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hi guys welcome back to my channel I thought for this video it'd be a little easier to do a voiceover so I can explain to you guys what exactly I'm doing and why I'm doing these exercises so for one I just adjusted this seat for the lat pulldown and basically just gonna pull down for this one and we are working out the back because we want to grow that muscle and give you that muscular nice looking back from the top for that hourglass look what I like to do and most of the exercises is squeeze the muscle that I am trying to target so what I like to think of is that there's something in the middle of my back and I'm trying to squeeze it from I don't know if it makes sense but yeah I just try to squeeze my back muscles also I'm not sure if you guys can tell but I do always like to pause like right here I'm pausing then I go back up bring it down pause I don't do any of these exercises in a particular order but here we are doing back and this is the key the seated cable rows it's gonna target basically like your whole back but what you're gonna feel it mostly is your middle back so basically this is similar like the last workout you're just bringing it back squeeze your back same idea notice that my knees are slightly bent and I'm not swinging or anything I'm just keeping my back straight and going through with the motion of the exercise to be honest I actually like the cable rows instead of the seated cable machine rows that I'm doing right now because the cable rolls I feel like you have more like a better range of motion right here you kind of just don't really have room to like stretch like I said earlier be sure not to swing and keep your core tight that's like a big thing keeping your core tight and all the exercises that you do is just gonna strengthen your abs and that's like two and one although lifting weight burns muscle as well I thought I'd add a little piece of cardio with this routine because that's what I want I want to burn fat so that my muscles can show it really give you that hourglass shape burn that midsection off and yeah I love doing this mountain climbers because it's like it just goes by really fast again just keep your core tight and what I did for this one is just I counted 250 so 1 2 3 4 5 you guys can do it by seconds but for me like I don't like looking at my phone getting distracted so I usually just count for most of my workouts all right so we're just moving down from back midsection and now we're gonna be targeting our lower body I'm doing the side leg press this one can be a bit tricky sometimes like you just gotta place your feet in the right direction and fill it out where do you fill it in your butt I fill it on the side of my glutes and this is where your side booty will grow giving you those extra curves in your lower body and don't forget to adjust the seat for here at Planet Fitness I adjust it to 3 I believe and sometimes I do too but 3 is good so if you guys fill it in a weird areas like let's just say you're what's called your quads then just adjust your feet maybe lower your feet angle it a different way just find your place like don't feel rushed like you have to be perfect at the first try also make sure the way is good for you like this one I use the first weight on the machine so I can't even go that heavy because it is pretty challenging and just a quick friendly reminder you guys can't expect to get like that body if your diet is not on point so don't think that you're just gonna do this routine and get that hourglass body that you guys want make sure you guys are right and that your diet is good the shorter you are the closer you want the seat to be so that's why I put mine at f3 but you know if your legs are longer you're gonna need that room to stretch so just adjust it to your height okay so this one again we're gonna be targeting the side glutes mainly I am using a resistance band but you really don't have to it's just you know being extra you know doing the most trying to get them gain you do want to stay low and I promise you it's gonna hurt so make sure you pick a weight that you're comfortable at in this one I'm using 20 pounds so that's kind of heavy you


  1. @3:03 i meant to say “Although lifting weight burns fat” **NOT muscle lol

  2. Sunrise planet fitness?

  3. Can’t wait to try this workout


  5. I'm going to be looking for that cable row machine today.

  6. This is a must for tomorrow! I was thinking about getting a resistance band what would you recommend?

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  8. Trying this tomorrow!!! Thank u. I like the voice over!

  9. your videos are so nice and it gets me so sore 🥺 but i know soon it’s all gonna be worth it! 💛

  10. Yaasss!! Love these videos! Thanks!

  11. Love voice overs! It’s easier to mentally get what I should be doing when doing workouts thank you!

  12. I heard teens get in free at pf and I’ve been wanting to go for a while buh I still don’t want to go in public to workout so people can see me struggling 😭😭

  13. Loved it ‼️ Definitely doing this tomorrow morning, thank you very much beautiful ❤️❤️

  14. You’re so inspirational girl ! Keep up the videos ! They help a lot ❤️ could you do a video how to target the upper part of glutes!

  15. Another great vid 🤪❤️ you should make a video for thicker thighs !

  16. Doing these at the gym later!!

  17. EXCUSE the misspelled words🙈

  18. Can u do at home butt workouts plz😭btw love your workouts💕❤

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