Voice Coach Reacts to TOOL – “Sober” LIVE – First Time Hearing

Today, I’m listening to TOOL for the very
first time. Keep watching! Hello, Voice Lovers! It’s Christi Bovee with The Voice
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love letter in the description box below. Now let’s get started! So this is
actually a request from a musician friend of mine, Wade Shaw,
father_father_band on Instagram. I’ll put his IG handle down below. He asked if I had ever
considered reacting to the band TOOL and specifically their song “Sober”. I
obviously had never heard of Tool. This is my first time to hear them.
Let’s dig in. People ask me, “How is it that
you’ve never heard of any of these bands or singers before?” I guess I live
quite a sheltered life. This has been remastered from 1993! Oh! I guess I live quite a sheltered life.
Most of the time I am spending in my studio working with vocalists. I teach
all the time and I’m very blessed to do that. It’s one of the reasons why I don’t
produce as many videos as other people maybe? I don’t know, but I don’t have time
because I’m coaching singers and we’re working on their music. Their original
compositions and what have you. So that is why I’ve never heard of Tool before. Oh, I love his voice! How is he doing that? His voice is amazing.
Oh my gosh, I love it! And the tension he’s holding in his body
to portray the song. I have chills. I have cold chills. Oh my gosh, that is
powerful. Okay. Oh my goodness, okay. I’m good. I gotta
pull myself together here. Let’s keep going. I’m gonna try not to
bawl. It’s so, so powerful. Here we go. I’ve forgotten to talk! Oh! I just want to
like take it in. It’s so powerful. Okay I gotta like take a break for a
second. Oh my gosh. Wow. This is captivating. I mean, it’s so moving. This is what music is
supposed to be, you know? It’s supposed to move you. It’s supposed to make you feel
something. And a lot of times the stuff that we listen to as a general
population doesn’t do that. Oh my goodness! I mean this just captures the
addict’s world, doesn’t it? It’s so powerful. Okay, let’s keep going. Oh my gosh! What is ahh…! Oh my word. I mean that was like… that was theater! I
don’t even know what genre Tool falls under. I know nothing. I know nothing at
all. And who the singer is? I’m gonna try and look it up here and then we’ll
talk about it. Okay? Here we go. Well, first of all let me just say how
proud I am to be reacting to an American band. It’s been a while since I’ve had an
American musician on my channel. I found out that the main vocalist is
Maynard James Keenan, who is a boss!
His voice is incredible. He’s an amazing actor. I mean that was theater.
That was a piece of theater, and I literally have cold chills. There
are some times when I react to songs on this channel where
it affects me the rest of the day. This I can already tell that
this is gonna be one of those where I’m just really moved by it all day. It was that powerful. His voice was incredible. How he could
make such consistent sound with the contortions he was putting his body
through. What an artist and the band was incredible as well. The composition
showed just the sickness of mind almost, you know? If I may say it that way.
With the twisting of the notes and just the whole thing.
I’m…ooh. I’m so so undone by that. amazing I love it just from an artistic
standpoint that they are unafraid to be that overtly raw and theatrical with
their presentation of this song. It’s amazing. I
really, really liked it even though the subject matter is so difficult and the
way he portrayed it was so raw it was so good. I don’t really have any more
or to say about this one. I feel…I feel sobered by it! I feel just a
sense of sadness for people who are dealing with addiction today. I don’t
even know how to end this video now. Man! This video was a heavy one. Loved
it. It was great. And what a voice! What an artist! I really feel honored
to be able to actually watch this watch this one I just have such respect for
artistry and for artists who are pushing the envelope a little bit. They’re trying
to send a message. They’re not afraid to walk in their glory and their
uniqueness. I sensed all those things about this man.
Thanks, Wade for suggesting it. Well, that’s it for me today. Like if you liked
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If addiction has touched your life in any way I hope that you are fighting
the good fight, and that you will keep finding your voice and making your sound
in the world today. The world is waiting for YOU to show up. And remember you are
loved. Bye!


  1. This performance is fascinating. He can be in that hunched position without it affecting his singing.

  2. Great reaction… it's always nice to see reactions to great bands in the past with awesome music, lyrics, and showmanship.
    Please try this for a first time reaction by a family band called Liliac.
    The lead singer (Melody – 16 years old) is a major Dio fan (does cover of Holy Diver and Rainbow In The Dark) ; has her very unique and special sound. The band consists of brother and sister (drummer) and they toured with diff rock bands this summer.
    A song that is their original called "Dancing In The Dark may be a great place to start. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FY7XerBjVU

  3. Community Contributions are ON for this video. Non-English speakers would be so grateful for any time you spend translating the english subtitles into YOUR language. Follow this link for details and THANK YOU. 😘http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?ref=share&v=o4BsoYFEAA8

  4. Now it's time to come out of your sheltered life and react to Epica Sancta Terra feat Floor Jansen live !!! 🖤🤘🤘

  5. Tool is a rare band that seems to bend the genre of rock music to their liking. Their compositions are so complex, and artistry puts them head and shoulders above most other bands.

    Have you ever reacted to the Sound of Silence cover by Disturbed? It is rare that I think a cover is better than the original, but this is one that I think really brings out all the song was meant to be.

