Was Morsi's worsening health ignored by Egypt authorities?

well so far not many details have been revealed you were explaining what happened that he collapsed during the the Train decision of his trial today and then right out of they try to take it to the hospital and he he died I mean after all this year that he has been kept in Yale we've been getting very little information about the real situation of the former president we've been getting news especially from the family his son has been demanding he is a he that he he was he should be treated for their the CCS that he was suffering that he was not being treated according to in Egyptian or even international law and that by the lack of treatment they were accelerating their possible death of his father only like a year ago he was saying that he had kidney problems and liver problems and that situation of a mohammed mursi was really horrible in depression and he shall be treated had there ever been any kind of international reaction to the way morsi was being treated or pressure put on the egyptian government to to treat him as a former president to treat him better yeah there was an independent British parliamentary committee that announced that I mean he that they were revealing that Morsi was locked in there to operation and their conditions that were not meeting I was as I was explaining before the international standards and and they warned that such conditions will accelerate here say he's dead and and they try to to to visit him in while he was imprisoned but this request was rejected by the Egyptian government you

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  1. Egyptians are a bunch of cowards by allowing this to happen

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