Waterborne diseases and prevention – Transmission

How are these diseases transmitted? Well, first of all, know that in any contaminated water, like this office water I was just talking about,
we have pathogenic organisms inside. Those coming from the influent,
that is just an example I have given. And from this surface water like the river Elbe, where the Hamburg wastewater
treatment plant drops the effluent, what is in river Elbe? So some of this water,
that is recreational water, like swimming pool, washing, agriculture. This recreational water, agricultural maybe,
they take some of this and then the water, the vegetable that they transport it into the market. So drinking, some people drink it
or maybe through food preparation, we use this this contaminated water,
and the food is contaminated. So all this water from the swimming pool,
water from building, food from the field that has been watered
with contaminated water and so on, give rise to waterborne diseases. And these waterborne diseases have different classes. We have the protozoa, the bacteria,
metazoan and viruses. So the protozoan, among the waterborne diseases, constitute a heavy burden we are going to see them.

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