Want to Reverse Your Calcification and Heart Disease? Here's How! Podcast Ep21

and also even increased suicide rates in the tribes that eat the modern foods because the tooth pain was so bad without access to dentistry that suicides actually went up and they tied them to the dental problems I mean this is kind of blindingly obvious uh-huh it seemed like you and I are both engineers so we we do we define the problem we don't define the symptom and when you define the problem you get different answers than if you define the symptom welcome to the five Emperor podcast I'm your host ivar Cummins we're supported by the Irish heart disease awareness charity which advocates a simple CT scan to reveal your CAC score so know your score and take action to prevent that premature heart attack everything you need to know will be right here we have a fascinating podcast today because I'm going to be speaking with an engineer and biochemical expert Patrick Toit and he has done what very few people have been able to do he's effectively reversed his heart disease and dramatically brought down his calcium score so I know this is gonna be a fascinating conversation part mm-hmm I'm looking for we're doing yeah and it's long overdue I must admit but there's been a lot going on so maybe you could start with giving a brief overview of roughly how you actually reversed your heart disease because we know that calcification progression can be slowed down and that confers a massive lowering of risk just by stopping the progression but the Holy Grail and a lot of people ask about is actually reversing the calcification leeching the calcium back out and achieving a near elimination of the disease process which is demonstrated in in subsequent scans so maybe give us an overview of that first okay just a quick one on myself right now I'm 66 years old my little adventure started in November of 2002 and presently my my background as I've got a master's in biochemical engineering of masters and business semesters and stats I'm a geek and I'm also an athlete two masters athlete I was a ice hockey player back in fact in another life and I've always had a fascination with how do things work well I was confronted with my left main being completely calcified from the wall of the heart to the branch calcium score three three seven back in 2002 and I was given less than four years to live I was going to the this prestigious clinic south of Minneapolis said you have less than four years to live and you're gonna die of an arterial blowout and I said to the attending cardiologists my body got me into this mess my body can get me out of this mess and he thought I was into denial and my good friend who was the at that time the by Sheriff psychology and psychiatry at that clinic said you just don't know patch she's got that look in his eye so I proceeded to dot do deep dive into the internet and my with my background in chemistry and all that stuff it was pretty easy to fly literally fly through the internet and read all the scientific journals and stuff like that I devoted 8 to 10 to 12 hours a day to it too now I have over 16,000 hours of reading on the subject and within three years I had stopped and cleaned out my entire left main cleaned it out and I've to date I have 28 heart scans to prove it going back to to the 828 it was yeah I had this one physician this holistic MD cardiologist he's now retired great guy he said Pat aren't you afraid of of radiation and cancer I said doc I'm gonna die anyway so it does a freaking matter I kind of figured this problem out and if I can't do it I need to leave a trail of what I did that worked or didn't work and why excellent and just just one quick and I won't intervene too or interject too much but just on the radiation I've been true that one as well and one or two scans increase your theoretical risk by 1 in 20,000 for a remainder of life for a middle-aged man so whatever about you know 28 but one or two for most people it's just irrelevant but but please go ahead yes and to your point it's like flying from Chicago to Tokyo and back in the same same day or something like that it's nothing really so I kept I within three years I reversed my left main I had while I was reversing my left main it the calcium score kept increasing it took a year to stop everything but so other stuff started growing and I started reversing that too and then I got a then I'll just say and for for brevity's sake I had a speed bump and my calcium score tripled in three months dick which well yeah according to dr. Bhutta that's impossible well guess what I did it and then it was then I I in dedup a type-2 diabetic partially I stopped and reversed that that took me three years to get that squared away or that was a problem because if you don't get your diabetes squared away you're gonna have heart disease one thing that the listeners need to need to grasp ketogenic diets are critical X with the exception of the apoe4 genotype there you've got to be a little cautious in your diet but I've always been ketogenic from my athletic days back in the 60s and 70s so I kind of knew it worked and by January of 2003 I wrote a nice letter to a friend in Tiburon California and I said Bob heart disease is a gut bacteria problem it's a function of your thyroid it's a function of low D low magnesium and basically it's it's you got bacteria that dictate your your health it's kind of interesting January 2003 long before any of this and I really emphasize carbs will kill you and it was it's been fascinating it's been a hell of a ride ever since so this the thing with calcium scores your calcium score keeps increasing okay that means you have stuff growing in your arteries that are supposed to be growing there I sometimes call a cancer of your arteries and in 2010 I said to myself enough is enough I've slowed it way down progression was like a couple of percent per year but it's still growing if it's growing it'll kill you so I said I took a week off and I just burrowed myself into my books and but I've ran into an inadvertent article by Mark Cola from 1998 and it said vitamin K influences heart disease and I went really you gotta be kidding me I didn't know it I truly didn't know it I got everything else figured out but I didn't know okay and it was funny when I finally dove into that I'd remember what dr. Davis dr. bill Davis from Wheat Belly Fame said to me yeah his mother was from Japan you know Japanese they have this thing with vitamin K and now and I'm going oh my god that's what I missed because from 2002 to the reversal and cleaning out of my left main guess what a8 i hate kale I hate sauerkraut I hate hard cheeses because that's what my body seemed to crave and I just kept eating and eating and eating it you know and I inadvertently used K to solve my problem and I didn't know it at the time so but it was essentially it was your investigations on your switch to a more keto diet removing problematic carbs which feed the wrong both bacteria calls leaky gut immune reaction all that stuff you were doing all the right things but inadvertently you're you're tilting towards high K to foods exactly exactly I stumbled into it you know it's just it's just so apparent when I had that speed bump the apparently the gut bacteria that we're making my K were killed off I'll just put it that way and we could talk about what really happened at that time but that's a whole other thing it's very controversial and I don't want to get into it so I realized I needed K so I had to go find it in in level sufficient to make it work and I don't did a deep dive into that and I said okay I found my K which was it it could read like a Cheech and Chong movie you know driving down to Tijuana to score some marijuana