Want a Healthy lifestyle? Guide to a balanced diet | Physical fitness

hello viewers welcome to sweets fete fitness in today's video I would like to share few tips and suggestions on how to plan a healthy day with some physical fitness and healthy eating habits at regular intervals throughout the day so let's begin first step in the morning when you wake up drink 300 to 400 ml of water on an empty stomach it is a good habit to start and end your day with water maximum consumption of water should be from the time you wake up till 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the evening after that you can reduce your water intake quantity so you can have undisturbed sleep after your water intake do not eat anything for the next 45 minutes try and utilize this 45 minutes to do some physical activity it could be a cardio respiratory activity or a functional training if you are a beginner it is always good to start with a cardio respiratory activity it can be simply a walk for a mile or two or jog or may be run or a spin cardiorespiratory activity helps in heart conditioning and to overcome any kind of heart diseases and symptoms if you are already doing a cardio respiratory activity for a while then you may include some functional training as well into your routine it helps you build good stamina strength and body conditioning over a period of time after the activity you can quickly freshen up and take your first meal of the day that is breakfast please understand this is the most important meal of the day and you should never skip your breakfast there are variety of breakfast choices and for your reference I have included few options in the link shade in the description below in this video please take a look after your breakfast do not eat anything for the next two hours and this is a very important step to follow the reason is once you finish your meal the digestive system will start working on the food you just had and it may take hours time to process the entire process gets disturbed or badly affects your system if you eat anything in between the process you may not realize it quickly but at later stage you may start facing problems so be careful about how you feed your body one more important step to follow here is to keep drinking at least 200 to 300 ml of water everyone whether you are at home or at work try not to sit or lie down for long enough make sure you take a small walk or at least span and do some basic stretches for every 30 to 45 minutes of sitting or you can develop the habit to sit in Japanese style which is on your knees to arts course breakfast it is now a snack time it should be a wedge salad or a fruit body needs fiber as it helps to feel fuller for longer improves cholesterol blood sugar and prevents diabetes again a reminder do not forget to drink water every hour after 2 hours from your fruit or veg smack it is time for lunch you can refer to the link share in the description below now after 2 hours from your lunch you can have your evening snack if you missed your fitness activity in the morning us due to your busy schedule you can plan for a 45-minute workout sometime in the evening to us forced your snack time take your last but also your least meal quantity and quality matters please note if you workout in the evening try and have your meal within 45 minutes post your workout a post meal walk is much better than a free meal walk as it helps controlling blood sugar before bed you can take a glass of milk or any fruit if required this is an optional not mandatory these are the some of the benefits you achieve by planning your day ahead with healthy meals and physical fitness to lead a healthy life moving further I would like to share a few more health tips here in general for your information it right quantity of food at Rite intervals to be healthy avoid heavy meals and junk foods as they're high in calories replace them with healthy food choices treat your body like a baby and take good care of it all the time neglecting your health means killing yourself a slowly day by day it is best to avoid this eating unhealthy and unhygenic foods may lead to severe health issues as you age body has self-healing capacities but it is possible only with healthy food choices and physical fitness as an everyday practice love yourself and feed yourself what's right Love fit and stay blessed hope you all liked the video please do subscribe like comment and share click on the bell icon for the notification on further updates thank you for watching


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