We are the funny family – Try gymnastic (WK 9)

Hi, Welcome to Frida’s YouTube channel Today i gonna try gymnastic whit my little sister Maj-Britt Yey, yey!!! What You think You gonna do Maj-Britt A splits Yes Uuuuuuu Really cool That’s fine, assa Maj-Britt There do You a really efforts Emmm, now i think i gonna stay on handstand Or….. Yes something like that Okey, Maj-Britt. What You think You gonna do A forward roll Yey!!! The was superb assa Maj-Britt Okey Now I’m think I gonna do real handstand Try in case Yes Frida You have not forgotten anything What, what, what? Buster!!! He hide Can You come forward He can Norway The know we him can Look at the sweet pig Can i clap him Yes Awwwww Have you seen so sweet Maj-Britt you know what What? He has teddy fur See so cute He looks like a carrot Yes Yes a sweet little carrot Okey thanks for watching, bye


  1. Følg med på kanalen det kommer flere vidioer ganske snart

  2. Kan du lære meg hvordan du gjør det?

  3. Herlig

  4. Love gymnastic make more

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