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I welcome you all IBC Viewers I am so glad to see you on this Fitness show I am Trainer John from Kilpauk Fitness One Gym Centre Lets see what kind of Warm Up we should do once entering into the gym I explain how to warm up initially Rotate your neck Move your up and down slowly breathing in This is not stretching, just warm up This is just a warm up do it for 5 counts Then go for turning sides Why we do this is? You come here after a sleep The blood circulation may not be proper due to the bad pillow positions while you sleep and tights the muscles While doing this warm up you will feel relaxed Doing work out after this warm up will cause NO INJURIES to your muscles This is the warm up using your hands This is for your shoulder, chest muscles, scapula behind This is for sides This one is for collar bone and rotated calf For every muscle there is different warm up If you follow this, then your muscles will be relaxed from tightness There won’t be any discomfort during gym workouts This is rotated calf warm up Why you do this? After the sleep your muscles would be tight To relax the muscles rotated calf warm up is done Warm up for 5 to 10 counts front and back The muscles get loosened and will be easier to lift the weights This is called Bracer which relaxes the collar bone neck, shoulder Shoulder should be straight Do it for 10 counts If you practice this warm up NO INJURIES will happen in your shoulder while lifting any weights The position should be always straight This is another kind of warmup Do 5 to 10 counts This will also relax your muscles Later this will be useful for going cycling, treadmill exercises etc I will also explain lower body warm up Even persons who go for jogging or walking in the morning should also practice this lower body warm ups Only warm up reduces the tightness Now we shall see lower body warmup This warm up reduces the pelvic muscle tightness This joint muscles will be tight after the sleep This warmup is to relax the lower body muscles Raise your legs high mam and slowly bring down Raise and low down She does without support, you can do this even using any support This warm up really relaxes your muscles from tightness Cycling, jogging or any other exercises will be very relaxed after this warmup There won’t be any discomfort or tightness These all are movement exercises Do it sideways now These warmup gives good benefit for muscle relaxation from glute tightness Glute tighness creates pain during treadmill run and cycling This tightness happens after the sleep where the blood circulation may not be proper as said before sleeping at one position which makes glutes getting pain All these warm up is for muscle relaxation After these warm up there won’t be any muscle injury during the heavy workouts This warm ups benefits really Do this daily Even though if you work out at home, practice this warm ups before work out After practising these warmups your muscles get relaxed much All other workouts can be done after these warm ups Whatever you do, Keep your Abs tight if not you may feel the low back strain This warmup is to get rid of ankle pain during cycling and jogging This warmup keeps active and the Gel in the ankle act as suspension while jogging, walking Do it 10 times clockwise and anti clockwise This warm up is must Here I will show you how to do pushups in right method Wrong methods will make your muscles more tight So you will deny doing further workouts Keep your wrist straight and pull your legs back This will be an advanced workout Pull down your shoulder and raise even with the hip both the hip and shoulder should be raised, not only the shoulder If your hip pelvic goes down then it will be hard to lift your hip Do it even Raise your full body up Your elbow should be placed slightly turned If you keep straight it lowers your back further bend your knees This is basic level Initially it is hard to do pushups when you go to gym Bend your pelvic Do like this Initially the push ups has to be done like this Do it slightly first and increase the push gradually from 5 to 10 days After 10 days it will become easier Later you can start the advanced pushups This benefits you well Once the Heart Rate increases, the blood gets boosted up and makes you active Then the other workouts will become easier Keep your leg at your shoulder level Keep your hands straight Do squats like this Your muscles get work out This benefits your muscles Do 5 to 10 counts You can do as your body supports, if not you can continue for workouts This can be done at home or Gym We have seen all kind of warmups now This benefits you much when you go to gym You can also do these warmups at home as well as Gym Do this warm up as must You can gain more energy through these warmups Even though you go to Gym at evening, this warm up is must Only if the muscles get relaxed, you can the lift the weights easily


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