WATCH Bill Clinton call Hillary’s health problems “very serious”

Hilary Clinton says her health is fine and you know she always tells the truth and CNN totally agrees saying any questions about her health or just conspiracy theories she's fine I mean sure she bumped her head back in 2012 but that's nothing and all that coughing it's just allergies she needs help upstairs because because of allergies got it they're adamant that she's fit as a fiddle she even opened a pre open pickle jar on a late-night comedy show as final proof that she's ready to do an Ironman right now but what does Bill Clinton say about it not that he's particularly close to Hillary these days they haven't lived as husband and wife in 16 years but Bill's her chief spin-doctor he wants back into the White House's first husband maybe he'll be in charge of the interns again but listen to what Bill Clinton said about Hillary's health before it became an issue here's Bill Clinton in May of 2014 they went to all this trouble to say that she had staged what was a terrible concussion that required six months of very serious work to get over something she never loved auld what the American people never tried to pretend didn't happen did you catch that back when she fell and hit her head some pundits speculated that Hillary Clinton had been faking that thinking that she had hit her had a mean on well just to avoid answering questions about Benghazi so Bill Clinton said no no I me put those rumors to rest Hillary Clinton was not faking being unwell in fact he said it took her six months to get over the injury here listen to it one more time they went to all this trouble to say that she had staged what was a terrible concussion that required six months of very serious work to get over something she never loved Auld what the American people never tried to pretend didn't happen Hillary Clinton fainted she had a concussion she had a blood clot in her head she was in the hospital for weeks she was literally seen double so she had to wear those special fernell prism glasses to see straight six months of very serious work to get over it that's what Bill Clinton himself said but don't you believe a word of it she's totally fine and you're just a sexist if you even ask about it for the rebel media I'm as relevant thanks for watching click here to never miss a rebel update one even more the rebel will click here to become a Premium Member


  1. that's it Billy boy.. spillyr guts. the american want t know…as far as cnn goes covering her lard ass…their a bunch of asswipes…allergies??? another lie…I have allergies an take allergy medication for ..I don't have coughing spells she is such a lying bitch…not t b trusted ..she made the remark after president Trump got elected …that she would never run again if all that is true….thank God because the jig is up….her health problems r out in the opening…anyone stupid enough t vote for her should have their head examined…..

  2. Fool me once, shame on you ..

    So if you catch the media, governmentor anyone lying to you why in would you put your faith in them again?

  3. 6 months very serious work..might mean six months of physical, occupational and visual therapy.????

  4. Yall's gay.

  5. wtf how does it take 6 months to get over being concussed bull shit

  6. Meanwhile back at the ranch…Bill has a shrine praying she dies so he can have hookers 24/7!

  7. I am very sorry for Americans. Who you choose for President? Two crazy. Americans are very good people,but the last 30 years, all the presidents are weird. But now – the horror!!! Why do Americans fight on another continent? Why destroy the Soviet Union,Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya,and now Syria… Their little problems?

  8. So Hillary is a lying manipulating bitch and Trump is insane. What a choice.

  9. I saw a nice Weekend At Bernie's meme the other day.

    If any meme magicians wants to improve on it, you could have Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden playing the roles of Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman, propping up Hillary's corpse.

  10. Her personal private doctor says that she is in great health. I will believe that when I hear it from an independent team of doctors that fully examine her. At least 4 or 5 doctors and it's a full body exam with a brain scan and X-rays. They can do the same with Trump. We the people have the right to know!!!

  11. I suspected brain damage some time ago. I ruled out Parkinsons because her behaviour does not match.

    I though it may a serious trauma, but Neurosyphilis which occurs from untreated syphilis take years to develop. It is a slow degrading disease. All her symptoms match along with her periodic seizures and bizarre behaviour. Stroke can occur with Neurosyphilis. Hillary needs to be tested for Neurosyphilis.

    Tabes Dorsalis. This form of neurosyphilis is also rare. It can start to affect the spinal cord 20 years or more after the initial syphilis infection. Its symptoms include: trouble balancing a loss of coordination
    incontinence an altered walk vision problems pains in the abdomen, arms, and legs

    Individuals with neurosyphilis can be treated with penicillin given by vein, or by daily intramuscular injections for 10 – 14 days. If they are treated with daily penicillin injections, individuals must also take probenecid by mouth four times a day. Some medical professionals recommend another antibiotic called ceftriaxone for neurosyphilis treatment. This drug is usually given daily by vein, but it can also be given by intramuscular injection. Individuals who receive ceftriaxone are also treated for 10 – 14 days.

    Problem for Hillary is that she probably been untreated for so long that other ailments may have occurs that will effect her for the rest of her life including confusion and memory loss due to suffering a stroke.

    Individuals with asymptomatic neurosyphilis or meningeal neurosyphilis usually return to normal health. People with meningovascular syphilis, general paresis, or tabes dorsalis usually do not return to normal health, although they may get much better. Individuals who receive treatment many years after they have been infected have a worse prognosis. Treatment outcome is different for every person.

  12. MAGA

  13. The collapse she had in New York 15 yr. anniversary 9/11 , that was scary , she looked like she
    lost all functions .
    Over heating my ass , how long can this go on ?
    The Democrats are just a sleazy as the Bush / Cheney Admin. , protecting their New World Order Agenda .
    $20 trillion in debt , how the fuck do you keep up with the interest ?
    I would assume there has to be a point of no return , and we'll all be fucked and of course WWIII will
    be next on the agenda .

  14. Great video. You earned a new subscriber

  15. Six months for a concussion???? WOW!!!! That's big!!!

  16. Today's episode in NYC is confirmation that something is seriously wrong.

  17. H. Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia, according to ABC News.
    This is terrible for the country.

  18. Die you old bag. Die!

  19. All that money and she cant get healthy, what was the fucking point you bitch.

  20. All this video proves is that Bill Clinton is clearly a conspiracy theorist.

  21. Watch this: real eye opener

  22. Bill Clinton really looks like Pinocchio with all those plastic surgeries. wats the problem with aging look?

  23. Next they're going to say asking about Hillary's health is racist.

  24. Check wiki leaks about christiane amanpour and Clinton emails. They're in it together

  25. Hillary is so far up the Rothschild's ass she has literally turned into a piece of shit.

    She's dug her own grave and will shortly be jumping into it. All that will be left to do, is to fill that grave with her in it back up with the pile of dirt she put to the side while digging it.

  26. Bill AND Hillary are both having health issues. Bill is in much worse condition. Showing signs of early dementia. He is becoming very frail. They are still crooks but Bill is definitely declining.

  27. 1:10 Nice find Ezra!

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