I mean it was amazing you know you go to these conferences say hey I'd like to buy a Kia MK 4x you know you might you might define I know you will but you were looking for k2 on a variant MK 4 or maybe MK 7 so maybe give a brief description of the k1 plant food more and the Kate you know from natto and cheeses to just give an overview of the different case okay I'll give you a conversational biochemist thing I get K comes in 14 forms k1 which is an ounce of broccoli it's in broccoli inhale MKS are fermented products made by your gut bacteria surprisingly enough bacillus ullis in your gut and you can also get it in foods like natto sauerkraut fermented sausages stuff like that so it's it's it's everywhere yeah ones on the fermented side the ones on the just plain extractive side and they're very similar chemically and in fact they're they look like chemical tadpoles or Polliwogs oh you've got this benzene head on it over here in this long freaking tail and that's important because LDL and HDL carry that stuff all over your body and that's something people forget about LDL and HDL and VLDL the those are the three trucks that haul K 1 the M case which go in 13 different flavors and your vitamin E and your coke you can and something called micro RNA which is primarily resident on HDL and that's the coating that your liver puts on the LDL and HDL when it kicks it out and back into your bloodstream doctors don't talk about that all that often that's it you're describing a system where lipoproteins like HDL and an even v LDL which is a problem in in diabetics when it's high and even LDL the bad cholesterol you're describing them as not just cholesterol one of their contents you're describing them as a crucial evolutionary delivery system of which all HDL LDL and VLDL are all crucially important right precisely they are your little milk trucks at hand that bring your milk all over your all the neighborhood and drop the milk off at the doorstep that's what they do that's what they do dr. furlan made a great study up in Canada on vitamin k1 and its impact on Alzheimer's in his prevention and she went through the whole bio physiology how the darn thing is even hooked up to the LDL particle and how it went hold it how this enzyme takes it off the LDL in other words takes a tone Oh correct puts it through the wall wall of the artery and remanufacturers it into mk44 sheathing material for your for your nurse it's amazing and with you look at all the studies of LDL and HDL they never talk about that it's crazy yeah you know Patrick I I haven't got so much into that science that you're talking about and that's why it's fantastic that people get a good grasp before today but it makes absolute sense that in evolutionary terms the most complex macro molecule like the lipoproteins is going to be multifunctional and completely embedded in our health even the LDL exactly exactly that's that that's that's just that's just amazing so so in 2010 I I did my deep dive I finally realized what I missed and it's in some kind of a researcher all on my own you're not gonna get everything so okay I missed it but I got it now I came up with a whole new definition of heart disease which is just fascinating and is and in I don't want to use big words to scare people or whatever but it's basically you've got foam cells and macrophages and your pipes that are growing they're bad actors and you gotta kill them it's just gotta kill them so I'll tell you how it works and I'll put it in Peter Rabbit language okay you've got a macrophage that went in into your pipe to kill a bacteria that got in there the macrophage doesn't want to leave so it gives off a chemical that says hey I don't want to leave my body goes ah you got to leave necrosis ain't going anywhere so if you have stem vitamin D floating around and you have sufficient free t3 floating around that's a thyroid hormone it causes an upregulation in other words it makes these little chemicals start spinning on the surface of the macrophages in the foam cells those are called matrix claw proteins think about it as little top spinning on on a basketball well your HDL sees those and it goes hey those are my friends so the the HDL wings into your into your artery and it's got a little net it's imagine it's got a magnet on it the magnet is your vitamin K 7 the MK 7 attaches it to that little spinning top and locks it down pretty cool huh just locks it right in there now coke q10 is hooked up to your HDL particle coke you tent is like the Hajer cables on a boat too tight to the dock so it ties it to the dock now your HDL is hooked up to your macrophage or your phone cell and then the micro RNA sneaks through and tells the macrophage or himself you're supposed to die and in the meantime HDL is Mother Nature's mosquito if it goes in there it sucks out the successful proton of the fact when it gets all bloated and says I'm full and I've got you in my belly apo a1 goes along and attaches itself and makes it an official HDL particle hauls it back to the liver and gets reprocessed so now how do you get the calcium all well you remember those little spinning tops I was telling you about that it's called the up regulated the proteins well there's a little carrier protein called fed ona and nobody talks about fed ona well fed ona C's that chemically any go and they go woohoo I need to go there so federal Berlin into your artery gets up with your vascular smooth muscle cells where the calcium is kind of resident along with magnesium just sir magnesium that's why keeping your magnesium levels are so darn important magnesium loosens up the calcium Mack the feta when he grabs onto the under the calcium and halt takes it out it hauls it either to the liver to the bone for a deposition now your honor is clear it is very cool indeed Patrick and I know around one in a billion people probably have any idea of this process especially the details pep steps you've discussed now just go on back to the HDL so the HDL reverse cholesterol transport as they call it is crucial but would you've added to it is some details around that and how it works but I've often said this that HDL reverse transport is extremely important but if your HDL is dysfunctional damaged or incapable through many different vectors you're gonna have a challenge or that important step and the classic example is diabetic inflammation HDL is highly compromised right so so you need a healthy HDL so maybe we'll talk briefly on the HDL its outer shell and and the importance of keeping it healthy to enable what you described in your first step there oh it's it's a great point it's that that that is really that is really something the issue yet you have before I just leave all of this the purpose of LDL in heart disease is the LDL particle is carrying k1 and k1 along with vitamin C kills macrophages and foam cells through a process called uh doshas that was first identified 1998 that's kind of neat that's a whole other story so anyway and that's why the LDL bowl goes into your artery it goes there as basically a scud missile to try and kill the foam cells America and since it doesn't have enough k1 on it the macrophage doesn't eat him so again it's conversational biochemistry so everybody kind of Kenny can put wrap their head around what's going on but it's kind of fun here's the thing with the diabetic stuff and this is interesting if ya the average diameter of an HDL particle is about 10 nano nanometers it's kind of tiny but think about it as a softball so if you have if you're diabetic the size of your softball gets smaller so it'll go down 205 nanometers and if you've got healthy HDL it gets really big like 15 nanometers or a basketball so if you need a softball or a basketball and you've