Waterborne diseases and prevention – Prevention

Based on what we have heard today about the waterborne diseases and how they come, their life cycle,
how they circulate in the environment, and we have known that proper education, this is your friend,
and say your friend gives you something to eat, a vegetable, you say:
"Oh please, let me wash again or wash it again." That is education.
Also, you are letting your friend be aware of the fact that maybe, it is not always, it may be,
because research has shown that even on salad research has shown that parasites were
being found in it. So we don't trust, we have to, I mean, do what?
We apply the knowledge we have. And in anything,
when we come from, we don't know, some people that come from a toilet, we have the disinfectant there and everything, we have to disinfect our hands because we don't know whatever we touch. We don't know whatever we carry.

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