪✊

  36. I actually watched the whole thing and it didn't feel like 40 minutes at all! Good content!

  37. Funniest vid I’ve seen in a while good stuff guys. Tom still never gets enough credit for the editing. Here’s to one mil soon!

  38. What happened to his arm

  39. Mr. Beast inspired content…awesome sauce mang!

  40. Antoine's been thru hospitals and rehabs, 24 hours trapped in a gym aint nothin but a peanut lol

  41. Antione is dope 😂 collab s’more

  42. Phil: Open class is the only MR. O

    Tom: hold my camera, that’s flex

  43. Cried a lil bit at the ending

  44. wait was the thing at the end a joke? how is there not any 24 hour gyms in murica

  45. anyone here from germany? antoine klingt wie fler 😀

  46. The videos they done with Houston are my favourite 😂💪🏽this is still a great vid tho

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