got golf balls guess what your surface area goes way down that's where it's compromised that's why small dense LDL and HDL is not good think about it as golf ball softballs and basketballs henceforth you can't put enough coating the proper chrome on the bumper that you would like to do and henceforth to give you an idea of surface let's see I've got this calculated out the surface area the difference between low and high of surface area and HDL alone it's 900 percent between low to high think about that 900 percent and that translates into how much more stuff you can carry and then you end up getting compromised that's that's basically your your truck's too tiny yeah and you see you've got a double-barreled problem now if you've got issues that calls the smaller HDL LDL it impacts their function majorly and usually people who are impacting that are also not getting the correct nutrition which needs to go on the shell in the first place so doable barrel problem you've now completely undermined at two levels the functionality of our HDL and LDL role in managing disease exactly and to make matters even worse the larger the particle and more stuff you have hanging on it the better you can orient the particle to hook up to where it needs to get hooked up if you've got the right chemical on an itty bitty particle you lose that orientation opportunity so henceforth yes you may have sufficient say cookie tin floating around but guess what it's not in it it's not it can't be made it up like a lock and a key like you would have with a larger particle I love that one because there are so many manifestations of that problem of molecular interlocking and yet another one for LDL the smaller dense particles longer time in the bloodstream we know causes problems and where there are papers as well I have where the smaller denser particle also changes to an ovoid shape and doesn't lock so well with the receptors in the liver and stays in the bloodstream but that's yet another independent problem with LDL but it's not LDLs fault no it was cause it's the it's the chemistry that gets it to that point yeah and and that's why the the ketogenic diet is is so damned critical we we we just can't keep banging our system is not designed to be hammered with sugar it's not designed that way it in fact if you want to really look at it from a very interesting perspective sugar to the body is really a toxin in the body is designed to really eliminate that toxin if you think about it and yeah in digestion of course some people argue while sugars the natural fuel that's why the body is at first but the body has to use at first at all costs I mean maybe alcohol it it uses before sugar but that's it it's alcohol first of all because that's most poisonous then sugar needs to be man you stopped or switched into fat for safe storage and then finally fats so yeah excessive sugar I guess if your insulin sensitive and healthy and athletic and in great condition you can handle increasing amounts of of sugar or carbohydrate in your diet but that doesn't mean it's good or okay it just means you can manage it better but the majority of adult Americans over 45 now the official figures are 64 percent are are now pre-diabetic or diabetic so we're not talking about healthy people we're talking with people at risk and they have a big problem yes they're the the problem is staggering it's just absolutely staggering out there you you look at a Cola drink of any kind it's a it's a it's 100 grams of sugar your body's not designed to take that my god you're just the body's that's designed for that it's like exhaustion this calcium oh I'm going to take calcium why your body's not designed for and when you take calcium as a state as I say nah on some limestone the body's gonna do something with that calcium when it's not gonna be anything good it'll give you a kidney stone it'll go into your heart it'll go any it'll cause nodules in your joints don't do it your body's not designed for it your body is designed for magnesium it's not designed for calcium you know here's a neat point in calcium if your body does need calcium vitamin D is a signaling chemical to the gut bacteria to liberate the calcium it needs and that's something it just goes tells it hey dude I need some more Kelsey okay here it comes other than that oh it goes well the body has all these regulatory mechanisms so if you starve it of calcium like and literally not ingest enough it may have a challenge but absolutely there we're trials where they gave extra elemental calcium and there was higher mortality but they were looking simplistically at us oh well more calcium will help because more is is battery but but as you say no unit is not the lightest in general but the biggest thing people forget about taking vitamins is the first thing that gets said is your gut bacteria that's make them happy first and another thing about eating of you know doctor Noakes talked about eating once a day and I've been doing that for years and why is that important is because it allows the proper gut bacteria to multiply and liberate the chemicals that's being told to liberate so if you keep pounding food down your gullet the bacteria get all confused to what to do and that in in that ultimately causes bad bacteria to start to grow which in turn induces in diabetes which in turn induces non-alcohol fatty liver and stuff like that it's all coming from your gut your of the are what you eat you are what you're digesting or what you absorb it's and you know Patrick the whole good thing is the latest big thing but I think a lot of people who are talking about growth bacteria do not have a grasp really of how it works they just kind of know it's important and then they some of them make up their own theories another big problem is well just to your point about the gut bacteria if you will have GERD or si Bo a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and challenges of that nature you're going to get malnourished and you're gonna get leaky gotten all kinds of problems for sure but if you go to a low carb healthy fats diet and cut your meals from three or four down to one a day the evidence suggests there's gonna be dramatic improvement now it might not fix everything but it's like a first step right exactly you have to have a ground zero somewhere you just have to and when you tell people it's really not that complicated and then you explain it in Peter Rabbit language they go wow my aunt Phyllis ninety years old she's on a ketogenic diet she loves it she's skinny group she sharp his attack healthy as a horse and she's you know she's around her friends who are just dropping like flies as she said and she keeps telling him you're eating wrong and they've got all these problems and and they give him all these meds and make even more problems and she says I'm taking nomads it's amazing yeah and the overmedication of the older generation is quite shocking I mean I forget the figures but something in the UK 30% of people over 65 or 70 are on an average of six prescription medications so everything has gone crazy we know that but if we go back now to the atherosclerosis process so you did these interventions and you learned as you went with enormous amounts of research and fairness into deeper biochemistry not just looking at trials and trying to guess or associational rubbish studies I did it on all the stuff I've done I would read a study and then I was study myself so I've got a probably $300,000 my own out-of-pocket just on my own lab work just testing on myself and see what works Wow well that's and that's what you got to do if you're discovering new data and not just parroting other people's stuff I was had a conversation with dr. bill Blanchett the other