Warpaint – Disco//Very – Keep It Healthy (Official Video)


  1. I like young shreeks

  2. I Love WarPaint

  3. !!!

  4. i want her crew right now,right now

  5. i feel love

  6. i know president pink,she dont know

  7. isint she the best skater,watch out for me

  8. i need this,i know

  9. Does anyone knows the name of that black and yellow instrument in the whole clip????

  10. Girl on the left looks like badJanet from the good place, hot.

  11. I get to see them tonight!!! Woohoo! They’re opening for MGMT 😆 super stoked!

  12. This SUCKS

  13. 😎💕

  14. You ladies are crazy great! 🎈

  15. alguem ouvindo essa musica em 2019

  16. I wish I could be in oakland to see them tomorrow =( Probably my favorite band that currently still plays. <3 Jenny Lee you are my goddess! <3

  17. I want a pair of trainers like Emily

  18. What the hell is going on in this song?! Hard to listen to, but I love them!!

  19. anyone else here to see the food service girl from The Rules of Attraction?

  20. its me ,in postion

  21. every day

  22. im reck in love

  23. prittie too

  24. They look like they'd tasty salty if I licked them. But I would. With their consent.

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