Warm Up Feet with Traction Technique | Reflexology


  1. NO ONE will fucking say first on my watch

  2. But, didn't you just say first? 🙂

  3. i got a good idea if there are 2 likes and 3 dislikes then like the vid and so go on so its 50% by 50% like dislike.

  4. no, i prevented any bloke from saying first.

  5. I came.

  6. I need this after the gym :/ , but she'd probably faint when i take my shoes off xD

  7. I've seen better feet.

  8. lesbians

  9. How does that James Bond moment make you feel?

  10. Howcast stop legitimizing pseudoscience.

  11. Of course Howcast videos are the only ones with ads AFTER the fucking video. That's especially annoying when I'm trying to masturbate and the video finishes before I do.

  12. pretty matrixy 😀

  13. I was looking up how to warm up your feet so I could give a feetjob but instead I got this

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