day who's big into CAC scanning and intervention to stop progression and he had a couple of other unusual ones which you'd probably like Gorm infections and gingivitis is not only a reflection of a bad diet which will give you heart disease but the very bacteria and infections themselves trigger the immune system and can drive progression in people who otherwise have done the right things and are disappointed that they're progressing so maybe your thoughts on that one for instance oh I will give you some real interesting stuff on that the Veterans Administration in the United States says if you're going to have a heart valve replaced you have to have all of your teeth removed yeah hey my buddy I'll just call Glenn this is my next-door neighbor I said you're gonna do what oh yeah they said you know tooth infections will screw up my valves so they're gonna take out all my teeth you gotta be kidding me Glenn really it's true I don't you know it's true it's just it's just bizarre by the way no doctor Blanchette and i made a presentation an a cappella presentation at his at his clinic he showed a Widowmaker and I was in the audience and he introduced me to the audience so I talked for two hours two and a half hours it was pretty fun but here's something interesting which you get your vitamin C correct your vitamin D correct in your K correct and your magnesium correct guess what you don't have to brush your teeth okay so you can over power or compensate for the challenges the bacteria and immune reaction to bacteria calls for atherosclerosis mmm-hmm yeah it turns out if you brush I have yet to meet a mammal that brushes his teeth other than humans I've still been looking at can't find one yet but I'm looking and you ask yourself why do you brush your teeth again I'm an engineer you know we ask questions you know license work you know so uh drilling down and turns out that if you get that right you don't have to brush your teeth and I haven't brushed my teeth in ten years and I went to I had a little mechanical opportunity and the dentist said I'm so proud of you this is a year ago she says oh my god you know a people your age should really follow your advice I said doing what how you floss how you brush everything looks great I says they haven't brush my teeth in ten years she says oh my god there's no plaque on your teeth yeah I know it's not supposed to be there is there something well it resonates with me because yeah there are studies which show hunter-gatherer tribes living on real natural foods with all of the elements generally that you describe they didn't brush their teeth and they had an average of one cavity or missing tooth I think in their 50s from skeleton studies that were done in contrast similar genetic peoples who move to the cities and eat the modern kind of white man's food if you won't want to use that phrase they in their mid 50s had myriad cavities and missing teeth and also even increase suicide rates in the tribes that eat the modern foods because the tooth pain was so bad without access to dentistry that suicides actually went up and they tied them to the dental problems I mean this is kind of blindingly obvious uh-huh you see like you and I are both engineers so we we do we define the problem we don't define the symptom and when you define the problem you get different answers than if you define the symptom and out to your point on native tribes there was a study by in Denmark Denmark wanted Denmark brought a bunch of folks from the Inuit from thule down to Copenhagen and they were brought him down there and they would last about three years and they died so eventually the Inuit says we're not going to Copenhagen because you're killing us and we don't know why so the Danish government said well we're not killing you but obviously there's something going on so they studied their diet and they found out that the diet that the Inuit had made then you would survive and the Western white man's diet truly did kill them and it's just a fascinating study it's one of those things that doesn't get really published a lot but it's out there it's fascinating and there are so many examples like the Samoans the amputations in Samoa for diabetes and the obesity is off the scale and the Pima Indians up to 50% are full-blown type 2 diabetic after moving to the new food supply and probably all of them are diabetic if you measured their postprandial insulin but we still get told shockingly that it's laziness and gluttony that's driving the dietary problems right which is insane because all peoples in the world in the last century suddenly started getting loads of heart disease increased cancers obesity diabetes and it was all because humans of all different tribes all around the world suddenly got lazy and got gluttonous it's so absurd when you think of it yeah oh the if I may I want to reference dr. Noakes on back in 2002 he published his book the lore of running instance I coach world-class athletes I Wow he's the Guru of endurance running so I read his book it's it reads like the Chicago phone book it's about 800 pages long and if you're a biochemist which I am it's it's fun if you're not it's oh my god it's torture but he had a chapter now that no this is 2002 2003 and on carbs and I got to that chapter and I read it I went oh my god you got everything right but you get this right so later on doctor notes hats off to the guy he's a he's a stud he really is he's an intellectual stud and he said you know the book Laura running I remember his his a YouTube video ignore the chapter and Karp's was wrong so apropos and here's a man who for giggles runs 50 mile races he's in phenomenal shape he's following like he said I did everything what I was told to do and I became a type 2 diabetic what is that all about think about it it is this it's it's amazing hey guys just a quick break to remind you too this podcast is only possible due to funding from the Irish heart disease awareness charity and its founder David bobert David discovered he had massive heart disease in 2012 and could only do so by getting a five-minute calcification scan and CAC score it enabled him to take action to stop the disease process and to save his own life now he is spending millions to help others do likewise all we ask is to help get the message out on the power of CAC watch the Widowmaker movie linked at the end of this podcast and share it as widely as you can thank you and now we return to the conversation well he discovered he had the he just had the intellectual and ethical ability to admit he was wrong and then to say I must share this to save other people but a lot of a lot of researchers don't they turn a blind eye when things are uncomfortable but there's no doubt he it's outrageous out there and actually that just reminds me of the calcium scan story from the Widowmaker movie which you obviously enjoyed and Bill is doing great work to promote I mean we've got a scan which enabled you to take action track your progress and fix your heart disease and reverses we've got this gun for forty years there's millions upon millions of people out there who if they got a quick scan and found it they'd huge disease would like Noakes realized they were duped that the low-fat high vegetable oil diet and and doing a bit of exercise completely let them down and gave them huge heart disease not genetics and they would go and search maybe not as profoundly as you did but they would go and search and increasingly now on the internet when they go digging and they're angry with huge disease they're gonna start finding out about how heart disease works because increasingly low carb and other root cause information is exploding on the internet so all those millions could be saved yet