Waterborne diseases and prevention – Waterborne Disease 2

In 2009 and 2010, they discovered that the waterbone disease outbreak in the USA was caused by Legionella bacteria
and other parasites, like protozoan parasite, and these protozoan parasites constitute 9%
and bacteria 18%. And if we look at the surface water,
from this surface water, 39% percent was coming from recreational water, recreational water was like people swimming
and beach and so on, so 39% of the disease was coming from
recreational water, and then 61% coming from treated water, treated!
Then 10% coming from lakes. So if we look at here,
this is the global burden of the disease, in 2015, worldwide,
yellow was carried out in 2000, then blue was carried out in 2015, so it shows that the Sub-Sahara African countries,
were maybe among the most people infected but southern Asia was the highest, so the least developed countries, at least they were having 43% of the burden.

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