  6. I came to Tool fairly late in their career, in the 00's, and I was just as surprised as you were by Maynard's performance when I first saw it. When I got into Tool and A Perfect Circle (one of Maynard's other bands), Maynard was always singing from the back of the stage in live performances, in the dark, completely unseen by 99% of the audience. So seeing this blast from the past where's so out in front was a shock.

  7. I love that you finally reacted to Tool. How about something from jazz, Gary Valenciano's cover of Chick Correa's Spain in the wish bus is A-MAZING!

  8. Tool falls under the genre of progressive metal. There are a hell of a lot good progressive metal bands by design of the genre because of how complex the compositions are.

  9. Tool falls under their own genre. He’s got other music projects but imo Tool is the best one.

  10. Maynard and all of TOOL are on another level. If you enjoyed that from all the way back in ‘93 you should really try some of the new stuff. All of their albums are great. His voice is another instrument. Try Descending or Culling Voices off the new album.

  11. Wherever I go Tool, seems to pop up and everyone seems to love them and is really passionate about them, but I just don't get it…What is it people love about them? Everything I've heard so far has just been meh…. kind of slow and boring and I'm waiting for something to happen, but it never does. Vocals seem fine…some 90's angsty yelling, but it's a little boring…as a guitar player I mostly pay attention to the guitar, and watching this, there is nothing happening…just a couple of super basic chords and some grunge style half assed notes…What am I missing here?? Does anyone have any songs to recommend? I'd be a little surprised if all their stuff is this bland after all the hype I see. Either I'm missing something or they are very overrated. But then again, most of mainstream rock and metal is, so maybe I shouldn't be that surprised…

  12. Alter Brdige – In Loving Memory (live Amsterdam) – emotional song. Vocals by Myles Kennedy, u will never dissapoint. From Russia with Love) You are amazing, always, ty for your reactions)

  13. This song is not about addiction, be it's much deeper than that.

  14. Pleeeease more Tool. This was like the only professionally recorded live performance though, so everything else would have to be studio versions. They just released their first album after 13 years, it actually beat Taylor Swift for #1 on the billboards.

  15. Try TOOL, Pushit (live) Salival. Another great vocal from Maynard James Keenan.

  16. Tool is its own genre, listen to right in two, wings for Marie 10.000 days..

  17. You will DEFINITELY love this one if you enjoy Maynard's voice… it's him with A Perfect Circle, singing 3 Libras live on The Tonight Show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDTW3vZ-R_4

  18. Tool just released a new album on August 30 2019. They are still making incredible music!! My favorite band by far!!!!!!! Nothing else sounds like them. Their own genre.

  19. Speaking of contortions, check out The Contortionist. I think you'd really like their vocalist, Mike Lessard. Maybe "Thrive" live, or "Return to the Earth". or any of the Rediscovered tracks.

  20. Tool is powerful, always has been. They have so many brilliant songs where Keenan's voide is a key instrument among the others. You may want to check out Puscifer, another Keenan's project. The song could be for instance The Remedy.

  21. TOOL is art.

  22. The live version of their song Jimmy is also pretty astounding and the message is powerful.

  23. Great reaction! If u want to hear a voice just as good as Maynard's….Alice In Chains' Layne Staley gives one of the best live vocal performances that you will ever hear I can promise you!!! Alice In Chains "Love, Hate, Love" Live at the Moore. You need to know how powerful this man's voice was. Subscribed in hopes of more TOOL!!!

  24. Alright, welcome to the opening of the Tool Rabbit Hole. Keep your arms and legs in the car at all times and buckle up as this is going to be a once in a lifetime ride. I envy you so much. I would give anything to hear this band for the first time, all over again. Have fun.

  25. Tool it's an prog metal band this subgenre of metal known for their complexity and long songs

  26. React to Jeff Buckley dream brother live in Chicago

  27. He is singing in a fetal position, basically. Whoa! His lungs are squashed, his diaphragm is squeezed, his body is tense, and yet he's managing to have breath control and modulation. Whoa. Captivating and moving and raw and a full on performance (from the outfit – if you can call it that – he's wearing, to the expression and body language and lyrics). I have never heard him (or of him) before, and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to listen to this through your reaction. Wow. It IS theater. A piece of art. Music as art. Thank you for your genuine, heartfelt reaction, Christi. Addiction is real, and this song is real, and it is what music can do, convey truths, especially when done so by the skilled.

  28. The early tool years were a little dark… check out some of their newer stuff. Their live performances are powerful, though. As you've just seen. Would love to see more.

  29. Awesome! Welcome to Tool. It gets better as you explore.

  30. The record, "Undertow", came out when I was 14, and, it blew me away. I'm about to turn 41, and, it STILL blows me away every time I listen to it.

  31. (Sober) live is great. To me, it is one of their more basic songs. It is a keyhole look into a vast cathedrale of material. I have been a professional drummer for decades and they have ruined me from most other music, even my own band LOL.
    You're completely right when you described it as theatrical music. It is always been a description of used. Please listen/react to the story of his mother, Judith. Wings for Marie and 10000 days.
    …lyrics a must.

  32. My kids introduced me to Tool years ago. They are going to the concert next month! I am glad you reacted to Tool, that's awesome. I love your reactions and your diversity.

  33. Wow, what a great reaction vid. Loved it ❤😃 Life long Tool fan. Since you loved the singer, it would be great if you reacted to his other band. Here is a great live vid I think you would love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXlKkzjkheg

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