the system doesn't want to use the scan almost like they don't want what I described to happen what do you think well the reason for that is now this this this I can i I don't wear a tin hat and listen to AM radio or two o'clock in the morning and Saturday night so I just don't do that but it's the old saying follow the money I have a couple of good good friends in the medical world that tell me the reason why we don't encourage heart scans is because the general practitioner will be confronted quickly by John Q public of saying I'm taking a statin am i if I get a scan every year my heart disease is increasing what's going on that's the problem they're trying to be gatekeepers and controlling the narrative that's the issue that's that's and I've heard this I have a good friend who was achieved chief of surgeons at a very prestigious Hospital in the Upper Midwest he just retired he said that that's what's going on this week told me it's it's scary so and I'll give you a piece of objective evidence now I live in the Upper Midwest and there's a heart scan Center for you can get a heart scan for $59 320 slice Toshiba scanner excellent piece of equipment I've recommended it to a lot of people and now they don't go once a year they're only allowed to go every five years and they and they were and so that my one friend said why every five years and they said and the cardiologist said oh your heart doesn't East doesn't change in five years so why why push yourself through all that radiation honest God you know it just what yeah it's just bizarre and the cardiologists obviously has no grasp of the trivial nature of the radiation with a few scans over a decade it's meaningless but there are many I agree there is a challenge on it's unfortunate that the statins while they give some benefits and they can stabilize plaque through certain mechanisms unfortunately they have a tendency towards being correlated with higher calcification even though it's probably more density rather than volume but because of that it makes calcification scan on poplar because it gives the impression the statins increasing it but there are all the other reasons too I mean we know that if you scan people who are going to go into invasive a cath lab to get angiograms probably 50% will have a zero calcium score and means there's no way they need a an angio if they're asymptomatic and that's a huge impact on revenue and then the drug companies know that if you start scanning a lot of people there'll be a lot more people taken off the product then they will get extra people on it so it's like nearly everyone in the business all across the top strata the scan doesn't suit them it only suits someone who wants to save people's lives ordinary people's lives but that's not part of the business right like dr. Blanchette he's trying to say was lies he just is he's going to be be scanner just it's you know he yeah and David Bobbitt then of course who got the Widowmaker movie made an eye HD a set up who I work for he is furious and seven years after discovering himself with the scam that he had massive heart disease after passing treadmills and executive medicals and ECGs and he discovered what we're talking about he still as angry today I was talking to him the other day and as angry about all the people who are dying unnecessarily true lack of use of the scanner as he was seven years ago he said it has hardly subsided he is so passionate about but the problem is it's hard to get the message out to the masses even though the low-carb community increasingly is getting quite knowledgeable about the scam the masses are hard to crack when all of the power structures are against you but it can be done a piece of trivia back in 2010 when I was when I said oh maybe K does work I had some statin I drove my LDL down to sixty nanograms per milliliter my triglycerides were at about sixty to eighty anyway my HDL was about 70 and I said if this if the body loves K which the research for Maastricht University said the body loves K and stuff out of Tokyo from dr. Sato okay so I got my K took my K and being a good engineer I said okay let's see what happens to my LDL and immediately shot up from 60 to 135 while I was still taking a statin boom just like that I went my my my what do we got here so being the good engineer I said well if I go off the statin what's my LDL gonna go while I still take my kick in theory in theory it should stay the same it stayed the same within 10 points amazing and then subsequent to that about five years later somebody did a paper that said yes if you take if your kay and you're on a statin and here you have low LDL your LDL is going to go up isn't amazing I you know just using logic it should work and it that that it that is actually fascinating Patrick because I think what we acknowledge is well a couple of things around statins they're much maligned and there's certainly some reason for being concerned about overuse of them but if you take a cohort of people who are not going to get the K they're not gonna know about low carbs are not gonna know any of the stuff they'll still be better off if they're identified with high heart disease with the mitigating effects of statins so if you put that sigh a group aside it could be a large group the people then who are doing all the right things you could argue they're gonna stabilize their heart disease anyway and therefore the stock no longer has a benefit to give and that's a personal decision like when you're a low CAC score is between you and your doctor and the 2018 guidelines now they said score below 100 in the middle risk person it's no longer automatic statin it's a discussion with the patient so again you're making choices but I'll have to say and come back to what you just said the body then is taking the statin regulatory effects which is lowering LDL particles and arguably giving some of its benefit by lowering the amount of substrate prone to oxidation let's say but the body is counter regulating that statin effect when there is more K and striving to circulate that K effectively that's correct the problem with statins is in fact I was just reviewing it today at you're right you're absolutely right on the LDL part but what people are not told and this was part of the original statin patent way back when is coq10 is down regulated also and you need Co Q 10 in your body and statins get rid of you making Co Q 10 in addition to that and here's something that's not ever talked about people are usually deficient in selenium well there's a selenium protein that statins deregulate in other words shut it off so off you're already under gun with selenium and the enzyme used to make your selenium effective is shut off that makes your problem even worse and on top of that there's an ISO parental something-or-other that makes your cell walls it's kind of the glue that holds your cell wall together that gets screwed up and there's something else that I haven't research there's five things that get screwed up with taking a statin one of them is LDL the other the other four nobody ever talks about and they're all they're all critical to the progression of heart disease it's amazing it's just just amazing yeah and there are lots of impacts negative impacts I suppose it still has to be said that if someone is unknowing about any of these things and it's you know on average someone with very high heart disease there will be a benefit and even the anti statin people will acknowledge from the trials there's an average benefit for someone with high disease not for someone with low but I suppose it's up to people then to understand what you just described and then try and make it their own decision having knowledge on how they're going to mitigate their risk into the future are they going to use meds and Co Q 10 added in selenium and all the good stuff and get the get the belt and braces or do they want a goal alone with fixing the root causes depending on their confidence level you know I mean it's still down to an informed personal decision by people who've been enabled to realize they have high disease by the scan it's still a way better place than the current giving drugs to nearly everyone based on cholesterol and not allowing people to get the scan and find out what our real situation is precisely an informed decision is an important decision it gives it respects the patient respects the and you got to do that and getting back to your point on ketogenic diets one of the things a physician can perform the patients saying look it if you eat a lot of junk food you you chemically scar your pipes when you chemically scar your pipes your macrophages whichever your repair crew go in there to fix the scarring you gotta stop scarring your pipes you put it in Peter Rabbit language people respect that most people don't want Webb citric acid cycle yeah I guess the challenge is that most physicians are again not being disrespectful but from all my physician friends and colleagues around the world I mean literally hundreds of them now they acknowledge to most physicians do really see it as a cult bad cholesterol disease and and don't have a grasp that the the health of your endothelium the health of your gorge on whether you've leaky goat or infections hyper insulin hyperglycemia that all those things are way more important by a million miles but they don't understand that I guess D if you go back to your root or your path to reversing you went from 300 and something and we will put aside when you shut up due to the the factor you said it's getting complex but you came right back down to wash okay I I took my left man cleared it out then I had my I'll just call it my speed bump it went up to 1200 for a calcium score my left mine still stayed clear 1200 is not good whoa you got stuff growing and then when I finally discovered K and got everything squared away my score is down to about 950 I have it over the last five years I've five years seven years whatever ten point two percent reduction in volume in and score on the same machine at the same hospital so I I I know I know it's working I've got the objective evidence to say say so and you know what that's so important because a lot of people ask me about progression and have anecdotal true and factual but not in a published study regressions and certainly flattening of progression which arguably from the rocky and other studies if you go down to a few percent a year increase only instead of the usual twenty to thirty percent your risk falls really down towards someone with a low score in the first place but you are a case of actual regression the only published study I know is William Davis Wheat Belly who we are very familiar with who published with his intervention not quite yours but a little like it he got a third of his people to regress a third to flatten and it's heard to rise slowly which was fantastic that's the only published study I know of demonstrating this that's correct and yeah that's correct that the other studies on attempting regression using a statins have all proven to be they slow it down but they don't stop it and it's like you tell people if it's growing it's growing and that's not good because all it takes is one set of circumstances will bust through epithelial layer and you've got yourself a clot you got to got yourself a problem it's you got to stop it first very well as I told Bill Davis way back in 2004 you got to slow it down you got to stop it then you got to clean it out then you got a hit set up so you don't have it happen again and when I was at the IC IM conference I presented a beautiful slide I can send it to you of the multi headed dragon of heart disease and each head of the dragons got a different thing that needs to be addressed it's not one pill solves the problem it's is a it's a lifestyle change and I kasanete is a Hydra yeah you got it the vampire squid and any one of those things will get you exactly and I always saying this to people to it is multifactorial I think sometimes the medical business uses multifactorial as almost like an excuse all those 300 causes so throw your hands up and just try a pill but the reality is it is more factorial and different people may have different drivers and therefore some people may stop progression and they're happy right and some others may do quite a few correct things but it keeps progressing but for those people they need to look at the dental health they need to look at the k2 they need to look at the the Co Q 10 they they need to look at everything and if you found out you're very high heart disease it behooves you it's your personal responsibility on behalf of yourself and your family to to to go deep and to keep striving to get the progression to slow down and stop I mean if people don't care well then okay forget them let them drink coca-cola and do what they want but there are so many millions who do care right if you all people have to do is have a heart attack and then they're gonna say boy I shouldn't do that again and that is for sure so your interventions then just putting them as your personal success we're regressing your calcium and we have several more people have a lady whose husband went from 400 and something down to I think to 80 so I'm beginning to gather these testimonials but you did the low carb slash keto diet that's warm you did the vitamin k2 and and k1 right big intervention and we'll talk soon about how much and the types of of ways to do that at Co Q 10 I guess yes and what were the other key things magnesium magnesium in D I was one of the first people to say if you're right if your vitamin D level should match your HDL level I figure there you're in good shape and that's in nanograms the American units nanograms per meal I think not the Nano moles right right nanogram per milliliter our getting your selenium right I take fish oil I've been doing that and sooner ester with fish oil you need to take away the fat where it doesn't get absorbed that's fascinating that's a study out of Hungary way back when pretty much I get my thyroid right my speed bump killed my thyroid so I take armor thyroid I have to get my free t3 correct that's between 3.5 and 5.0 and that's pretty much it don't take any calcium supplements you know that's I take a multi B vitamin B and that's an eight once a day I exercise a little bit nice about it it's not that complicated it's not as you stated but that's a pretty powerful evidence-based science-based list of things I mean you can have six things that are trivial or you can have six or seven things are really important so that list you described would probably cover a lot of people who have developed heart disease because the root causal chains are common there's a commonality so that list that work for you would have a big impact on most people and maybe to be some people at the fringe who'd keep progressing and they'd ever well in engineering what we call the special calls outside the norm right well I forgot I also take vitamin C also and when I work out real hard I take lysine in citrulline I don't take our Cheney it urged me it's not good for you so okay that's a good one to note because some people talk about l-arginine and you know does this magic potion about it and vitamin C I never went for the Linus Pauling type super vitamin C to fix everything from what I looked at I couldn't see hard data so I just figure well just get enough vitamin C but not a biggie I take about 6 grams of vitamin CA day but that's from my body and I emphasize to people dial your body in what my if you want to call it my protocol use my protocol is to jumping-off point for your body because everybody's body is different and doctors don't want to recognize that and people don't want to recognize that you're everybody's special so you got to work at it yeah and you use the seer if you have high disease use the serial scan to check the efficacy of what you're doing because you could be missing something really important and you could be progressing right and that's the engineering approach to find the problem define measure analyze innovate and then repeat and if you're missing something you're obviously defining the problem incorrectly redefine your problem and you keep doing the iteration and since as you point out it's a multifactorial problem and you and I both know in engineering multifactorial problems are busy systems and you just cannot be if they're not solved linearly you have to sit and think about it think planning reacting in fire and our can of course be a lot of ambiguity and interacting factors which are highly confusing and even lag times between a cause and effect that can throw you off oh my god yeah like just taking vitamin D there's like a one or two month lag time before your system finally gets suggested when you take high-dose say say say this protocol that I use since for some reason your body will respond to it well you're not gonna see anything for six months if not a year you have to be patient you just gotta sit there and just just be patient to that point Patrick another thing occurs to me with what you just said add the lag time can also apply to the calcification process so you you may do all the right things and be actually in a good place butcher score four six or eight months may keep rising a soft plaque that's been generated kind of calcifies so you got to be really careful to take a deep breath slow and steady root causes cover all the factors and then over a couple years you know do the scans and and stand back from the problem you know you still as a person doing that based on what we discussed today you will be overwhelmingly ahead of the vast majority of other people with progress heart disease you'll know your score you'll be taking all the right actions you're so far ahead of the game and meds to mitigate in this you're in them short term until you know what's happening die that you can relax a bit and say wow I'm taking action and I'm all over us oh that's so true the psychology of this problem you've met my my partner dr. Roxana transit she's a clinical phd's clinical psychologist and she really emphasizes that part when people ask her oh my god what do I do and and I could speak to that two months ago a good physician friend 45 years old likes to run 5ks and 10ks very similar to doctor Noakes and he said oh I'm gonna get a heart scan just to make you feel better I says well okay got a heart scan got a score of 150 45 year-old guy was devastated and I mean he was upset and rightfully so and he said what do I do and dr. transit looked at and right now and said relax step 1 don't panic we've got this it's gonna take time so she talked to him for probably an hour of just just relaxing don't get nerve because that's gonna send all sorts of wrong biochemical signals throughout your body and you're gonna make a bad situation even worse just relax it's just it's just take it as it comes you're gonna be fine well and and the key thing is relax and take the right action now people who it's possible there are people who don't know what to do that they won't be able to relax as much because they just don't know what's going on now they will get the standard of care which will help with heart disease anyway but the ideal situation is to relax follow-up discover learn and do all the right things and then you're in control I mean that I'm not worried at all if I get a high score I got a zero but if I got a high score I'd say well that's a project for me to work on and like you I'm gonna do the best I can do on that now happy that's right yeah relax into success is what I tell my world-class athletes just relax you'll be fine we'll get there oh the other thing apoe4 now you are on all the forums you know all that stuff what do you reckon on that it as it relates to apoe4 four four three or two I believe he's got a point for the three threes maybe four two twos probably not so if you look at say a pray tapes they're apoe4 four they don't need a lot of fat true and I often I often wonder this you know there may be sensitivities there and the people with the highest risk with the most disease should be playing it real safe absolutely when in my travels a lot of people who are apoe4 they say well what kind of diet I just be very very careful what a33 does is not what you're going to do it's guaranteed you and when I set the I see I am conference in March there was a lady talking about the apoe4 for diet and it's not a lot of fat it's in fact not much and it's just the way your body does what your body does you know it's always important to know what's going on and that is in an APO e33 person your LDL and HDL and VLDL are reprocessed in the liver and this is just for biochemistry conversations sake about every three days when your apoe4 has process every six days so what happens is you have an awful lot of LDL and HDL floating around that have lost their coating of k1 the Mk sevens the E and the coke you can and in the case of the HDL some of the micro RNA is missing so henceforth you have to treat your diet differently and in fact you may even know this may sound like heresy you may even need a statin surprisingly enough to drive your LDL down and then have a real high dose of K Co Q 10 and II it just to make sure that it stays coated longer so your body gets all the benefits from it and the long residence time we largely except now that long residence time with our FH or any other person is more time exposure to lose the coating or become decile is a to silyl elated it's tough word oxidized damaged and it's arguable that damaged LDL or lacking in coating is the root of all of the problems with the archery and native healthy LDL for whatever reason is probably not really part of heart disease at all really on average and you're training world-class athletes at the moment yes yeah it I've trained a number of Olympic athletes um Olympic medal winners and things like that some from Russia some from the United States I help all high school and college kids went win state titles and set records and stuff like that a lot of them take a very similar protocol I remember this this one Olympic athlete Jeremy Scott used under 2012 team is pole vaulter in 2010 he come to me he said Patti says oh my god my wife is has celiacs I'm doomed I said what I mean you're doomed well I want to be a good husband and I want to eat with cheese but there's no carbs great and there he was at the 2012 London Olympics into this day's Kido big day so hey you're you're these guys are doing keto is essentially that's what you're directing them towards and that's what's helping their performance oh god yeah like I told Jeremy when you when you start keto first thing you're gonna do is you're gonna go through withdrawal symptoms and he did he went through about six weeks of withdrawal it was really pretty rough when he broke through on it his endurance improved his training improved everything just got better I have three yeah what's a good recovery I believe is a dramatic factor he's is virtually instantaneous the only thing he did different with his protocol and what we're talking about is he had a tear cherry juice powder for finding up no peroxides that are generated from muscle overuse but other than that his work also used to be every five to seven days and now it's no when he was training was every day meanest never got tired his speed was just stunning at the London Olympics he was they put one of those little speed guns on him he was the fastest fastest pole vaulter there I I think he was running like 25 26 miles an hour from a dead stop I mean he phenomenally fast I've got a young man in Upper Michigan he's in high school his his parents like nutrition good nutrition he's on a ketogenic diet he's an amazing runner two years ago he couldn't run around the block now he'll just go out for 10-mile run just for giggles at a five mile five-minute mile pace just just go it's just he's just amazing and is when his Flint's in now when his friends invite him over and he'll have say a cupcake he was telling me this last week he says I had a cupcake what happened I was so sick I didn't know what to do my nuts I told you this it's it's just amazing the Russian athletes that I work with now you they they don't like steroids like I finally convinced a number of their coaches steroids don't make you a better athlete they just speed up your recovery and so I helped them with how to be a better athlete mk7 North North Texas University North Texas State University did it great say mk7 one milligram of day improves your endurance by ten percent if your distance are under 10 percents a big deal ten percent is the person who finished 80th at the Boston Marathon rather than winning it just by taking one milligram of mk7 it's amazing but that's so that brings us to and I know we'll have to curve to a close shortly and off but I think we'd be back again talking both the mk7 the k2 you've actually set off based on all your learning and and the importance of it you you've essentially you've you've got a company with k2 and it's very hard to get good supplies of true mk7 the I have a company it's called K – vitamins calm it's on the web we saw dr. transit and I saw one product kind of scald concentrated K it's I know where it's all sourced from which in the nutraceutical world that's a big deal but a lot of people don't know that I take it which is kind of motivated to make sure works and so douchey and we price it so that people can afford it I've gotten a lot of flack for the low pricing on it and I said look at the senior citizens who aren't fixed incomes cannot afford what you what would normally be charged for that and same with the athletes so I just price it very fairly in fact we we haven't made a dime on it yet well you showed AB you showed it no in fairness it's very fair to profit from from research insights and to create a product that's low cost and an excellent product so in fairness yeah maybe you should pull her up by 20-30 percent got some margin in there well we're dr. transit and I have the David Babbitt of psychology we are so upset with the medical world we're gonna do whatever we can to help help people change change how how the narrative is spoken and to us the morality of it's far more important in a profit excellent well you know what Patrick I think that's a great way to to draw to a close today but as I said I sir I think we'll be back again talking in more detail about some of these topics and you did a great job today as we were joking about before we recorded to kind of keep at high level so that most people can benefit because some of these podcasts you know or I've seen others where they go into incredible detail and and if it switches off a high proportion of people what's the point we're here to reach the masses that's what it's all about the Nerds and and and that they're gonna be okay anywhere they're gonna get the information the masses so I love that sentiment gendered with have you support I truly am humbled that I'm here to support and whatever I can do this so just just let let me know what I can do hey thanks a lot Pat well listen you have a fantastic rest to your day and we'll put the links when I post this out in fairness I also want to get more of that because last year I got some of the concentrated Kay off you and I've been so busy I let it lapse it's gone so I wanna I want the links for how we actually access that product because it's not too commonly you can get good priced exotic things like mk7 you know you can get all the other ones easily and any other links you have will pull them up okay very good happy to do it thanks a lot back great stuff by now it dick you know thanks for tuning in guys if you're watching on YouTube you can see my subscribe button in the middle of the screen a free viewing of the Widowmaker movie on the far right and myself and dr. Gerber's book each rich live long on the left otherwise please do subscribe to the audio podcast thanks


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  20. His speed bump was an MMR vaccine BTW.

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  27. I have slight calcification in my heart. My score was something like 151. I started Keto coupled with Fasting (intermediate with occasional long-term) back in December. I dropped 40# in about 2 months, my Insulin was 25.7 less than a month into this journey, in March it was 11.2. My LDL dropped from 124 to 111, but most importantly, my Triglycerides went from 156 to 80.

    I'm going to get my CAC tested every 6 months until it gets cleared up and then once a year after that. I have my insulin tested every 3 months.

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  38. Turning 50 next month…
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    7. No sugar, but love veggies

    Need guidance, especially regarding hyperhomocysteinemia. Very poor, no income.

  39. Ivor you are my hero. This is my story; I have had five cardiac events over 18 years, two MI's, a triple bypass, four angioplasties, months in hospital, nine drugs a day, fatty liver disease, Type II diabetes for the past five years. I could barely walk up the stairs in my house without angina. My wife found Keto for me in August 2018, I've lost 68 lbs and today I regularly walk 10 km per day, ride my bike for an hour a day, strength train for 30 minutes a day and am refinishing a canoe to go canoe camping this summer. Today I only take a baby aspirin as a prescribed drug. Keto changed my life and it's easy to do if you are committed to getting healthy. Change your life, my A1C went from 8.9 to 5.7 in three months and my BP is stable at 118/68. I now take COQ10 , K2 and D3, B12 Turmeric and Omega 3. Don't wait for your Doctor to change, go keto now.

  40. Ivor, some fascinating information. I'm not yet convinced re the keto diet, but the other components: magnesium, potassium, vit. K2; C; D3, etc. are well researched in regards to heart health. Also, avoiding the simple carbs would be key to any healthy lifestyle.
    There are also studies that a plant-based diet can reverse heart disease.
    Some studies show that casein proteins can be detrimental to good health.
    One thing that appears to me not quite right is that Patrick Theut is overweight despite his claim that he eats only one meal a day and exercises regularly. What, I wonder, does this one meal consist of. Far too many fats?
    At the moment, there's much confusion over keto vs. plant-based, but I'm presently on the side of plant-based without any simple carbs and no dairy and starchy foods in moderation as they're high glycemic.
    Although Patrick claims that his keto diet is health promoting, he does reveal that without the important supplements he wasn't able to reach his goals. Consequently, it appears that it was the supplements that were key to bringing his numbers down.

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